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Tuesday, 02 May 2006


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Five gives you a great shot for three gorgeous-looking embryos, T. I'm hoping all goes well in the next 24 hours.


Thalia, I know you are dissapointed about the 55% fertilization, but 5 is good. It gives you 5 healthy embryos to choice from for transfer. I know you wanted better results, but I think this is pretty good. Good luck on the transfer tomorrow, I will be thinking of you!


I'm sorry that you didn't get the fertilization you wanted but five is still a good number. What's up with all the rules though? If I ever do IVF again and have enough embryos, my clinic would put in four at my age (38). Hoping all the best for you.


I'm with the embryologist... 5/9 is totally normal. Normal is good! I'm so hoping your docs make it possible for you to transfer more than 2. I can't believe the hoops you have to jump through over there. I'll be cheering you on tomorrow.


Wishing you all the best for two gorgeous embryos to transfer tomorrow!


Lurker here.... just wanted to say good luck to you! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I'm about 2 weeks behind you in treatment....


I think 5 is great number, and I have my fingers crossed for a 3-embryo transfer for you tomorrow.


Different from last time is not necessarily bad. After all, last time didn't work. So I hope that lots of things from here on out are different from last time. You still have five embryos to work with! Everything crossed for them to keep dividing happily for months to come.


5 is great! Wishing you a smooth transfer and most of all a happy ending very soon.


Dear Thalia, I can understand your feelings very well, but your fertilization rate is fine, and I am hoping with all my heart that the transfer tomorrow brings you the big prize.

It's so interesting how the rules are different from country to country. Most clinics here don't allow transfers of more than two, though as far as I know up to three is legally possible.

Thinking of you often, and hoping hard.


Five is good.

Wishing you luck on your transfer.


I'm sorry that the fert report wasn't better, but I hope in the end you get what you didn't get last time- a take-home baby. Hope you can convince them to transfer 3.


I wish you weren't feeling discouraged, honey, because you really are getting good results! I know that you wanted more - but honestly, you're in a good place for this stage of the process. Wishing you an easy transfer and several perfectly healthy embryos.

Carrie P

I understand this isn't all you'd hoped for, but do hang in there. You've used the Zoladex, which should boost your chances ... here's hoping!


You're still in the game. I am so glad for you, but understand your disappointment so well.


Wishing you all the best . . . hoping they let you transfer three like you'd like. Good Luck!


I know it has to be so disappointing after the amazingly good rate last time. That's one of the worst parts of this whole nightmare. Just when you think you have some means for predicting what might happen, you get a curve ball like this and you feel completely out of control again.

Thinking grow and divide and conquer thoughts for your five!


Five is still a great number, and enough for a fresh try and a frozen, if necessary. I'm crossing fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes for you!


I completely understand why you are disappointed. I just hope you won't need the backup frozen embies. I wish you the best of luck with the transfer!


I agree with Nico, different from last time isn't necessarily bad.

And the PIO thing intrigues me. If they don't "teach" you how to do it, isn't there more of a chance of something going wrong? That seems more irresponsible to me unless they are having you come in every day for a shot or sending a nurse out to do it.


I wish you every success!


I know you wanted more but I think five is great. I hope they let you transfer three but even if they don't I'm sure you'll have a couple of superstars on board.

Wishing you the bestest of luck.


I'm sorry that they didn't all fertilize. Even though five is great I can understand why you'd be dissappointed. Funny how "wanting it all" goes from concieving naturally to having all your eggs fertilize. It's little enough to ask for.

Ignore my ramblings. Good luck with your transfer. I'm hoping hard for you. And thanks for posting from the Blackberry...I know what a sacrifice that is, having seen the keyboard in December!


I know you were disappointed with 5, but its all good and they are going to do GREAT! I only had 1 and look where it got me :)

Good Luck Thalia!!

fisher queen

Five is really good Thalia. I hope you get some great embryos. Good luck tomorrow!

I'm also surprised they won't teach you about the PIOs. Here are some tips if you need them.
-It doesn't hurt as much as the needle looks like it's going to hurt! Don't be scared. You will be surprised by how little you'll feel.
-Lie on the bed, or lean against a chair with your knee up on it (the knee on the same side you'll be getting the shot). Put all your weight into the standing leg.
-Pick the spot by wrapping your thumb and index finger around your hip. Lower your thumb a bit, and there's your spot.
-Numb your fanny with ice for 10 minutes prior to shot.
-If he gets blood on the first pull back, pick another spot and try again.
-90 degree angle is least painful. You know to plunge the needle in all the way.
-Sit on a heating pad for a few minutes after and massage a bit to distribute progesterone. Sometimes if you don't, it forms little bumps where the needle was.
-Switch sides every night.

Sorry if you knew that already. I like to be helpful- it gives the illusion of having some control over all of this.


I'm sorry you didn't get the results you wanted, but I think 5 is a good number. I hope your transfer goes well- with two or three fat, happy embryos. Good Luck.


There is comfort in numbers in IVF, but five is pretty respectable. Hope transfer goes smoothly!


I know you're disappointed, but 5 sounds awesome--I hope all the positive comments here help you feel less discouraged. Good luck at transfer tomorrow--hope all goes perfectly!


I'll give you a step-by-step on how to do your own PIO as I'm hoping you'll need to do them for at least the next 8 weeks or so before they give you the clear.

Best of luck on the transfer.


Hoping that those 5 are fantastic. Good luck with transfer tomorrow.

Hoping for you.


Thinking of you on the transfer - and ditto on the PIO. I had to do my own when travelling and hoping that you will be doing them for quite a while.


I know it's hard to be happy when all of them fertilized last time, but you're still in the game! So, here's to hoping for a completely different outcome this time.


5 is a good thing - but I can understand your disappointment. Here's hoping for a great transfer and an even better result.


I think that they should pursue the extenuating circumstances thing if that is what you want. All you need is one or two good one's that will stick. I get the sense that you are a perfectionist, but I think that five sounds great. I hope that everything goes perfectly for you!


Well, we really are in tandem dear cycle buddy . . . I only got 8 eggs, still awaiting fert reprt. But let's hope quality wins over quantity this round for both of us!


I know that wasn't what you wanted to hear, but try to stay positive. Wishing you the best with the transfer.


This whole thing has such a lovely way of screwing with your mind. I am hopeful that this new protocol will work its magic - yes, these are different results than last time, but that's a good thing. Thinking of you and wishing you a smooth transfer.


Thalia - I'm sorry to hear that things haven't turned out as well as you hoped. Best of luck for your transfer. x


I'm sorry to hear that the fertilization rate wasn't what you were hoping for. But as others have said 5 is still a good number. I hope the doctors allow a transfer of 3 if that is what you still want. Best of luck with transfer and as always, I'll be hoping for the best for you.
As for the PIO, very odd you don't get instructions. Fisher gave great tips.

One Half

oooo Thalia, I understand why you would be disappointed. But if you get 2 (or 3) perfect embryos, maybe it's good for something.

You are doing the transfer maybe right now. I wish you all the best in the world for it!!!

Good luck!



Hey 5 is still good. Good luck with the transfer - I'm preparing to send the sticky vibes as I type!

Mary Scarlet

Good luck with transfer Thalia. I'm sorry you didn't get the report you wanted, but I think you are still in a great place to have a successful cycle.


Thalia, I am sorry with the disappointment. Having 100% last time makes it hard to keep up to that standard.
All the best with your transfer. I'll have you as good company in 2ww crazy land.


In an effort to give you some encouragement, I also got 5 embryos last time and was worried because it just seemed like such a small number. I wanted to have more to fall back on/work with. We transfered two and it worked. I really hope things go well with your transfer. Take good care of you!


I am thinking of you, as you are probably in transfer this instant...
I am so sorry you were disappointed by the fert report, but I am with everyone who said that different from last time needn't be a bad thing. I have high hopes, my dear. Good luck.

chee chee

I totally know how you feel. This process is rife with pitfalls, frustrations and disappointments. I hope you end up with 4-5 good embryos.


Good luck tomorrow Thalia, thinking of you. xx

Hi Thalia,
I just found your blog doing a "freaked out about PIO shots" search on google. My transfer was the day before yours, so we are almost at exactly the same stage. I really feel for you! Waiting for the wretched ultrasound at 6.5 weeks is worse than waiting for the transfer or the beta. I had a panic attack this morning that everything was lost, even though I had no rational reason for it. I keep thinking I am doing the darned shots wrong. My clinic's advice on bleeding is bedrest for 24 hours after the bleeding *stops* and push lots of water. Brown blood is a good sign - it is old, therefore stopped bleeding. Best of luck. When is your ultrasound? Mine is 5/31.

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