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Monday, 29 May 2006


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Robber Barren

A very wise woman just recently posted the following on my blog:

One word about symptoms. They mean nothing. Try not to read too much into it, no matter how hard it is.

Hmmmm. I think you should take her advice. ;-)


Dear thing, even if you had symptoms you'd be worrying about something else. And you will.

Yet another ghastly result of infertility is the way it robs us of the ability to enjoy any aspect of eventual pregnancy without constant fears. I don't think I really enjoyed my pregnancy - I was too busy worrying and wishing the time to pass until I reached milestone x. And then milestone y etc ad nauseam (except that I didn't have that symptom either!).

fisher queen

Were you the wise woman above? Whoever she was, it's true. Especially this early. You're at the point where many annoying fertile people would be thinking 'Hmm. I missed my period. I wonder what that means?' Believe me, when it's time for the nausea to really set in (and maybe you'll be a lucky one for whom it won't), you'll be wishing it away. Hang in there sweetie.


Ditto what everyone else is saying. Completely normal not to have symptoms at this point. And with both of my (so far) successful pregnancies) my boobs also have gone through a strange ballooning around testing time, then a return to normal size and then a slow build up to monumental proportions for the duration.


I didn't have any symptoms either early on, except for super sore breasts. And even that wasn't every day. It's totally normal to have no symptoms right now. And tomorrow, I am crossing my fingers for good news for you.


Just so you know, I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant - and I still go through days where I think "it's all over, i just don't really know it yet..." I hope that goes away once i start feeling the baby... I had loads of symptoms - and STILL i thought it was all over...

And your cottage sounds wonderful... My dh and I spent a bit of time in Windermere a few years back (long before he was my dh!) and your post just brought me right back there... it was beautiful! :)


Another wonderful aspect of infertility/pg loss: everyday brings about DBTs. Those dang fertiles have it so easy...


Thinking of you, sweetie. Enjoy the rest of today in the wilds.


Sounds like a wonderful cottage.... Hang in there it will get easier.

Take care


Sorry that you are having so many bad feelings about your symptoms. I don't think that it gets any easier for us. We worry about getting pregnant, then when it happens, we are terrified that it won't stick. IF does rob us of so much joy that should be associated with being pg. Enjoy your time up north...sounds beautiful!


as others have said it's a rotten symptom of infertility that we can't believe or hope even when things are going good.

fingers crossed that tomorrow your fears receed a little and you can breathe a tad easier.


Ugh, what a roller-coaster! I can understand why you are feeling the way you are but if you can, let H. cheer you up. Eat lots of cheese. Tomorrow has enough worry of its own.



Dear Thalia, I'm glad you're having a good weekend. And as for the DBTs, I know they're unavoidable, but I agree that symptoms, especially at this stage, are elusive beasts.

I hope you get fantastic news tomorrow.


Don't worry about the symptoms, they will arrive soon enough. I didn't get them until I was 6 weeks and it was only mild nausea and headaches. You will see that the news will be great and little by little your fears will start to disapear. But welcome too, to the new rollercoaster that is pregnancy after IF. And if you start feeling symptoms that go away one day, be calm, breath, they are not gone completely, they will come back the next day. Enjoy your cottage!


Hope you were able to enjoy the weekend -- the cottage sounds just lovely. Good luck tomorrow. I'm hoping for some wonderful news.


Reading Kath's comment too hastily, I read that 'symptoms, especially at this stage, are elusive breasts'. Dratted things, where on earth have they gone now?

Mary Scarlet

Ah, the symptoms will always drive us crazy. Hang in there, Thalia; I'm thinking of you and hope tomorrow shows that all is indeed well. Enjoy your blowy vacation visit.


Thalia...Hang in there...don't worry about tomorrow..everyting will be fine. Just like you I am looking for symptoms and I have none...and I think we have to make a pact and say that it means nothing!! Thinking of you!!


It makes you believe these strange stories about women finding out that they're pregnant at 5 months :-)
It might also be a bit difficult for you to realise that you are pregnant because you don't identify yourself like that. I remember being quite confused about that for a little while. Your infertility has lasted much longer and was much more intense. I can understand that being pregnant puts your world and your idea of who you are upside down. A vacation is just what you needed :-)


It's hard but try not to read too much into the symptom/no symptom- it's still early and there's plenty of time for lots of weird symptoms to pop up!

I'm hoping everything goes well tomorrow.

Lut C.

Of course you're worried. It would be odd if you weren't, though it isn't particularly pleasant.

I've taken up relaxation exercises again, just to relieve my stress a little bit. I suppose you've tried those too.

I'm NOT saying 'just relax'. The concept is foreign to me.

Take care.


When I got my first bfp I swear my bb's were bruised from the constant poking and prodding, just looking for any kind of symptom that it was true! When they were tender it was only because I had poked them so damn much....
Anyway, all the best for tomorrow- I'll be constantly checking for your good news!

Carla Hinkle

All good thoughts and hopes with you for tomorrow.


Thinking of you for tomorrow, and hoping you and H get to see everything that you want to see during the scan...


Not this this helps any...but, I think you and I are exactly the same 'amount' pregnant, I got pg in a WTH month before i was doing a second donor egg cycle, the month after my failed IVF with my own eggs, on my own at 41, I can't be so lucky sort of month - but here I am, 6w1d pg...I think I have an u/s on the 1st, but the PEri may not, and I may need to wait till the 13th, oy...

So, here we sit and wait, I am praying we both see that glorious flicker of a HB at our first u/s. Your betas were sky high compared to mine, but mine doubled too! I am hoping you see 2 little Hb's in there, and I see at least 1!

Hang in there and throw those DBT's out the window into the wind, for both of us!

6w1d, WTH? we did it ourselves?? No Way!


Wishing you much luck tomorrow!! DBTs be gone!!


Hang in there. I hope the beta is strong tomorrow.

just another jenny

Thinking of you tomorrow. Hoping that some good news will help keep the DBT's at bay.


Refreshing, refreshing... I forgot to ask when your appointment time was. Drat.


Thinking of you TODAY, and waiting for news. Everything crossed for you Thalia.

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