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Friday, 12 May 2006


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T, you sound much, much chipper today. Good! Keep it up for the next 8 months hahaha.


I am happy that you are NOT bleeding and happy that you are happy and in a good mood. That's the positive side effect of the mood swings - the good mood:-D. I hope you'll have more of this and less of the corresponding bad mood :-D

When coming to your blog in the morning, I call it my: Science with Thalia - the morning show :-D

Have a beautiful day!

Carrie P

I'm so pleased to hear your 'good mood' voice.


Small victory! Yay! Go, Thalia, go!

I could listen to you talk science all day.


Horray for no bleeding!

When I had to switch to anal suppositories (yuck) my progesterone levels dropped. Significantly. I didn't absorb it that way for some reason. For IVF, we did three PIO injections then switched to vag supp. I was also on HCG boosters since no matter what I always seemed to need more progesterone.

The use of HCG in the LP is something I don't hear of a lot of other people doing. But the two times we did do it, I got pregnant. So of course I believe in it.

Good luck!

Mary Ellen

I am amazed at how much you know about this stuff.

I am so happy that you aren't bleeding yet. I hope that you get some great news on Monday!


Yay! One day at a time, dear. We're all in your cheering corner.


That IS a lot of science before breakfast! But it was an interesting read and I'm glad to be informed by a source who knows what she's about. Hooray for no bleeding! NBHHY.

I'm glad you're feeling good today. Sometimes it's such a relief to feel good for a little while, even if you know it might not last.


So glad you have made it this far! Way to go!

Very interesting info on progesterone. So, am I right to think that doing BOTH suppositories AND injections is a bit of overkill??


Yeah, for no bleeding. I'm hoping it means something good. As for whether to have a good attitude or be pessimistic, it it doesn't work, you are still going to hurt the same. So maybe its better spending energy trying to be positive so you don't have to feel bad for as long if it doesn't work. Does that make any sense? That's the attitude I've tried to have and it does make the 2ww easier to bear (for me, anyway).
Re: progesterone theories, I think there is still a lot that they don't understand. I seemed to be able to hold better levels with PIO, but the delivery mechanism made me break out in hives. I tolerated suppositories better, but then my levels were not as good. Whether this made a difference in outcomes, who the hell knows?
Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you.


I have exactly the same issue- 10-11 day luteal phase but perfect progesterone at one week post-ovulation.

It's so difficult to deal with those mood swings. I think you're right to just take them as they come.

Continual good thoughts and wishes for you over the next few days.


yeah on the no bleeding!

thank you for the science lesson. there are so many different opinions about progesterone. some RE's don't believe it helps. there are actually no studies to prove that it absolutely does help in maintaining a pregnancy (but no studies to prove it does not). My RE put me on it because "well it can't hurt."

i do so hope the PIO is what you need!


Professor Thalia, thank you for the biology lesson! Seriously, I learned a lot about why they want us to do PIO or suppositories - I had never understood that before.

I am also glad you are in a good mood - take it while it lasts!

I hope you continue to NOT bleed! Thinking of you!


No bleeding IS good news - and worthy of a day of feeling happy. It's true that Monday is going to bring a whole new set of emotions - whether elation or other - so, to be happy and hopeful now is lovely.

And I appreciated the progesterone history - I've been doing research myself on just why I'm getting jabbed every night. Wishing you only positive news on Monday. Please, let this be it for you!


Here's to no blood! And crossing my fingers for no blood for a long, long time.


Congratulations on a hopeful Friday and prayers to you for a "safe" weekend.


Good luck and wishing you the best


You sound so positive today! Glad you still have a smile on your face.


You've certainly done your homework. That was a really great synopsis - thanks!

And glad to hear you've made it one more day. I'm hoping for the best!


Best quote I've read on an infertility blog this year:

"It's amazing how pessimistic you can feel and still have Hope sitting in a corner of your brain, saying, "It might have worked, you know."

Beautifully said, Thalia. Glad to hear it you've made it one more day further and you are right to enjoy the good mood. Thinking of you.


No bleeding, hooray!! I hope we get the same report tomorrow - and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day...

And on top of all that, I hope you get some really exciting news on Monday.


You are so full of good information! That is fantastic. I know who to go to if I have any questions. I am also happy to see that you are in a positive mood today!


It is nice to have some positive days since, I agree - enjoy them while they are there. One more day down. Oh the next few will be hard, I am thinking of you.


Great news, Thalia! Feeling good, looks good - great! But yeah, the 2ww is f*&^ing hell. Hope you can keep your brain suitably entertained over the weekend - lots of luck - I'm pulling for you!


Yay!!! No bleeding! I'm doing some white voodoo to keep that nasty blood away-preferably for the next nine months or so.....

You go girl-I hope the next week or so goes quickly!


I bled early with the suppositories too, with my last fresh cycle. The PIO is the only thing that has ever kept my period away (because I have an embryo eating uterus) Anyhoo, good luck on Monday! Every single body part crossed over here in NC, US for you!


Thank you so much for posting about how one might be able to use HCG boosters in lieu of the PIO (or in addition? the article didn't really summarize which option worked out best...). I pinged Jenn, who also used the HCG boosters and is now expecting twins. I wish I had known about this as I could have just self medicated as I had a spare HCG prescription laying about. >:) Hopefully she lets me know what her schedule and dosage is as I'd love to try that if this cycle bombs.

How are you doing today? Only a couple days to go...I hope that you are hanging in there okay. :-)


So glad to hear the PIO is doing it's thing. Thinking of you and hoping you're hanging in there.


So far, so good. You're right, being happy now is not going to make any difference if you don't get the result we all hope for.
Good luck.


never enough science before breakfast OR after. i LOVED that post. and your blog is one of my faves because of this! here's a question... i re-read your answer to Linda. So... i wonder if anyone has ever tried leaving ONE follicle un-aspirated during retrieval. Maybe then that follicle could rupture "normally" and form a natural corpus luteum. but i don't know if a follicle could rupture on its own with all the manipulation of hormones. hmmm.


That's some good information. I wonder though, if progesterone can actually keep a person pregnant longer than they are meant to be. It would seem that a nonviable embryo would be nonviable for the get-go. And that progesterone may keep you from bleeding but would it keep a non-viable bugger alive, I don't think so. It would truly be a miracle drug (and be a lot more expensive) if it could!:)

Mary Scarlet

Hi Thalia, glad to hear you are feeling better. The 2ww IS THE WORST and you are almost through it with great signs so far. And it's finally the weekend thank goodness. Thanks for the prog. info. Why can't the REs be better about explaining this stuff to us?


So good so far! When I get a chance, I'll have to read up on your research...you know how I like a good study...;)


My god you know a lot about this. Thanks Thalia for the biology lesson. I will be thinking about it next week while I 'suppositorizing' myself! I'm off work so I have lots of time to catch up with reading about all of this.

Good luck with the rest of the wait--I hope that it goes by quickly.


Fascinating stuff! Thanks for sharing the scientific stuff -- I learned something today! But in looking up the hcg thing, found this at http://www.update-software.com/ABSTRACTS/AB004830.htm : "Luteal phase support with hCG or progesterone after assisted reproduction results in an increased pregnancy rate. hCG does not provide better results than progesterone, and is associated with a greater risk of OHSS when used with GnRHa. The optimal route of progesterone administration has not yet been established." So maybe that explains why hcg luteal phase support is not widely used. (Also, I would think it might mess up the blood test.)


I'm so glad that you're not bleeding, and have no feelings that you're going to any time soon. You know your body... I think this is a really good sign. Crossing everything that it stays that way through the weekend, and for a good long time afterwards!

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