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Thursday, 11 May 2006


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The 2WW does suck. Enormously. Can you find some ways to distract yourself when you're not at work? Go to the movies? Out to dinner? And I'm in the "resist the urge to POAS" camp. For me, I wanted to stay positive for as long as I could, and I didn't want to see a negative stick at any point. Celebrate your mini victories as they come, and hopefully you'll be celebrating a huge one next week. Thinking of you as always...


Keep holding off on the stick. It is no good and will only upset you. The likelihood that it will be able to tell you are pregnant that early is very low and so you are almost guaranteed to see a negative regardless of reality.

Be strong. Don't shop in any pharmacies. Wait till the doctor gives you the news.


I'm in the middle of the 2ww wait myself, and it really does suck and seem to go on forever. I'm afraid to POAS because I want to stay positive as long as possible - we'll see how long I can stay away from POAS. Good luck to you!


The 2 ww sucks. And for the record, you don't really forget the pain of childbirth (why else do women insist on telling their gory "my childbirth was the worst" stories), its just that the rewards are worth it. I guess its the same with the 2 ww. You are willing to endure it because the potential reward is (hopefully) worth the agony.

I've got all things crossed for you re: a long luteal phase and and a + beta and a take-home baby. I really hope it works for you this time, you've been through a lot.


I hear you on the anxiety! Two days ago I had total resolve about not POAS this time, but I am feeling the weakness creep in already. I hope I can hold off. I hope you can too. We might as well feel hopeful as long as we can.

Sunday will be my greatest temptation with Mother's Day and all that.

Hang in there!


I keep my fingers so crossed for you!!! I wish the very very very best in the world for you, aka. no blood in the panties.

Thinking of you!


Those paranoid trips to the bathroom are the worst! Normal people would think I'm a freak the way I examine the toilet paper.

I wish there was some magical cure I could offer to make the wait easier.

Hold on a little longer. I'm so hopeful for you!


I am thinking of you. I am a POAS kind of girl so I know how agonizing it can be to try not to. I just hate hearing the news from someone else.

Thank you so much for the comments on my post. When you are not so anxious I will email you and ask you all kinds of questions.


Fingers and toes crossed for you. I'm totally with H on the no stick peeing, as hard as it is.


I am crossing my fingers for a positive!!!

Mary Ellen

The 2ww is absolutely horrible. I have to agree with your husband on the pee stick thing. You may as well hold out hope as long as possible. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a BFP. Hugs to you!


The 2ww sucks monkey balls... I am too chicken to POAS - I prefer to hold out hope - but I totally understand your desire to do so.

I hope these next few days go by quickly for you and you get good news soon!!!!


I hope you can contain your will to POAS.

I will be thinking of you, hoping and praying for a BFP on beta day!!!


The anxiety of the 2ww is still burned in my mind, but it is only 5 days behind me. I feel for you, the panty checks are so frustrating. I agree with hubbie, stay away from the pee sticks (if you can).
I can't tell you how much I am hoping for you.


The dreaded 2ww. It sucks! Sending you prayers for a positive result!!


Oh Thalia....please do try to resist the evil POAS!! No matter what it reads, you'll stress out and feel all the worse for it. If there is a faint line, you'll stress. If there is no line, you'll stress. Waiting is truly hell, but seconding guessing a HPT is even worse. Hang in there.


I hope the next few days go very quickly and there is limited panty-checking. God, I hated that part.

Best of luck Thalia.


PS, I'm curious as to why you got AF last time before the beta...doesn't the PIO keep you from bleeding until you stop the injections? (Maybe you're doing a different regime and I've missed this?) I've been anxiously hoping for a tiny bit of spotting in that it might signify implantation bleeding, but I haven't seen a blessed thing on my panties.


You want a cookie?? Hang in there, my friend.


So sorry this has been such a sucky 2ww (is there any other kind?). Hope the next few days fly by, with no bleeding, and that you get only the best news on the other end.


Yep, the 2ww sucks. Royally. Here's hoping the snazzynew protocol (and especially the addition of the PIO - how is that going, by the way?) struts its stuff now. I am thinking of you, and crossing everything I have.


I'm hoping and thinking happy thoughts for you. Here's to mini-victories, and big fat victories to follow.


If you can keep away from POAS, you will be my hero for life. I definitely couldn't do it. Hang in there. I am praying.


I will be out of town and out of touch this weekend, but I will be thinking of you and hoping to find your good news when I get back.


You're past half way and have your goal in sight. I hope so much you make it past the weekend w/o BOTT, blood on toilet tissue. Hey, I just made that up.


I have read this entry three times, wringing my hands--I can't believe how MUCH I want this to work for you.
I will be thinking of you, and wishing for a speedy end to the 2ww, and some unambiguously good news after.
p.s. I can never resist the peestick, myself.


I've been thinking today how long it's been since I too have been in a real 2ww. Hang in there, my dear. You're still in this ballgame and I think you even have the lead. One day at a time.


happy thoughts! happy thoughts! happy thoughts! happy thoughts! happy thoughts! happy thoughts!


I feel your pain. The 2WW is a special kind of torture. But you really MUSTN'T WORRY about the cramps. My sis and I have both had quite a few fertility treatments and EACH AND EVERY TIME, we have both had cramps. Menstrual cramps, little twingy cramps, weird pains of every kind. This is regardless of the outcome - positive beta, negative beta, successful pregnancy, miscarriage. It doesn't mean anything, it's because of the progesterone, and you must ignore it!

Good luck, I too am crossing everything for you


Yes the 2ww does suck! I am 7dp3dt.

Take care and good luck!


Dear Thalia, yes, this must be exquisite torture. If it helps at all, I am sending you my constant please-work vibes (along with lots of fast-forward dust, but I suspect that is not working very well for you).

Wishing you a whole string of mini-victories leading up to the biggest victory imaginable.

chee chee

Hang in there, hun. We are all rooting for you.


You're in my thoughts... hang in there!

fisher queen

Try not to worry about the cramps. I had cramps during the whole 2ww and they ended up either meaning nothing or being a sign that it had worked! Still check my toilet paper every time I pee though.


Oh Thalia hang in there! It's awful and gutwrenching and all those things. As well as being scary those cramps could just as easily be very good signs.
Hoping as hard as I can for you and invoking as many Fertility Goddesses as I can.



Oh Thalia..as you said the 2ww sucks and it feels like the world is in slow motion. Hang in there hun. Hold off on the pee stick. I am thinking of you and sending positive vibes! Hugs!


What you are going through sounds agonizing. I wish there were some magic words I could say to make you feel better or make the time go faster, but there isn't. So, I'll just say I hear ya, my friend, I hear ya.


I think you hit then nail on the head - passed time definitely creates a haze and you forget how hard it really is. The mini-victories are the only way to stay semi-sane. But it's still OK to obsess and go crazy. This is a big deal, after all. So don't be too hard on yourself - you're allowed to be a basketcase! :)


I agree with your drs. It's wayyyy to early to POAS. Hold out til Monday if you can. I know it's hard. Good luck.


Hang in there, Thalia! You're almost there.


I think H is smart.

don't POAS if it does more harm than good.

hugs hugs hugs!


I'm thinking of you! It's easy to say, but don't worry about the cramps - I was sure that I was getting my period from mine. Be strong with the PCOS'ing!!

AnnMarie@come undone

Sharp cramps sounds OK to me Thalia! I had a cramp on day 7 and it ended up being implantation. I pray this is what it is! The wait sucks...and it's almost over.


Oh boy do I hear you on the peestick dilemma. I always start out so strong - no way am I going to kill the hope, but by the end I start twitching with it all. I do hope that you can hold out and that your wait brings wonderful news. I want this so much for you, dear Thalia.


Your almost there the end of the 2ww is the worst, hope and dispair in equal quantities the what if's are huge and frightening. Everything crossed that there is not even a hint of blood until the beta bloods are drawn. no assvice on the pee sticks I'm a confirmed addict with them, but if you do decide to do one dont let it totally squash you if it doesn't pop up a second line.

praying for you and hubby.

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