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Saturday, 06 May 2006


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What I really think is weird is that your shrink thinks you're afraid of how powerful you'd be. That sounds more like Buffy and Faith talking...


Thalia, I had no idea we had so much in common. I could have written every single one of those. That is too funny. I am also obsessive about punctuation and sometimes go back in and republish posts when I realize I left a word out or mispelled something- ugh! And the water thing. And I lied about all kinds of stuff as a kid.


Uh... yeah. Except for #3, I could have written every one of those. Frightening -- but strangely reassuring, too!

Input-hungry, anxiety-prone perfectionists unite!


I like the 2ww distration. And as for the writing, I think you do quite a nice job.


That is very interesting that you are insistent on punctuation, but not punctuality. Hmm. Sorry, I don't think I am am obsessive about either. I hope mine isn't one of the blogs that drive you crazy. I hate spell checking and proofreading. I find it such a waste of time, but I do see your point.

Hope those little embies are setting up camp and getting comfortable.

wow - do you think you are going to be able to resist not doing a HPT?

funnily enough, our clinic did not automatically suggest/offer a blood test - just asked us to let us know the outcome of the HPT

we did ours on a friday morning - i had decided that if it was negative, i wouldn't go to work (my boss knew we were doing IVF) and so convinced was i that it would be negative that i lazed around and got up late

but then it was positive, and i had to hotfoot it into work, dropping into the clinic en route to share the news and try not to grin too much at work to give the game away

keeping everything crossed for you...


You funny little bird, somehow I can see you being a stickler for punctuation, you know that I republish five thousand times just for you! I suck at punctuation, but it drives me insane also. Very jealous of your well behaved bladder too, I’m a huge water drinker too. But, my bladder is only the size of a pea, I think. Good luck and I'm thinking of you. May this 2ww be very speedy!


I think having the tell H is a good idea if you absolutely know that you just can't get away from the conference, but I know that it would drive me crazy waiting to hear from him. That's a tough one.

Now the punctuality thing I can definitely relate to. I try and sqeeze things in to the point that it makes me almost tardy all the time, and then I wonder why I get so stressed about being late. Whenever I try to not do so much I end up getting somewhere with 10 minutes to spare and then get frustrated because I've got time on my hands when I should be getting something done. Its a no win situation for me. Thinking of you.


Oh Man, I've been watching that Test Tube Babies show, too. Previously, I avoided it like the plague but now? Somehow I have to watch it when it's on. I even check the channel guide for it and watch it in some kind of rubber-necking horror.


Okay now I'm going to feel totally self conscious about my crappy typing and hope you'll still visit my blog once in a while. :-)

I got caught in a good lie in kindergarden. One kid, during show and tell, said, "My mom is having a baby." I was an only child, really wanted a sibling, and this news made me jealous.

So I got up and said, "My mom is having a baby, too!" Only thing is that I didn't realize I was adopted and that my mom was over 50. The teacher was shocked to say the least and, of course, I was caught red handed with my lie. :-)


OMG you must hate my blog!! Funny how I'm so careless with the grammar, punctuation and spelling in my posts but so psychotic about all three when it comes to work projects. But like you I'm also an inveterate procrastinator. Something tells me that anyone w. a blog probably has a million other things they should be doing. :)


Oh, I hate those days at work when you're supposed to get test results. I don't know what to suggest. I can never wait, but good news or bad I would never be able to function. Maybe that's one of the reasons some women choose to take a few weeks off work when they do IVF. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like you have the option that day.

Umm... I'm going to claim that the grammatical errors on my blog aren't errors, but rather "American idioms."


Hey thalia

I have it all worked out (next monday waiting for the test results).
Am going to quiet cafe - sit and wait for the phone call. I know I will need to be surrounded by people (but not people I know) - so at least I won't go all numb like last time because I was alone and couldnt stop crying.

Take care. Will be thinking of you.

Lv, Drew

Lola Badeggs

Compulsive proofreading? Check. Overly sensitive? Check. And I'm really glad to see that you developed into a decent person having been a bit of a fibber in your youth. My 13-year-old daughter can lie for England.

I'll be thinking about you on the 15th... Good luck!


Oh, we are like "weird things" twins. Grammatical errors annoy me terribly, almost to the point of being a handicap. Last week during a meeting about department goals, one of the "goals" said "less" where it should have said "fewer," and I knew I should just keep my mouth shut as they were written by my boss, but I couldn't do it. Ah well.

I can't imagine getting your results Monday in the middle of a meeting, but then I can't imagine waiting either. I will, of course, be thinking of you...


Charitably, I attribute errors on blogs I like to their authors having had a few drinks before posting. It is the only way I can overcome my urge to correct them.

Thinking of you & wishing you strength to get through the next week.


I enjoyed learning more about you . . .
I hope you are enduring the wait without too much angst!!


I have the thirstiness gene, too! I've been tested for diabetes a few times because my thirst combined with an awful family history made me really suspiscious.

I hope my blog doesn't drive you crazy, punctuation-wise. I know I make lots of errors and I suppose that as an English major I should correct them. I just never do.

The wait is awful but if it helps any, we're all waiting breathlessly with you.


T, you are anything but weird. I can tell you totally had to dredge those up hahaha!


Everything but #3 was me, right on the mark. When my husband is taking his sweet time getting ready and we are already past the deadline I set in my head to leave, my stomach gets all knotted and I have to literally bite my lips to keep from screaming, "We are going to be late!" to him. I'm sorry you can't be holed up at home in your jammies on the couch to get the call on the 15th.


As a writer and editor, the bad grammar/punctuation thing drives me batshit crazy as well. Especially on menus. And in tv commercials. And basically anything in print that people obviously see on a regular basis. I mean, seriously. How embarrassing for your organization to have errors like that out in the public eye.


Oh, I kick myself for spelling mistakes too. And the fear of being made a fool of while still guiltlessly willing to make fools of others, that's me too.:)


1. U r crazee - he he. The boards are the worst.

3. Wateraholic here - hopefully you'll be living in the toilet soon as thirst is a symptom!


Well, I think it would be grand to have H break it to you. I think that is a great idea. I think I may have that happen when the time comes. I think that having a loved break the news, happy or sad, is better than having your RE, or worse, his nurse call and tell you. Imagine your husband telling you that you are pregnant instead of the other way around. HA! :o)

Best wishes and luck for this cycle!


From one Punctuation and Spelling Queen to another ... I must tell you that you misspelled "weird." :) (Unless you folks across the Pond have a different spelling, perhaps?)

As for getting the news: obviously, it's up to you to make your own decisions, but iffen it wuz me, I would opt to have my DH get the news, and then have him break it to me, good or bad, AFTER work. We recently got bad news from our first IVF. I am a fairly rational person and knew the odds ... but even so, I completely lost it. LOST IT. Surprised the heck out of myself. I was just grateful I was at home instead of out somewhere.

Assuming, however, that you'll be getting good news, do you really think you can camouflage giggling and walking on the ceiling so that your workmates or clients don't notice? :)

Wishing you most excellent news! And a good place to receive it in.


Wow, I wish I had your bladder!

Fingers crossed that everything is going well.


I am crossing my fingers for you Thalia! All the best!

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