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Sunday, 14 May 2006


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What?? Go lie down. Maybe this is some sort of clot, passing or something. You know it can happen, and the HPT's must mean something. Take it easy for as long as possible until beta. And pads if necessary, not tampons...


oh damn. I am still hopeful Thalia. Thinking of you.


Thalia, how frustrating, hoping it's implantation bleeding - is that possible?


Oh, Thalia. I'm so, so sorry. Life does suck a ton sometimes. A freaking ton. You're in my thoughts.


Wait. I totally missed the positive HPT part. Oh, my. I'm so keeping my fingers crossed for you.


I'm sorry, Thalia.


I hope you are lying down right now. Stay calm and if necessary, do not go to work tomorrow. Are you listening to me, T???? This is more important than anything at work.


Do not use a tampon. Listen to everyone else and lay down. And I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass, or tell you about someone else I knew who blah blah blah but for the love of everything holy take it easy. And we'll hold out hope for you so that you don't have to (feel whatever you need to feel, but do it laying down is what I mean).


Ugh. But you clearly have a fair amount of hcg in your system, still. Oh how I wish you could get a beta today. Still hoping for you... xoxo


What Pampelmousse said. Bleeding in pregnancy is an absolute fucking nightmare - whatever the cause - benign or not. Please take care, I'm still hoping for good news tomorrow.

Carla Hinkle

Stay calm. The bleeding sucks. But try, try, try to lay down and see what happens.

And please, please, please, do not go to work tomorrow. PLEASE.


Yes. Go lay down. Do not get up. Do not pass GO. Do not collect 200 dollars (about 115 pounds). Just wait to see what the doc says. I will be very much keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Thalia - is there no where to go to do a beta today? This sucks, no matter what it means you will be stressed out and that sucks more. I am thinking of you.


Please take it easy. Pamplemoose was right on target. You need to take care of yourself right now and relax. I hope that you've already called your physician, even if it is a Sunday. Please do. Thinking of you way over here in California. :-)


Oh dear Thalia, I so hope you've called your doctor and that the bleeding has stopped. Sending all the positive karma and vibes your way that I can.


I'm soo, so, so sorry--I've been there, myself, kind of. Why does this always have to happen over a weekend?


I'm not sure what to say other than rest, stay off your feet and DON'T GO TO WORK TOMORROW!!! Work will always be there waiting for you to return. Hoping the bleeding goes away and that everything is normal. Thinking of you!!

Mary Ellen

I agree with the others. Get off your feet until you can get to a doctor for a beta. I hope that everything is okay. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs!


Dear Thalia, I'm still hoping like mad that this beautiful dream holds. I hope the bleeding stops right now and that you get wonderful reassurance soon.


Oh, T. It must be so confusing and scary. I'll keep praying that this turns out well.


Oh Thalia..I hope this is nothing. If it gives you any comfort, right before my retrieval this Thursday, I asked the nurse if I should still come in for a beta test if I start bleeding and she said "absolutely..we had women who bled and was pregnant, so don't get discourage if you started bleeing, it's not indicative if you are pregnant or not", these were her exact words. I don't know if that helps, but I think if you have 3 positive pee sticks, you are still in this game. Hang in there. Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers! Hugs!

fisher queen

Oh Thalia I hope this is just implantation bleeding. I'll be checking on you.


oh man, Thalia, I really hope that it works out for you. I'm echoing the others. Go lay down.


God, Thalia can't you ever catch a break? I read these two posts back to back and after the first one, I was so happy, so excited for you, thinking "its about damn time."

I'm hoping and praying that the bleeding is nothing and that all is well.

This sucks.


Oh Thalia, I'm just catching up, congrats and i'm sorry. My RE had told me that 30-40% of her IVF patients had bleeding in pregnancy. I hope everything is ok.


Well crap. I hate that you're having to go through this roller coaster ride. But it's not over, T. Do what everyone is saying and stay off your feet. DO NOT GO TO WORK TOMORROW. As everyone is saying, this is more important. You are pregnant. Those pee sticks aren't lying. Now we've just got to keep you that way.


Hang on in there. I've been told around 40-50% of IVF pregnancies have bleeding - apparently something to do with fact that there are ususally 2 put back and lots of times only one goes on. Go home after the beta tomorrow please - work can wait.


I am still hopeful for you and scared too. Do lie down and rest if you can . . . god I hope this turns out well.

You're in my thoughts.

B. Mare

No advice to give, just hoping like hell this turns out OK.

Hang in there- thinking of you.


I still have good thoughts for you. It's not over, so don't let yourself think like that right now. Keep your chin up.

Mary Scarlet

Thalia, I am hoping so hard that this turns out to be a short bout of bleeding that will stop as you begin a nice strong pregnancy. Hoping and praying. Everyone else has given the lay down, put your feet up advice. I know it's not really possible to relax but you are far from out of it with those three positive tests.


Oh honey, what a rollercoaster. I'm crossing my fingers and toes and arms and legs and eyes that this will stick and the bleeding will be nothing.


Argh! To get such an unequivocal positive, but have all that bleeding really really sucks.

But, as others have said, bleeding does not necessarily mean the end. One of my good friends didn't know she was pg until she was 8+ weeks because she got her "period" - or at least had enough bleeding for three days that she thought it was her period. And she delivered a healthy daughter last week.

I continue to hope and believe that Buffy and/or Faith are hanging out happily.


I'm hoping my heart out that this turns around. Take care.


Still hoping for you, so hard.

k #2

All I'll say is hang in there. I have my fingers crossed for you and have you in my thoughts and prayers until you know more news....


I'm still hopeful too. Please take it easy, and contact the Dr. Be good to yourself. Fingers crossed...

Julie B

I bled like the proverbial stuck pig from Day 16, then again at 10 weeks and again at 13 weeks...all on PIO plus suppositories. Now 25 weeks, I still obsessively check the loo paper. Like your dream, I had a Day 14 beta of 241, plus bleeding - so hang in there for that blood test. absolute best of luck.


Oh dear, how worrying. But just because it was bad with me, doesn't mean it will be bad with you. They sent me for a scan when I would have been 6 weeks for a reason... wait for the blood tests. But no, you should not go to work tomorrow. And use pads.

There's a nice option on our self-certification sick notes at work to put "personal" if you don't want to say why you were sick. I just used it. They don't need to know why.


Thinking of you and begging the universe for good news for you. I am so sorry.


Coming here late, missed earlier post, and just thinking of you.

Carrie P

Oh, Thalia.


Hang in there girl. I'm glad you are 6 hours ahead of the US...you'll find out that much sooner. Keeping you in my thoughts.


Thinking of you. Please please let this be implantation bleeing. You are still going to get your beta on Tuesday, right? Can you move it up to Monday? Take it easy, call in sick tomorrow.


Please be alright, please be alright. Please be one of the 'some people bleed even though they are pregnant' cases.

Hoping for you and the slayers. The pee-sticks are a good sign so there is still a chance.

Please be alright.


I hope so much for you that this works out. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Oh, God. How absolutely terrifying.

Please know that you are being buoyed by the good hopes of all of these amazing women from around the world. Add me to the mix. We are thinking our very best thoughts for you, Thalia.


This has got to be so scary. I am not going to say "I'm sprry" just yet. I am not sure what's going on, but I will wait until you hear from the doc.


Oh my lord what a rollercoaster.
I hope you're wrong and it's implantation bleeding. Damn those pee sticks.


Oh, Thalia. I'm so sorry that you're going through all this. What an absolute nightmare.

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