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Saturday, 13 May 2006


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Praying for good news for you -


Hoping, so, so, SO hard that this is it for you. Yours is the first blog I checked today--I can hardly wait for news...


I am so glad you're not bleeding...that has got to be a relief! :-) I, too, am having a helluva time not rushing out to the store to grab a box of HPTs. Hang in there. Keep breathing.


Another day without bleeding under your belt. That IS a good thing.

I thought of you today looking at art history stuff: a statue of Thalia in the Vatican. Beautiful indeed.



I can hardly stand the suspense! I really am feeling very hopeful for you too. It certainly has gone differently from last cycle so far, right?

And the supermarket is a very dangerous place right now! We'll be here for you whether you give in to the pee sticks or not.


You're almost there! Everything is crossed for you.


I've been thinking about you..you are almost there..hang in there. I have my entire body crossed for you. Hugs!


Dear Thalia, it's late on Saturday and I'm wondering whether you bought any... I will have to stay in suspense. I am hoping so hard for you that I'm practically knotted up at my desk.

And your dream is interesting, indeed.


I'm so glad you are feeling positive. I can't wait to hear what happens next... Did you break down and buy the test?


I check in at your blog lately with bated breath, praying that you're not bleeding and that NBHHY. I'm rewarded today, and hope I will be tomorrow as well. Fill us in on the pee stick debate. I personally hate them and refuse to use them, as if they care. Jeez Louise I so hope this works for you and H. I had all kinds of wierd, scary dream in early pregnancy, and everything turned out to be the opposite, which was good. Hang in there! Sending much positive energy and fabulous thougts your way. : )


So glad NBHHY. Good luck with the test/no test stuff. That's a hard one.

Progesterone/pregnancy always gives me whacked out dreams too. Whether its one or both right now is hard to say, but I hope that the reason you are having so many whacked out dreams is that there is a passenger on board.

Help- who is Vanessa? I'd go visit and send sympathies but I don't know her blog.


Thalia, good luck with the last few days. *everything crossed*


Good Luck . . . I hope you avoided the peestick aisle. I caved and bought a three pack on Friday though I've not opened it yet. Will power, I need will power!

Keeping everything crossed for all of us!


Hope you were able to avoid the pee sticks at the grocery! Try on to worry about the cramping. The day before my beta, I had the worst cramping ever and it ended up being a good sign. Hang in there and I'm hoping for wonderful news for you on beta day.


pfew! exciting!

Carla Hinkle

Every day is a small victory ... thinking of you and will check back often ...


I'm biting my nails with you...your blog is the first I check these days. I don't believe in dreams as omens, either...but I'm hoping this one is an anomaly; a sign of good things to come.


I hope you havn't tortured youself with the pee sticks. Good luck lovie!


Ooh, this is getting good! Can't wait for the update tomorrow. Something going on there inDEED...

Truly Tested

wishing you luck...

Robber Barren

Hoping, hoping, hoping with you...


I am so excited for you right now I can barely type this. Resist the POAS urge, and keep that hope for the last two days. Please, please let there be good news for you on Monday!

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