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Thursday, 27 April 2006


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Sounds like your body is working overtime. I'm sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable but hopefully it will be very worth it. And then you'll have a whole new batch of symptoms to analyze.


Dear Thalia, logic may not reach that freak-out space, but we sure do. We LIVE in that freak-out space.

I, for one, am glad that your pain is letting up, at least in one part of you. And I hope your back pain and leg cramps let up soon too -- that sounds horrible. Are you able to take anything at all for it?

Keeping everything crossed for great news tomorrow.


Pain is good .... or bad. I certainly understand about that confounding endo.

All my best for your tomorrow.


Tomorrow, hurry up already! I have another check then too. I can also feels things happening in there now. (Though sadly, in my case, I have too much belly fat to actuall "feel" my ovaries!) Wow, I am impressed by that part.

Sorry for all the pains.

Hang in there . . .


Hey hun

I am due for collection tomorrow and since I had been walking around like one with carrot up the anal region for the last week or so, I figured I would take today off to rest, but I woke up not feeling any pains at all! (This is 8 hours post HCG trigger shot). So I ended up spending the day doing light housework. I am now worried that my eggs have shrunk and gone to bahamas. I hope not. Well they can work that one out tomorrow. But let me assure you the pains, the rock hard ovary, the back pains, all that is part of the deal so don't worry - you are on the right track.

I will post again maybe tomorrow once I come around - fingers crossed for both of us hey! :)


When I did stims, there came a point in the middle when I wasn't as uncomfortable as I'd been. I called it Crapuilibrium. I still felt awful, but I'd gotten used to it, so I noticed less.

Good luck.


So sorry that you are feeling so uncomfortable. Hang in there!


Oh Thalia, you can freak out about whatever you want to! It makes sense that your body is reacting to the huge amount of hormones coursing through it. I hope the pain goes away and that tomorrow's scan shows big, nice follicles. Let this work for you...


I hope the discomfort means that good things are going on in there. I never felt much of anything during my IVF cycles and look how they turned out (dismal failures both). Good luck!


Well, I know nothing about IVF-level stims, so I don't have anything useful to add...but I'm sorry you're going through all this pain/discomfort. I hope it's all a sign of something good!


I hope that all of this is a sign that your ovaries are working overtime to produce lots of big, juicy follicles! I can relate to that freaked out feeling when acute pains seem to subside, but considering how debilitating your pain has been, I'd like to think that it's a good thing, and that it will have no impact on the size or count of your follicles. Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow!


Ahh... the head trip an IVF cycles gives you. I remmeber my abdomen feeling pretty tender towards the end. It didn't hurt, but I definitely felt bloated. I suppose that's why my doctor told me to quit running once I started my Gonal-F injections, because with all the stimulation, your ovaries swell immensely, and if twisted could cut off circulation to themselves...which is obviously bad.

You better keep posting everyday, because I can't wait to read your updates!


It is astounding the things we can freak ourselves out about, isn't it. I am choosing to believe the pain you have been in is a good sign, and that you have merely become accustomed to it. Or perhaps as things get to a certain level they progress at a more moderate (and less painful) rate? Anyhow, I can't wait for tomorrow, and have all my appendages crossed for you.


Sorry to hear about all the pain...I hope it is a good sign and that the ovaries are working overtime! Wishing you lots of luck!


Fussy ovaries, I thought it went in phases too. A day of yuck and lots of stretching and then a day off. But whatever works...


Hey SuperThalia! sorry the Ovs are causing you discomfort, but hopefully because they're busy doing their jobs and working overtime. i don't have any assvice because i (maddeningly) haven't been there quite yet, but soon. Akeeyu makes a very funny comment above - Crapuilibrium. LOL! (how can she be so strong and run around to other people's blogs being funny after what she's been through this week? jesus. i am impressed.)

Mary Ellen

Sorry that you are feeling so uncomfortable. Hopefully it is because your ovaries are producing lots of healthy eggs. Good luck!


Is it possible you are a little overstimmed? I don't know as much about this as everybody else so that may be completely the wrong thing to be thinking of. I was just wondering if maybe drinking some extra water would help (I think that's supposed to help with OHSS.) Either way, I hope you feel better soon! Your nephew sounds adorable, BTW.

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