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Monday, 17 April 2006


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Oh wow, Thalia. I am hoping so hard for you. So hard.

Oh, and I'm still laughing at "I'm not that stretchy." Great image. You kill me.


oooohhhh. good luck thalia! all of your support on everyone elses' blog has most definitely earned you good karma!!


Good luck, Thalia! I agree with pp, you have plenty of karma!


Yay! I'm so glad you're on your way. Good luck!!!


Karma is karma, no matter how you accumulate it. If you have twin boys, then you'll have enough to give away. Oops, enough karma, I mean, not boys.

I am so excited about your start and your numbers. Friday....


Here's wishing you twin boys! You should have a good store of karma just for surviving all this with such a good outlook . . . :-)


Wishing you the best of luck on the new cycle. And I totally understand the not stretchy part. Even going to yoga three to four times a week has not made me stretchy enough to comfortably rest my legs in those stirrups.

I'm hoping that karma finally does the right thing by you.


Karma is good because when you are pregnant, no bugger will give up their seat on the tube for you! Best wishes for the 2WW.


Lookin' good, Thalia. Best of luck as the injections begin!


fanfuckingtastic. you could always give one of the boys to one of us....
great luck!


You're right, the time has come quickly. Now why can't a 2WW do the same?

It sucks that we can't fantasize about a pregnancy like fertiles do for fear of jinxing or creating bad karma. I'll will hope only for the best for you.

chee chee

I'm glad that your ovaries are quiet and everything looks good. Good luck this cycle. I'm hoping all of your happy fantasies come true!


Good luck, Thalia! Good luck!!!

Mary Ellen

Good luck Thalia!! You are on your way!


Finally you have made it to the starting blocks. Lets go!


"How I haven't missed that experience" cracked me up! You said it perfectly.

I'm excited for you about finally starting this cycle. I know it's been a long wait. Here's hoping for an awesome outcome!


Hoping and wishing doesn't affect the outcome, I promise you. So we're all here hoping and wishing, and you can think whatever you need to think to get through the next two weeks.


Hoping hard as hell for you, Thalia.


Yay! What good news! I'm glad this cycle is finally starting for you. And, it IS just a wee bit exciting, isn't it? I'm sending lots of luck and extra karma your way!


...coming right along for the ride with ya ;)


Excellent news, wishing you the best for this cycle.


Hey Thalia!! good for you with the superquick start on the cycle. that's cool. well, keep us updated on all the details and i send you best wishes and springtime power. do you know they say that women who do IVF during the longer months (after Daylight Savings, where we now are) have a greater chance of success?! Seriously, i'm not making that up. hugs! :)


Wishing you every bit of good karma as you start this cycle!


Good luck with the stims.


So glad to hear the scan showed all was quiet and the endo is sleeping.
Hoping the accumulated karma pays you back with a great cycle and even better results.
Good luck!


How exciting! Scary, but exciting!!


You did it for me - the twins talk. It's all I can do not to talk about the twins we are wishing for. I did a poll a while back a the majority of people said they wanted twins. Aren't the pens and little sharp cases great? I was amazed - IVF isn't near as hard as I imagined but I think it's come a long way in the last 10 years.
I am glad you are excited. All the best!


I just came across your blog. I would like to wish you luck with this cycle.

Take care and all the best


Wow, you're on your way.

Fantastic news with all your results - I mean FSH 2.7 - couldn't be better.

Will be looking out for all your progress reports - not that there will be many now you're stimulating.

Fingers will be crossed.


Oh wow. I'm thinking of you and hoping all goes as it should.


Back on the job.. Exciting! Imagine how you will cope with the day when you find out you are pregnant! I wish you good luck!


Oh that was unexpectedly fast (for once, eh?)! Good luck good luck good luck my dear!

And about the drive-by (as in, the fact that we drove right by you this time around): we'll be back, for much longer next time! I'm still game if you are...


Twins for Christmas? Here's hoping for you Thalia, and keep collecting the Karma, we can never have too much of that . . .


Horay! I'm so excited that things are underway and this new protocol certainly does look promising.


PS - Thank you very much for separating out SIF from IF in your blogroll. It means a lot to me that you really understand the difference.

fisher queen

Good luck!


You are on your way!!! Did you know that ivf is more successful in the spring? Yup, and I'm crossing all my fingers and holding both thumbs that you prove this hypothesis. As for good karma, you have a boatload.


Thalia -
So glad to hear that everything inside is looking so good and that you're on your way. Keep building up the karma (I, too, think of that whenever I give up my seat on the subway) - it can't hurt! So hoping this is it for you.


Welcome back to Stim Land. The pilot has advised that the fasten seat belt sign is lit and your seatbacks and knee tables need to be in their full and upright position.

Congratulations :)


I hope that everything goes perfect for you.


Goodness, how exciting! I wish the best of luck for you.


Good luck!


Those are some fantastic numbers, and a promising start to this cycle! I so, so hope this works for you!


Thalia, good luck! I am so excited for you. I hope this is the lucky cycle. I will thinking of you and crossing all of my fingers!!


I'm so glad that it seems like the Zoladex has done it's trick. I am sending all my good karma your way for whatever that's worth. I cannot tell you how much I hope that this cycle goes well!


What excellent numbers you have! Things look great so far. Hoping that this is the One.

One Half

Me too I am hoping so hard for you!!!! You are by far (and now everyody else DO NOT READ) my greatest source of advice and I really want you to get pregnant so that I will be able to get information from you. I do wish all the best for you and yes isn't the Puregon Pen fab ;-)

Keeeping my fingers and everything else crossed for you!



Wishing you lots and lots of luck!


Hoping this is it for you!!! Looks we are cycle buddies.


How did YOUR three months go by faster than mine?? :p Just kidding...good luck...I'll be keeping everything crossed for you, Thalia.

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