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Tuesday, 11 April 2006


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I took Accutane too, when I was 16 or 17. It didn't make my hair curlier than usual, but it did keep me from having to wash it non-stop. (My Pill does the same thing -- right now I'm going longer between washings. Which is coming in handy because I just had a mole removed from my temple and I'm not allowed to let the bandage get wet. Try washing your hair without making something located about one-and-a-half centimeters from your hairline wet...) What really makes my hair go curly/frizzy/poufy is humidity. It almost seems to double in size!

As for your scheduling problems, they do sound frustrating. That must be hard, especially when you can't very well explain to the client what's going on. And there's no way, I suppose, that you could do scans after the meetings?


Thank you for your comment, Thalia. I don't see how this could have a good outcome at all but we'll know today i suppose.


I also enjoyed the results from acutane, however I would like to do another round (as well as lasix), but find I have to keep putting them off during the The Great Baby Race...

I constantly daydream of quitting my job, but when all is said and done, it offers a distraction, doesn't it?


I have read so many reports of stress causing all sorts of reproductive problems, (particularly early miscarriage of course) that I sometimes think the best we could do is hand in our notice and just relax for a while. At the moment my all-too-limited 'holiday' is disappearing rapidly into hospital and doctor appointments, as I am less and less inclined to ask for the time off on 'medical' grounds.


Work seems to be a huge nuisance during all of this doesn't it? It is very stressful running off to the RE and trying to not have it impact work. I have had to concoct some really outrageous reasons as to why I've been late. Good luck with all of this. I hope your client chills out a bit.

fisher queen

It's so hard not to worry about all of our responsibilities, particularly when we are under so much stress. I think the best thing we can do is to prioritize, and try to remember the choices we made. And that they are worth it.


Sorry to hear about the scheduling conflicts! That is so frustrating. I hope things will work out.

Thanks for the comment on my blog regarding my RE consult. They were very helpful! You rock!


Can you not get some sick time during this? After all, if you had an emergency operation, or an infection (flu, stomach upset), or had an appointment with a consultant who wanted to see you urgently in-two-days-time-that's-the-only-space-we-have, they'd have to give you time off.


I have always lusted after curly hair (and often permed mine) but am stuck with straight hair with no body.

Enjoy the extra dreams.

So sorry to hear about the scheduling issues. I admire anyone who can work and cycle at the same time. It's just so much.

chee chee

I think other than moving the meetings to 8:30am rather than 8am, I agree with you - your only option is to use a substitute. It's great that you are good at your job and that your clients appreciate your knowledge and hard work but the additional stress is too much to handle. The challenges of IVF are enough without all of the life and work stress thrown in.

Good luck managing it all!


It is hard to balance work at IF. I am going through similiar issues at work. I hope that a good solution presents itself to you.


T, I have decided that I am going to take most of this upcoming cycle off work on paid leave. I soldiered through last year, with a few days off for retrieval and a few sick days. This time I decided enough is enough. My dept allows paid leave for fertility treatment and I am going to abuse it! Not really but I feel as if I am owed loads of untaken time for the 2 crap cycles last year.

I feel you on the headaches as they are kicking my butt too. I feel really, really crap this time around and that is before I add in any more hormones. Gd help me.

Avonlea Spring

Well, maybe it was your subconscious trying to remind you that you're still the same great gal whatever job you hold - you might have buy your own office chair, but you'll still be the same.

Which are you going to regret more, not working on the project or not focusing on your cycle?


I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. You bring humor to this situation we're going through, and for a lot of us, the humor gets lost. :o)

Best wishes on you getting that elusive BFP very soon! Good luck!


Interesting side effect to the meds - enjoy the extra sleep. It sounds like you could use it with all that's going on at work. I know how you feel looking ahead at the schedule and trying to figure out how to meet all of your obligations. It is stressful but you'll figure out the best plan.


Definitely relish that extra sleep. I've taken your advice on the break cycle - see, I'm not really *that* dense, well at least not all the time. The scope and nature of our careers seems very similar. I am already trying to envision how to cope with my clients when we cycle in late May/June. Its so difficult to juggle it all, but I am sure you'll find a way.


I'm sorry your job is so stressful at the moment. I'm sure that whatever you decide to do will end up just fine.

BTW, 8am meetings? What's up with that? I always thought you Brits were so civilized, but that is distinctly not! ;-)


Wishing you luck in this cycle . . . I'm glad to have such good company!

I vote for the substitute if that will decrease your stress. It is so hard to find a balance with all this. IVF alone is a full time job!

I agree, 8am is uncivilized for the business world.

Lut C.

Juggling IF and work can be tricky. I consider myself lucky that I don't have to go to a lot of meetings. Still, IF is interfering in various ways.

I hope you find a good solution to your scheduling problem.


I have a manager who all of a sudden needs me in every meeting he has. It's driving me nuts. Sometimes the "need to know" circle has to expand. 8am is an ungodly hour. Anything before 9am without breakfast served is just rude!


I've had both -- working and cycling as well as cycling during my free summer months. Both suck. Cycling during my free months is much easier because there are less time constraints, but then the days are so long with nothing to do but obsess. Of course, there is plenty to do but no motivation to get it done. Cycling and working is hard, but the distraction helps.

Good luck.

Mary Scarlet

Ugh. Those work timing conflicts are the worst. I hope you luck out and it happens you don't have to sub for many. It's so hard when your absence is for a such a good, very good reason but you can't really explain.

Mary Ellen

I dream of the day that I can quit my job. I am sorry that you are dealing with scheduling conflicts. Work can be such a pain when you are dealing with IF. I hope that things work out.


An extra 15 minutes in bed sounds like heaven!

Work is also driving me crazy right now, but fortunately there's no doctor appointments that I have to work around. One of those rare moments when I'm truly thankful for the two week wait.


oh how I miss my acne medicine!

So sorry for your schedule nuttiness. Why aren't things just more effing convenient when we need them to be??

Truly Tested

wow, that sounds tough. is there no way that they can make the mtgs start a little bit later? you could explain that you have personal reasons that make this particular stretch a problem, no? good luck...


Ugh. You poor thing. I am intrigued by what Pamplemousse mentioned--paid leave for fertility treatments??!!
I vote for the substitute option. During our busy season I start at 6:30 most days and my clinic opens at seven. Meetings usually start at eight. It is a nightmare, and I always have that nagging feeling of being one step behind where I need to be...if there is anything you can do to make the process more manageable, I say go for it.
Hope the headaches are abating a bit--all of them.

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