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Friday, 21 April 2006


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Oh yes I can relate to your superstitios worries. I too see many signs and hold obscure beliefs as to why infertility has landed at my house. Sometimes I gather a reality check and tell myself not to be so stupid, but usually I'm looking for signs everywhere.
My most recent belief is that if I surrender to the collective group chatter of my mother friends whilst holding their offspring I may in fact absorb their motherness, thus coaxing my uterus into action!
I know where you are at girl!


Nine follicles is fantastic. Esp. given that you had no idea how the Zoladex would affect you. I think you should definitely get some karma points for confessing to H, not that you need any more. I hope your eggs keep growing nicely!!


Those follicles look great! Not superstardom, but certainly qualifies for envy in my book :)



Your follicles looks great....I will keep my fingers, toes crossed that they will all continue to mature.

I am with you...sometimes I get stuck in believing in superstitions. Sometimes I feel like I am being punished or tested. Hang in there.


Shoveling massive amounts of good karma wishes your way, my dear. I hear you on the reading of signs... it's such a hard thing to avoid. But I think you did a great thing by telling H your secret -- those things always weigh on the soul, and it's good to get them out. Spring cleaning...

Your wanding news sounds good indeed. I'm keeping all my digits (even my funny-looking toes) crossed that this works out for you.


See -- what do you make of the funny coincidence that MoMo and I are both, at the very same minute, crossing our toes for you?


I think the most important thing right now with your follicles is that there's no super-follicle or wimpy-follicle. They are all within the same size of each other and hopefully they will continue to develop at a nice even rate as well.

Mary Ellen

I can totally relate to the superstitions thing. I am usually never superstitious, but I have been looking for signs, both good and bad, everywhere.

Nine follies sounds good to me. Good luck with everything!


Yes, outwardly I scorn superstition, but trying to get or being pregnant turns me into some paranoid witchy fortune teller.
Everything looks great for you so far, I will continue chanting and rattling chicken bones for you...


This whole infertility business does feel like punishment somehow. What on earth did we do to deserve this???

I have no idea how many follies is a good number, but 9 sounds pretty good. Best of luck! I'll read my tea-leaves tomorrow and let you know what they say!


I'm thankful I'm not prone to superstitions - if I had to deal with that on top of the anxiety, I just might not have made it through the cycle. I hope any more signs you see are positive ones.
I too kept thinking IF was punishment for my past so I understand how you felt about your secret. I'm glad H took it so well. He really is a great guy.


Superstition must just be another side effect. I too am afflicted. I also have an unreasonable urge, no, NEED to get my tarot cards read. (I have never done this before.) On my vacation I had my palm read. I am pretty sure these are not sane approaches to life but the pull is so strong and since the "answers" aren't coming from any sane realms . . . I'm looking elsewhere!

Luckily I don't think there are any Magpies in my woods. If there are I don't know what they look like. Shall I start counting chickadees or woodpeckers?

Alexandra/Infertile Gourmet

I, too, look for those signs. I had so many and what I have decided is that they mean something just not what we think they do. I knew my cycle last time would be a negative because as I drove to the hospital for transfer there was a dead dear mutilated on the side of the road otherwise it was a beautiful morning with the sun peeking out. THis cycle I knew that it did not work because I lost the back of the necklece that I had bought in South Africa the day before the beta....I just knew again. These signs are annoying!


How about the sign that you have nine follies on day 5? That sounds like it could counteract a stray magpie any day. Best to you!


I hope the increased dose gets your E2 jumping. I really am unable to utter the "R-word." Sorry. I just can't do it, but I hope you have a good weekend. One day at a time, ya know.


The whole sign thing is obsessive, and so hard not to do. The nine follicles sound good, and you are awfully close on the estrogen. Still hoping all goes well. Sending whatever luck I have your day. Can't promise it's much but wanted to help.


I became very weirdly superstitious in the last few years of infertility hell. So I completely understand. My brand of superstition involved alot of making a wish and blowing on stray eyelashes.
Nine follicles sounds great to me! As THEY say, it only takes one. Crossing my fingers for you.


Supersitious, yeah. during my frst pregnancy (miscarriage) i drank so much of this ginger peppermint tea to stave off the nausea. i had to can the rest of the tea when i get pregnant again (miscarriage) b/c i thought just having it around was bad news. the damn tea did not do a damn thing either way. but we make ourselves crazy anyway.

your follicle count sounds good and i hope that the increase in follistim does the trick!


Just relax!! Ooops, I just keeled over at the keyboard in the horror of saying that but my fingers keep on typing. I think that is a sign ;)

And before anyone starts shrieking about why 300iu is the highest dosage and how low that is compared to the US, this is the very conservative UK clinic protocols talking here. Although I did cheat and give myself 375iu on my last IVF but look how well that turned out (not!).

Say cool, sweetie and try to have a nice weekend. Maybe bake some fairy cakes???


OK, doh. Stay cool, perhaps.


Geez, just relax already! :) Oh, I know, maybe you could just adopt!

I think sometimes it's hard being so educated about the process because you constantly second guess everything.

I've got everything that is crossable crossed for you this cycle. And a few things that technically aren't crossable are still crossed.

P.S. I'm dying to know what that secret was, but I'll respect your privacy :)


Seems like a lovley number of follicles to me - not too many and hopefully not too few.

I always talk to mother nature when I'm cycling. This Mississippi river seemed to do wonders for me. Once I saw a white squirrel and was certain that it was a sign of something. My internet research turned up nothing, so I don't know what it meant...

Take good care of yourself! (Sort of like relaxing, I guess)


OK, you asked for it...


I need a shower. I feel so dirty.


Nine follies at this point sounds totally great to me. I hope the increase in drugs does just the trick. Infertility had made me so much more superstitious than I ever thought possible. Strange, isn't it?

Wishing you a restful weekend and great news on Tuesday.


There must be some weird subconcious correlation between birds and babies. My objects of superstition during IVF were Canadian geese. We implanted two, and almost every day I would see two geese fly over me at some point during the day. Of course about 7 days into the two week wait, it dwindled down to a single goose flying around instead. Thankfully, he stuck around and so did our one embryo. Coincidence, I know, but still. I guess anything that gives you hope, whether it is a bird or some lucky socks or whatever isn't a bad thing. We deserve all the hope we can get.

I'm staying away from the "R" word too, because you don't need it anyway. You are doing just great. Have a wonderful weekend...


Those follies sound great. Your E2 is pretty close to their target.
& just so you know - as I was reading your post two Mamma cardinals came to feed at the feeder outside of my window.


Hang in there, Thalia. You ARE doing great. Fingers are staying crossed for you, thereby counteracting any black cats or ladders.

You know what? I'm with all the ladies who just can't say the R-word to a fellow infertile, even when she asks for it! So, I will give different assvice instead.

Just...breathe...and stop looking out windows for goodness sakes!


Uhh, that assvice was from me. Sorry!


Err. Um. You know. Ok, then. Here it goes. Uh. Well. Relax! There, I said it. Now please try to enjoy your weekend and I'll worry about sending positive grow vibes to your E2 and follicles. Good luck!!

chee chee

Those sound like pretty great follicles, nice and uniform. I am reallly hoping that your e2 number picks up very soon.

Good luck!


i just can't bring myself to tell you to relax! LOL! but i will say fuck magpies and GO FOLLIES! have a great weekend and keep updating - i'm checking on you.


Hi Thalia, I've been trying not to tell you to relax ALL THE TIME since I read your blog. So this is my chance without you having a go at me. I like the way you think and write, that you are so much on to it and know so much about it. And all the non-medical things you try, diets, acupuncture, and even birdwatching to enhance your chances... But I do think that you forget to pay attention to the most important thing, cause it is relaxation. Less stress. No stress. Less work. It is not just an old-fashioned old-wives tale. Stress is so bad for your body, much worse than coffee or tea, eating bad stuff etc. It just sounds so awful and patronising: Just Relax. 'What the f#@* do you mean I need to relax when my body is broken' I've shouted at several people in the past. But here you go girl, I promise never to say it again: Relax.


It is a stressful situation. I was really, really superstitious on my first and second IVF, but this time? Not so much. I drink my coffee, I have wine with dinner (the doctor said this was ok), and I try to live a life that someone would have were they lucky enough to get knocked up the conventional way.

But I do have lucky socks.

I'm wearing them on ER and ET days.

(I'd tell you to relax too, but I know it's impossible. So...um....how about retail therapy?)


According to JCC Cooper's Encyclopaedia of Universal Symbolism -- Magpie Symbolism
Chinese: The "Bird of Joy"; good fortune. A chattering magpie signifies good news, the arrival of guests.

Just because the bird is a bad omen in Judeo-Christian faiths doesn't make it true. Go with the Chinese on this one.

You can validate it, if you want, on this website.


Well there you go, the birds are okay as long as they're talking. Were they talking? Or should we just not go there? Perhaps we all neeed to 'just relax' for a while.


Oh yes, the superstition. I know it well. I am wishing you good signs and symbols, and a restful weekend in the midst of it all.

Good follie count...glad things are going well. I know how frustrating all of this is but don't lose hope. Wishing you the best.


Thalia, glad things are going well. I can relate to the superstition...hope the confession helped. Wishing you much luck with your cycle. Good follie count!!


I'm incredibly superstitious, too, especially when it comes to fertility. I have special bra and panties and sometimes conduct a bizarre ritual that involves lots of knuckle cracking and carefully choreographed hair-flipping just prior to important doc appointments. I'm just a big freak.

Keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that your follicles continue growing into large, round orbs of perfection!


Relax don't do it
But shoot it in the right direction
Make making it your intention-ooh yeah
Live those dreams
Scheme those schemes
Got to hit me
Hit me
Hit me with those laser beams

Frankie goes to hollywood seemed oddly appropriate.

Thank you for giving me the exact calculation to convert my hormone results to the American system.

Wishing you nothing but the best.

Avonlea Spring

I hope that the Magpie is a good omen - as Spanglish wrote.

It sounds like you're opening up and being open can only lead to good things, it seems to me.

Don't forget to be open to success.


Hee hee. Doesn't giving yourself shots in the bathroom make you feel like a heroin addict?

Good, good luck!

Urban Chick

i can relate to the superstition thing

i hated it that infertility made me feel that i somehow did not deserve happiness or good things to happen to me - even despite being successful, some years down the line now, there is the residue of that sentiment still hanging around like a bad smell

i'm crossing body parts for you (look in on your blog now and again but never commented until now) and screw those dastardly magpies!



Wow~ Your cycle is just zipping along already! I've got everything crossed for you. Now stop looking for signs, you!


In the words of the song: "Superstition ain't the way!" But it is totally understandable.

I'd be annoyed at Dr. Candour, too, for starting you on the low dose. Isn't that something he should have forseen after last cycle?

It seems like after your long wait, things are going quickly. I've got everything crossed for you, that this is your magic cycle.


Thalia its looking real good. Relax mate. I know I am trying to too.
God speed to the growth of your follies. :)


Best of luck... It is always good to prove the doctor wrong, I feel...


Thanks for visiting my blog, Thalia!

Best wishes to you in this cycle.


Grow follies, grow. I'm so happy your cycle is progressing well so far. And did you look up the symbolism of magpies? I did for you, and magpies are a symbol of good fortune in Chinese culture. Go here and check it out:

Also, throughout my IVF cycle, my husband and I kept seeing ladybugs...everywhere...and in places where they really shouldn't be: on my desk at work. Beside the bed at home, etc. We took them as our good luck charm, and with a little research, found out that they're also a symbol of good luck, and in Italian culture, a symbol of fertility and family.

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