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Friday, 28 April 2006


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Looking good, looking good. Good luck with trigger tomorrow night!

Oh, and I'm all about self medicating. Just saying.


Hooray for 27 follicles.

I never knew that there were different US/other E2 measurements. Interesting.

As for self-medicating, don't they know that you have a full-on MD from Google Medical School? Clearly that qualifies you just as much as Harvard or Johns Hopkins. :)


Dear Thalia, I'm sorry about the work frustration, but I do think that you must have been doing a stellar job over the past half year, and that you should give yourself a big pat on the back for that.

Great news on the follicle development! Thirteen is lovely. I don't have and ad- or assvice on self-medicating, but is OHSS always necessarily tied to the number of follicles?


I'm sorry about the less than stellar review. That sucks. Particularly when you really have been trying so hard.

The follicle news is great though! You should do whatever you think is right about the Puregon injection (I kicked myself in the cycle where they told me to drop my meds and I didn't want to but did anyway, with crap results). But at the same time the half-life of the FSH is around 24 hours, I believe, so there will still be a fair amount left in your system by tomorrow morning. And my RE told me that any follicle over 16mm (which your 15's definitely will be by retrieval time) can hold a mature egg. So you may even luck out with the littlest ones!


I totally understand the need to feel like you excel at something. I, however, seem to have given up long ago on making that something be my profession. Try not to let the work news put a damper on the most excellent cycle news - you're doing beautifully!


Thalia, 13 sounds great! That is fantastic. Sorry I don't have assvice about the puregon, I am just starting my IVF process right now.

Also, sorry about the review. Give youself credit, it's hasn't been the easiest year and sometimes I feel that just making it to work is an accomplishment. Good luck this weekend...I will be thinking of you!


Wonderful little follies! Good luck this weekend. Will be thinking of you Monday as I drive to my second probing.


Thirteen follicles, looking great. Hope this weekend goes well.


I have a Monday collection/retrieval pal!

Good Luck to us both!


I did a gonal shot 3hrs before trigger (at doctor's instructions). I had mild OHSS which isn't to much worse then you feel during stims - JMO. It sounds to me like so far you have known your body better than the doctors. All the best to you with trigger! I can't wait to hear how Monday goes.

Carla Hinkle

Good luck!!! Thinking good, eggy thoughts for you ...


no overstim, smartypants. no overstim.
best best best wishes and i will be checking in on you!

screw that work report. your ovaries are getting an A!


screw work...your ovaries are working!

and about the folic acid Q from your last post. i am on 4mg (4000 micrograms) a day, typical prenate has 800 micrograms. my first MC was a probably neural tube defect...this is the treatment.

and can you not do baby asprin instead of heparin?


Carrie P

Excellent news about the 13 follicles.

I hope you won't be too hard on yourself about your review. It's hard to concentrate on work while you're preoccupied with questions of love, survival and eternity. ;-) To have stayed on top of a demanding job in this context is truly impressive.

I'll be cheering you on for the final push.

Mary Ellen

Congrats on having 13 healthy follies. I hope that your retrieval goes well, and they get lots of healthy eggs. You are in my thoughts.


woooo hoooo!!!
those follies sound wonderful.
Hope ER goes smoothly.


Lut C.

I'm glad to hear your cycle is progressing nicely. Fingers crossed.


What a fantastic number! Hope the rest of your injections and retrieval go well.

It is very frustrating how our fertility problems have impacted other aspects of our lives. I began pursuing my fertility treatment in earnest right when I started a new position, and I'm sure my colleagues do not have the best impression of my work ethic. The fact that your report shows that you are above average, even when taking the frustrating months into account, speaks very highly of your accomplishments, so please try not to be too disappointed.


I'm sending good thoughts to you! Keep the good news coming!


Great job, thus far ovaries. I'm also glad to hear that you got the test results back - and will treat with heparin.

Thinking of you and hoping for continued positive news.


Fantastic follicle report - I am a scaredy cat when it comes to self-medicating these types of drugs. But I did believe that you would have enough in your system to keep them growing until collection. I mean sometimes they collect and if there are a couple that are a little immature they will often leave them in the lab to see if they will grow on their own.

I say you are doing well enough to even be holding a position where mentoring is required! I mean a boss balancing that along with IF and ART is not going to be your standard workplace robot! To be performing above average - is actually better than above average if that makes sense.

Good luck with retrieval.


So far so good! Wishing you the best.


Wow! A baker's dozen - very lucky.


13 is a great number! I will be hoping they are all in good shape for Monday's retreival.
I'm sorry the work stuff has you feeling grumpy. It's hard to keep it all together with everything going on as hard as you try.


Ah! All thoughts with you & your ovaries, Thalia!


Excellent news in the ovarian department! Sorry about the work crap though.

So did you self medicate? I used to, but it didn't get me anywhere, so stopped. Also found that the latest trend is toward less meds or "ramping down" for egg quality. All very controversial of course - just like everything IF related.

Welcome to the MTHFR's! I'm hetero so only on increased b6,12 and folic - but I completely agree that these tests should be done prior to treatments. I think they should be part of the initial work up.

Good luck Thalia!


After all you have been through the past year, I think that review is not too bad. With all of the hormones, testing, stress, worry, fear, etc. and still performing at work! Hell some women can barely handle work without IF.
Congrats on all the follicles. That sounds like great news.


It is hard not to worry about how you are performing at work, but really the fact that you are working and going through this IF crap means you get an A+ in my book! Good luck.

fisher queen

Thalia give yourself a break on the work front. You have been dealing with too much as it is.

I am so happy to hear about the bounty of follicles!


You're almost there, my friend. I have a feeling that most of us would kill for your "only" above average reivew, tho I know you must be frustrated. Remember that you have huge extenuating circumstances, here, in the form of your other full time job... aka infertility. Crossing my fingers like mad for you.


Great follicular news Thalia! May they continue to grow over the weekend. Thinking of you and hoping hoping hoping...


WEll, I already think you're fabulous. Does that count?

Hope for good things tmrw at 7 for you. I have an 8:15.


Push Thalia push!!!!

Good luck honey. Hope we are joined together as one with this IVF ride.

My ass is still a little sore from the collection. :(

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