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Sunday, 30 April 2006


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I'll be rooting for you that none of those bad things happen. Remember this IVF thing does work, as evidenced by your "on their way" column. Hopefully you'll be in that column soon.


Good luck tomorrow. I'm hoping for no. 11. You get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby or two.


Those worries, they are all natural. If you were coasting this and feeling fine then I'd have to wonder what they added to your Puregon. They are absolutely all that consumes our minds, as well as #11-how do I survive the 2ww?. #12-what if they put two back but those two are more of the sit-on-the-couch type of 2, the really good twos are now popsicles and #13-oh my God those needles are how long?

You're in a league of women who are in similar positions and we all have those fears. Good luck tomorrow, and although this sounds stupid, try to just take a deep breath and think positive-with that last shot you took it's all out of your hands now.


A few more IUs of stims is not going to lead to your downfall. I know the worries are impossible to shed, though. I know.

Good luck tomorrow, Thalia! My fingers are most definitely crossed.


Dear Thalia, I am sending you my very best fast-forward vibes so that this endless day goes by in a flash. It must be such torture.

Your list is frightening indeed. We all have something similar in our heads, and when anything goes right, we just move one worry further down. But all we can do is take it one worry at a time. For starters, I hope that the news for you is great tomorrow, and that it keeps on getting better.

And I hope you can get those thoughts of hubris out of your head somehow. As a fellow self-torturer, I know how hard it is to stop thoughts like that, but you've done your best and the rest is now up to fate and luck. In the hope I can swing it any further in your favor, I've commenced closing-my-eyes-and-crossing-all-extremities operations for you.


Thalia - you're like a junkie with that Puregon (you had me laughing over here). anyway, i know it's so hard for us over-thinkers... but really really try to forget that list. you can't DO anything except wait it out now (wish we could control more). i am wishing you gigantic good thoughts and i will be 'round to check on you. hugs!


Good luck tomorrow, sweetie. Try and not fret too much, kay? A good night's sleep is needed to prepare for all those bountiful, mature eggs' arrival tomorrow.


I've learned: it's just one day at a time. Yeah, I know, easy for me to say, but as you know, I've been there.

I'm confident that the retrieval will go very smoothly. Rest easy.


Wishing you all the luck in the world tomorrow!

Also suffering from fear #1 (and the rest for that matter) . . . because as you've read, I'm now a day behind and am imagining that no one told the follicles that they need to wait for Tuesday.

Good Luck!!


Oh Thalia, please know that you DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO JEAPORDIZE this cycle. Wishing all the best for you tomorrow: a pain-free retrieval and lots of mature eggs that fertilize.


It just sucks that IF makes such worriers out of all of us. My own list of worries is very similar to yours...

I wish you all the best of luck tomorrow!


You were so good at calming my fears when I posted my list - I wish I could be as effective for you.
The fears are normal but absolutely not indicative of what will actually happen in the coming days/weeks.
As for the hubris - just think of how many times you've proven yourself right when pushing for various tests and protocol changes.
I will be hoping for the absolute best for tomorrow and for the rest of the steps to come.


I have a list too.... it starts in a different place than yours... i think the lists are unavoidable.

I'm still hoping for wonderful results for you tomorrow and for a few moments free from list obsession!


One Half

Oh Thalia. I will be thinking a lot about you tomorrow and of course hope that none of your fears ever will come true. I hope so much and keep my fingers crossed, but I know also that you are a very strong woman and that you can master any of the fears.

Good luck tomorrow! I wish I had as good advice as you always have for me, but my brain is rather empty, except maybe from a silly assvice, which is DO NOT USE LUCKY SOCKS!

Many hugs,




I'm doing retrieval tomorrow, too! Hilarious that we all make stress lists right before retrieval...I made one this morning on my blog. Oy!

Good luck to both of us tomorrow! :-))


Somehow it always makes me feel more in control to make a mental list of all the things that can go wrong, too. I'm praying that nothing of the sort happens to you and that tomorrow is just the start of a very happy time for you. Good luck. I'll be here, refreshing like mad and hoping even harder.


I am so, so excited for you, and I have everything crossed that they retrieve as many healthy, ready-to-be-fertilized eggs as possible tomorrow. Can't wait to check back here tomorrrow and get the news. We're all cheering you on!


This is just a reiteration of what so many others have said, but it's only natural that you are worrying about everything - even the later steps that don't feel feasible to you now.

I found the most stressful part of the entire IVF cycle (even the 2ww) was the fertilisation report. My heart was in my throat the entire time. Subsequently I too was worried if they would survive until transfer.

I wish you the very best, but I'm sure you know this already. I hope it goes smoothly. I look forward to hearing an update.


Thalia -
I am thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow and hope that your list is obsolete soon.


Best of luck tomorrow!


I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow and that you can cross the first couple options off the Worry List.


Best of luck tomorrow- I'm really hoping this is the cycle that results in the ultimate ending- the take-home, healthy baby. I really hope it works for you and H.


NBHHY. And hopefully it won't. Wish I could muster up something more cheery to say. All I can think of is the umpty-umpteenth good luck. I hope it all goes textbook for you.


I am worried right along with you, but hopefully it is all for nothing and you have a successful transfer.

Thinking of you.


So far everything sounds promising.

Fingers crossed retrieval is easy and too many good embryos to choose from for transfer!

Take care.


Best wishes with all this!!! As for PIO shots, I heard endless awful things about them and I was actually surprised how easily they went. My DH got a great piece of advice from one nurse about how to give them: pretend you're throwing a dart. (If there's one thing my husband loves, it's his darts!) He relaxed right away and said, "Oh, sure, I can do that," and he turned out to be a great shot-giver. (He had a little trouble with aim, though, so we solved that by having the nurse draw targets on my butt! I am not kidding. Worked like a charm, too.) I literally barely felt a thing. Hope your husband likes his darts too!


I am so glad everything went o.k. I agree on the worrying about ovulation. I was terrified they would stick me with the wand and say "OMG, all your follicles are empty". I have never heard of that happening but it doesn't stop the brain from inventing it.


Hello Thalia. sorry to intude like this. I was lurking on the internet about IVF and early bleeding and I saw your fertility journey. I hope this is ok.
Today is 8dp3dt for me, and this morning I had an early bleeding like you did last time. Why should this happen? I'm taking crinone (vaginal progesterone) and estrace and this was not suppose to happen until I stopped the drugs... Are you using crinone too ou pio shots?
I did and early beta today to see if I'm pregnant ou not so I can stop the meds. This is not spotting, this is not light, so I'm pretty sad right now.
Well, just need to vent a little and show you that you are not alone...
Hope this cycle works for you.
Sendind some really positive vibes,

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