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Sunday, 02 April 2006


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Wow, I just feel like I took a college course on IVF blood work after reading this post. Being the newbie that I am, if you get a chance, can you write a quick list of all of these items that the doctors should definitely do or send me a link? I have still got so much to learn.

Also, you are right I do think the dinner invite with no follow through is a social reflex. Sad.

Robber Barren

No bloodwork - weird. Not that I know much (well, anything) about IVF protocols, but still. Weird.

That literature map is way cool.


Weird. I'd want blood results, too. With all the freaking other shots, what's a few more sticks?

I just ordered all my meds, too. If they could just figure out a way to administer them via martini rather than injection...

My nephew gets bad migraines, too. Gatorade seems to help.


Oh, they better not deny you your E2 numbers and massive obsession this cycle. Seriously, I don't see why anyone would want you to do an IVF cycle without E2 results along the way. The follicles are important, but so is E2. I hope you get that straightened out.

I'm glad you got the miscarriage panel done. If you ask me, that's important stuff to rule out.


You should tell Dr Candour that without your bloodwork numbers to obsess about, you'll have to turn your obsession to something else, like e-mailing and calling him hourly!!!!!!It's hard to believe that they won't do E2 levels on anyone in this protocol. I can't wait to hear his answer. Sorry I haven't been around much. Thanks for always coming over to visit me, I know you are super busy and I appreciate it.


Evidentally, the antagon will artifically lower the e2, but...my clinic still drew them keeping that in mind!



Istanbul! How romantic and exciting!

When I did an Antagon cycle my clinic only really cared about my e2 at the beginning of the cycle (and definitely not after I added in the Antagon) so maybe that's the tack yours is taking. Antagon does slow the rise in your e2 and my clinic also went mostly by the ultrasounds. They did bw but didn't even like to tell me the numbers and kept telling me that it didn't mean the same as a non-antagon cycle.


Awesome link. Almost as weirdly addictive as weboggle.




"I'm a qualified infertile with a degree from Dr Google University" LOL!!!!! me too! i was in a class just after you. brill.


Dear Thalia, I hope you manage to get on a schedule that keeps those awful migraines in check. How horrible! You're right, it is better to work on a humane schedule consistently rather than doing massive amounts of overtime and then conking out, but I know how hard that is to pull off. Hope you succeed!

I'm glad you're getting the miscarriage panel done. It's so much better to be on the safe side.

As for the blood draws, I am absolutely clueless -- I hope Dr. Candour can put your mind at ease there. It seems to me (another Google U alumna) that if they're doing this the first time, they should probably get as much information as possible, but maybe Dr. Holidaysalot has a good explanation to offer.

meg from the egg

...Thalia - I call it being proactive... That's supposed to be a good thing, right? Yay for the google university... I must say, though... we do sometimes know best... my GP thought there would be enough sperm for iui... pretty dumb...


Sorry about the migraines! They sound awful. I hope it goes away before you start your meds. I am so surprise that your clinic doesn't do bloodwork...that sounds really odd. It seems like this is part of the protocol.

fisher queen

I would be really bothered about the bloodwork. I hope Dr Candour will make some sense of it. My first cycle was with Antagon, to be used after a week or so of stims. They checked my E2 at every scan, including the one scan I had after the only antagon shot I took. I ovulated, so no more scans or bloodwork after that, but, ahem, they couldn't tell I had ovulated from the scan alone (Follicles still puffy).


Ugh. So sorry about the migraines. Lack of sleep is the #2 trigger for me, behind artificial sweeteners.

Hoping you can get more sleep in the coming weeks, even with the process underway!


Why is it that we spend all of this money, only to have to direct the whole thing anyway??? so frustrating. I know we have to be our own advocates and everything. But do we really need to be made to feel that we need to "be humored?"

good call on the miscarriage panel. never hurts to have all the information you can.


What? No blood draws? They've got to be joking!!


Ahhhh. No e2 check? How the hell is that even remotely responsible? I hope Dr. Candour answers your question.

chee chee

The migraines sound just awful. I'm so sorry. The lack of bloodwork is highly unusual. Good for you for asking questions!


Similar story here. I was shocked that my last two cycles involved E2 checks only at baseline. It was explained to me that with the protocol we were using (an estrogen priming protocol) the E2 isn't reliable or indicative, that's it's much better to go by the ultrasounds. Best of luck!

One Half

About the blood test, that they don't want to do...I have had the same with my clinic here too. Or at least I think I have. I am (according to one nures at my clinic) going to have ONE appointment in between the start of the Gonal F and the egg retrieval. I thought that sounded so little too. I am awaiting my doctors answer via e-mail soon. And yes you do have a degreen from Google University. In fact a Phd, if I am not mistaken.

Thanks for commenting on my hysteria post over at my blog. I let our a big sigh once you had commented. In fact I did relaz a bit!

Take care, and do take a break once in a while. You do not become more productive if you work yourself to the ground...



It's wierd, each country seems to do IVF a bit different. I have been told not to compare protocols because everybody's is different for a reason but it's hard not to, I find the need to know that what I am doing is normal and makes sense.


They only do E2 bloodwork at my clinic if it looks like too much follicle response (never happened in my case!). I can understand what Claudia and Millie experienced in their Antagon cycles.


I love the loquaciousness of nurses when responding to things that really matter. By love, of course, I mean hate.
"Keep asking" is good advice.


Lack of sleep is my big migraine trigger as well. I'm lucky though in that if I take a couple of Advil as soon as my vision goes funny, I can actually head it off. I hope you can work out your schedule so that you can get a bit more sleep.

It also sounds as if there might be some valid reasons for not checking e2 levels - BUT, they should tell you why, as opposed to just saying they won't do them. It's much easier to accept with a rational reason than "just because"!

I hope Dr. Candour is his usual helpful self, and gives you some clarity :-)


Obsessing? I have no idea what that means . . . would you believe I even dreamt about you last night. Nothing weird - all about Doctors and trying to communicate!


Yeah, what Millie, Claudia and Pamplemousse said. But it might be helpful to do some E2 monitoring just to see whether the levels are rising before you begin the Antagon (which won't be until day 10 or so). And, did they mention bloodwork to monitor LH? I don't think your ovaries are anywhere near as pathetic as mine, but there is the teeniest chance of ovulating despite the Antagon, and that will only show if they detect an LH surge.


I hope Dr Candour provides answers about the change in protocol. I enjoyed the author thing!


I've never heard of doing an atagonist protocol without blood drawls for checking your E-2's, I think that could be dangerous? That would concern me quite a bit. But, every RE is different. I hope you get some answers with that.
So sorry about the migraines. I hope they let up some for you. Yeah for ordering meds and getting your cycle under way!


I hope you're getting a bit more rest. And some relief from the migraines. And I hope your tests all come back w/encouraging results.


The pace you're working at sounds just dreadful. I hope you're able to get some more rest so you can dodge those beastly headaches.
Sounds like the E2 test is dicey. Based on what others have posted - would it make you crazier to be seeing unreliable numbers while cycling? It does seem odd though to skip them entirely. I hope Dr. Candour can straighten this out for you.


Good move on the miscarriage panel - I am pushing for that one before we start our IVF cycle. I also feel that it should be standard operating procedure for women with endo, since many of those things go hand in hand. Sounds like we are working the same schedule these days - try and cut yourself some slack. Very interested to hear Dr. Candour's response on the blood draws, or lack thereof.


Nurse Flakey is truly deserving of her name. There's one particularly flakey and annoying nurse at my clinic as well, and I flinch every time I am forced to see her. Makes a generally unpleasant experience all the more wretched.

The miscarriage panel sounds like a great idea. You are truly proactive with your treatment, which is absolutely fantastic.

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