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Tuesday, 07 March 2006


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sophie d

If I have not messed up my bloggs - that is the chick you were talking about in an earlier post who is older than she is telling people?? Priceless! You got one up on This London!! Love it...

Ha ha ha!


Funny how you both used "precocious" to describe her. I'd say she was busted.


How funny...I guess they need to hire you in order to get scoops beforehand.


BUST-ED!! Heh, that's too funny. Like people won't go digging about someone's age, like it's not a matter of public record, right?

How silly-she should just be happy that she's successful and pregnant, no matter her age.


YOU OUTED HER FIRST!!! Remember that!



Good to know that sometimes the truth does get out.


Too funny!


Hahaha. The tramp. She is beautiful, though.

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