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Friday, 24 March 2006


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I hope so too Thalia. If anyone deserves a get out of jail free card, it's you. Hang in there.



I know what you mean about drawing the line wayyyyy before others do. The same strength that they draw from is available to all of us....it's just a matter of our personal situations and how much we all are willing to accept/bear.

Good luck to you.


I hope it works too-- I really hope it works.

I also have thought about when to stop, because I frankly don't want to stop until there's a babe. But unfortunately, we have material concerns... So let's just hope it works for everyone who's going around again this time!!


Ugghh. Those symptoms sound awful. I hope it gets better.
When I started, I would never ever have imagined that I'd go through 6 cycles and not blink an eye at another prospective round. Having said that, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Wouldn't it be lovely if it worked the first time around for everyone?


I'm sorry about the headaches. Hoping that your body is suppressing the ever living life out of that endo, and that things will be ready for April 17.

I don't want this to be a marathon for you either. Let the universe have some mercy and be fair.


It's one more thing to feel guilty about: starting potentially too late. My husband says it's never too late, but I really don't think he fully grasps the concept of the time.

I take hope in knowing it's a rarity that anyone has to go through half a dozen or more ART cycles. This is one case where I really don't want to be exceptional. I hope you won't be either, and I mean that in a good way.

fisher queen

I hope the universe is feeling merciful too. No doubt about it, this is hard.


Your headaches sound like my own personal hell. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Good luck to you.

Prop Your Hips Up

I'm sorry about the nasty headaches. I hope the universe is feeling merciful, too, dear Thalia.


Only you will know when it's time to stay stop in the ART area. What's right for one person isn't for the next, and it's not a black-and-white situation. I hope those horrible headaches go away, and that April 17th comes quickly for you.


There is no fairness to any of this crap. If you get lucky on the next cycle it doesn't mean you are any more/less deserving than Tertia. Its too bad that she had to do six IVF cycles and beyond awful that she had to lose Ben, but that doesn't mean you are not entitled to want it to work on your 2nd(?) IVF cycle. Hell, some people still get pregnant from having sex, and what's fair about that?

I guess my point is, you should spend all your energy hopefully wishing/praying/hoping that it works this cycle without feeling guilty. If you don't have that hope, why would you put yourself through all this?

Hope the headaches get better.


It's unfair that you're in jail in the first place - so don't feel like you shouldn't be asking for that "Get out of Jail Free" card. Besides, walking away with a child after this still wouldn't have been getting away for free.

I so hope you don't have to make a decision about whether or not to try again. Indeed, let the universe or fates or science or whatever make this cycle work.

(And I'm glad that you at least know the way to prevent the headaches - though it sucks how debilitating they can be.)


About the headaches--the hydrating thing works for me as well, but if you don't quite catch it in time and you feel one coming on, have a small cup of coffee or an espresso. I know you are probably not doing caffeine, but sometimes just a small bit can keep the headache from coming on if it is just beginning.
And I really hope you get out of jail soon--although no way would it be "free," after what you have been through.


I hope for a merciful universe for you, too. I'm pulling for you. And so sorry for what you have to put up with in your quest. It's so damn unfair.


is that what menopause feels like? if so, i decline. i am so sorry that you are feeling so badly.

i hope you journey ends with this, a sucessful cycle.


We've only got a total of three cycles in us, so I know how you feel. When I hear that others can go through 10, I think that they are so much stronger than I am.


I know it's redundant but I really hope that it work on the next cycle for you. I am with Vanessa, we will be maxed out at 3 cycles. After that, we'll are out of money unless we win the lottery.
I love Tertia's blog but you are right, what she has gone through can be a little overwhelming. I think even she hopes that nobody has to go through what she went through.


If ever a woman deserved a pass from the universe, it would be you. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you.


your post is interesting - i guess that line of where to stop is different for everyone for different reasons. I hear you about feeling like you couldn't just go on and on trying. I read that you are 38 with a PhD and lots of career action... girl, those of us who have made the choice to follow our dreams and become full people (for our own definitions) and THEN try for kids... it's not fair, but it is what it is. And I, similar to you in age/edu, i have to say, even though we're having difficulty TTC and are now doing our first IVF, I don't regret anything. I wouldn't have - couldn't have - started this process any earlier.

I hope it works for you - believe that it will! it's not a "get out of jail free" card. you DESERVE to have a kid just as much as anyone in the universe does. if it is in your path it will happen. (I am talking to myself as well, here ;)

those headaches sound bloody awful. hang in there.


Hope the side effects start subsiding soon. I'm sure your body will be nice and suppressed for the 17th. Looks like we will be cycle buddies.

I know what you mean about how much you can do. This is IVF #4 for me and I don't know how much more of this I can take. Hoping this is it for you.


Like pp said, each person's break point is different. Depending on how you feel, sometimes, the line can be redrawn as you go along. Who knows how we may feel in the future. One day at a time, one cycle at a time. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Take care, hope your headaches go away soon.


I hope your headaches subside soon. I know just how awful they can be.

I also hope the universe shows mercy and you get a get out of jail card. If it will help, I'll raid every Monopoly game around and stash all the good cards to send to you.

I know what you mean about not being able to take much more. I'm also just ready to be a parent. My docs said that trying a type of cycle three times was a good indication of whether or not it would work. That helped us devise a plan that worked for us.

I think your next cycle is going to be a great one. Dr Candour will work his magic and you know we're all here pulling like mad for you.


There are heartaches enough to go around - please get out of jail - as Mellie said - it won't have been free.


I hope the headaches slack up some and also hoping that you won't need to use the get out of jail free card. That this upcoming cycle all works out perfectly for you.


I understand what you are saying. I am always wondering when is enough, enough. How will I know when to stop. Will someone tell me or will I just know. It' a long, bumpy road we are on and the end of the road is not really in sight. I hope you feel as determined as I sometimes feel to keep on going. I hope you don't feel as weak and weary as I sometimes do about continuing.


I hope this protocol proves to be your get out of jail card. Sorry to hear about the headaches but glad that you've figured out how to keep them at bay. Just keep drinking that water!


Everyone has their own tolerence point. The meester and I made the decision beforehand that we wouldn't do more than two fresh cycles. We just know we couldn't handle the emotional aspect of it. Not to mention we didn't want to be hundreds of thousands in debt with nothing to show for it.

Lut C.

Fair has nothing to do with it, though for some reason it is human nature to look for it. I hope this cycle is the one.


I hope so too, Thalia. I hope you get your get out of jail free card.

I hope your headaches go away soon, or that they at least stay under control. And I hope everything is proceeding beautifully.


Sorry about the headaches.

We all have our own limits. I know we decided to stop ivf a cycle earlier than I thought we'd go. We both just reached the point where we realised - this is just not going to work for us (5th cycle).

I think all the hard stuff had happened before that point.

There is nothing like IF to make you realise that fairness has nothing to do with anything.


If my ovaries could have produced the goods, I would not have stopped doing IVF until I had the result I wanted. I understand the women who carried on cycle after cycle. 40 is not a cut-off point for me (obviously as I am past it!). I do not think it would be any easier to wait in the UK for 3 years for approval for a Chinese adoption.

You have to be very clear that there is no fairness or mercy in the universe...just making your own reality and coming to terms with that.


It is incredibly cruel that IF treatment, with all its obsessions about NUMBERS, makes us think there is some kind of equation (number of cycles x number of embryos transferred / age and weight + beta # - FSH count, etc = baby) that will make things work... In the end, we just don't know what combination of anything will work for any of us, and we all just have to keep doing what you're doing--what we/you can (and can cope with). I hope the headaches go soon, and you get your furlough soon.

All good things in the world to you, Thalia.


I hope this cycle works for you...no one knows what the correct formula is, but I think believing in what we are doing helps! I will keep you in my prayers!

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