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Sunday, 29 January 2006


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Wow, with those celeb connections you should be working at Heat!


I love your brushes with celebrity stories and I'm definitely thinking it's your turn to keep some of that fertility mojo for yourself.

I also totally agree with the plan to go forward with a fresh cycle and maybe build up a nice stock of frozens for later use.

Thinking of you.

Lut C.

Thanks for sharing your research with us.

We should really have something wikipedia-like for the IF community, a place to link to medical research and IF resources.
Those things are really easy to set up, but I don't have any suitable webspace lying around.

fisher queen

Has it occurred to anyone else that if she lied about her age, she might be lying about the 'oops' baby? Just a thought.


So silly to lie about one's age. I haven't seen the movie, and now maybe I won't! And I'm so jealous you knew Mr. Gwen as a child. How could one NOT have a crush on him? Although, I wonder what his voice sounded like pre-puberty...


Oohh it's her. I saw that movie, thought it was okay. I think it's par for the course to lie about your age in that business. I don't really care - but I do care when people lie about going thru fertility treatment. Don't know why - maybe I want it demystified.


Thanks for the explanation about the killer cells. You really explained it well.


I think it is smart to stockpile embryos from your younger years. Very smart indeed.

Thanks for the info on NK cells. I had heard that before. I think I'm going to put those NK cells to rest in my mind. There isn't much I can do about them anyway.

I will have to go over to Mollywogger's and see who this chick is. Too funny!


Unsquashable. Pregnant. Sigh.

Thanks for the info on the NK cells -- they had me kinda worried (everything, these days, has me kinda worried), because my clinic doesn't test for them.

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with what sounds like a very capricious insurance company. The proverbial "hole in the head" springs to mind.


I was so in love with Gavin R. for the majority of the 90's that I would date guys just cause they looked like him. I am so jelous you have him in your grade school pics!
More Q's - where do you live? What insurance co. are you dealing with?


excellent Q&A session!


I think saving up the frozen embryos sounds like a good plan. Dr. Candour may be assuming that's what you want to do.
No fun brushes with celebrities (pregnant or not) over here so I'll just have to live vicariously through you!


Maybe YOU are babydust, Thalia! Who'd have thunk it?

Except for yourself, of course.


You know, I was thinking about Amand* Holden for some reason! But now that you mention Rachel, I see it. Mind you, I loved that dress she wore.


I think your embryo plan is a really smart one. I would do the exact same thing. Thinking of you, as always.


Thank you for that article. I'm definitely going to talk to my OB and my RE.


oooh my. love the celebrity dish. i suppose they all lie about their ages (does anyone really believe catherine z-j is 36?). sounds like rachel was more than annoying...if it helps, my husband is friends with someone who is friends with her fiance, and i don't think he (the fiance) is All That.
your decision to leave the frozens as is makes complete sense. i would've done the same thing (if i'd ever had any to freeze that is).
thanks too for posting the link to the NK article. i've been trying to sort this one out myself. love BMJ.


Wow, Thalia...you are way more Almost Famous than me. We're not even in the same league! (makes small bowing motions with her arms)

NK cells...good info to know. I'll file it away in my mental repository of IF knowledge. You know, if for nothing else, all this stuff is great party trivia. People think I'm really smart because of tidbits like this that you and others give me. At least it's good for something, I'd hate for all of this to be a waste.


Why is the world the way it is? Where does it all come from? Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going? What is the purpose of it all? Is there a God? What is good and what is evil? What is knowledge? What is truth? What is the meaning of life?

I'm just kidding of course, but if you could clear any of those up for me as well as you answered the other questions, I sure would appreciate it.

I'm not almost famous -- unless I can count Jacques Cousteau. I saw him sitting in first class on an airplane when I was nine years old. I gasped, and said, "You're Jacques Cousteau." He smiled and said, "Yes. I am."


You know.... I just don't GET when women say they are younger than they are. I mean... do you WANT people to think you look old for your age??

Me... if were going to lie about my age... I'd crank it UP by about 6 or 7 years, so that people would look at me in awe and say, "WOW! You look FABULOUS... you look so much YOUNGER than that!"

I mean... doesn't that make more sense???


Ooh thrilling celeb gossip. I do so love Gavin. At least Gwen doesn't seem like a total tool.


My RE also grew quite vitriolic when I asked her about the NKa connection. Not a believer at all. And she mentioned this very article but I forgot to get the citation from her so thanks for the link!


Thanks for the tasty dish. I was going to point out the whole CZJ lying a lot about her age as well but Nina beat me to it.

So very sorry you have to deal with one of our insurance companies. That's a pleasure you should be able to miss.


Thank you Thalia for your comment on my blog! You are totally right, it's good that we infertility challenged people all are at different stages of treatment. We couldn't learn from each other otherwise and maybe it must be nice to see (maybe still naive and over-optimistic) newbies like myself!

I am still trying to find some good statistics on what our chances are with just MFI. Do you have numbers on that? I am getting already obsessed with numbers!

Take good care!


PS: Any yes, Gavin is still very much a hot dish (oh man and you went to school with him I only had my records...)


Hmmm. I knew someone else who went to school with or somehow otherwise knew Ms Golden Dress/Golden Globes. Funny that. I can't stand her myself. I bet she was unbearably precocious.

Cheers for the reference to that article. I plan to put the link on my blog, too. Speaking as one sorely tempted by NK therapy (even while knowing that the clinical evidence for its effectiveness is nil), I think it's important for as many women as possible to see it.


Is Dr. Sher the only one who believes in the natural born killer cells - or does Oliver Stone as well? (Bad pun sorry)

Oh, you know what you've got on ice doesn't sound so bad, it sounds like what The Trying Game had and she had a delightful little girl under her tree this year so don't shoot for the stars - some times the moon will suffice.


What a wicked collection of gossip and facts.
I do love reading me some Thalia!
The Information Gal!


Hope the insurance money comes though. I hate dealing with insurance people. It's such a racket at times.
Hope the Re wasn't over looking your frozens.


Wow, Thalia, you sure did get around ;-). All I can say is - I saw Matt Dillon at lunch today (and no, I was not in some swank place).


Thanks for the info on all those tests. I wish we could stockpile embryos here. I don't think we are allowed to.

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