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Monday, 23 January 2006


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Dear Thalia, I'm glad you had a good birthday, and that there is some good news mixed in with the bad. But I'm not so glad that psychologically we seem to be mirror images of each other right now... Sending you a sad tip o' the hat from Krautland, and all my most fervent hopes that Things Get Better soon.


hi thalia--

i know what you're saying. i hate blaming my feelings on the weather but i feel that my blues definitely are partially related to the constant cold, grey short days. so i'm right there with you.

i also wanted to mention that i greatly admire your ability to stay focused on your career. i wish i could do the same but it is just not in me right now.

all the best,


Happy belated birthday, Thalia. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I'm sorry things are so tough... it is so hard sometimes to deal with all the pregnancies, and it sounds like you work with a bunch of very fertile people. The twins, GAH. I can only imagine what my response would have been.

Hang in there. I've spent many winters in England and I know that weather and lack of light doesn't make anything easier. I'm thinking of you.



don't want to offer any assvice, or be trite....i hate that. so i will just say that i hope the LAP goes well and you can quickly start a new cycle. and hopefully 2007 will be a GREAT year for babies. GDanm it, it better be!


Glad to hear you had a delightful birthday, Thalia. Also glad to hear there are some positive things going on, although I know it's so difficult to navigate through all the IF muck and mire. I hope all goes well with your lap and that ou can start a new cycle soon. And I wish and pray with all my heart that your efforts are rewarded - I think you'd be a fantastic mom; I just want that to become a reality for you and H. You're in my thoughts often. (And in the midst of all your difficulties, I really appreciate your kind comments. Thank you!)


Sounds like an almost perfect way to spend a birthday. Go H! I hope that the time until April flies by (sounds like it will, with the help of keeping busy at work!).


Happy belated birthday!
As for mood, I am right there with you, my friend. It seems like nothing but bad news all around, lately, and the fact that it is dark when I leave for work in the morning and dark when I emerge in the evening isn't helping, I'm sure.
Your birthday sounds lovely though, as does the vacation.
I hope the months between now and April are short and filled with happy things for you (er...other than your Lap.).


Best of luck with your appt tomorrow, Thalia.


Happy Birthday, Thalia! I like the idea of human sacrifice to turn the tides back around these parts.


Happy birthday, and my sympathies on all the drive-by pregnancy announcements.

Best of luck on your meeting with the doctor.


"Into the Woods" always makes me feel better too. Nothing like a musical where infertililty is cured by finding a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a slipper as pure as gold -- hell, if only we could all do that!

Happy birthday, T.


Hope a fab plan is put into motion tomorrow.
& of course happy belated!
Much love to a Capricorn sistah.


Oh, Thalia... I too have been feeling that the Infertile Bitch Brigade has been having a tough go of it lately... there has been a distinct shortage of cheering news.

I am delighted, however, that your birthday was so lovely... and that other areas of your life sound so well-balanced...

Thinking of you...


Is it that stupid blonde bimbo who used to be with whatsisname magician? Hate her!!

Today is the worst day of the year for depression apparently. You are not alone, T.

Mary Scarlet

Thalia, being surrounded by the pregnancies sounds like the worst thing ever. I'm glad to hear you are feeling empowered and successful at work, despite the pressures, and that you enjoyed the bday. The salty spray sounds wonderful. I have one of those ipods too and it's also created a musical rebirth for me. It is so much easier sometimes to feel and channel an emotion with music. It HAS been a terrible Dec/January. I hope for a better spring for you.

fisher queen

Let me get this straight. If you get pregnant with twins, then everyone else should work extra hard so that you get the promotion. Oh...I never knew that was how that worked. How does it work for triplets? I guess they ask you to work three times as for the person WHO GETS THE BABY. No wonder you were upset.

On a more positive note, at least the days are getting longer...


Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you have a great appointment tomorrow. As for how to wait until April -- boy, I wish I knew. When you find out, let me know.


Happy, Happy Birthday to you and your dad! Isn't it fun to hear songs you loved that you haven't heard in a long time? Like revisiting a really good friend.

Don't know what to tell you about how to hang on until April. I'd tell you to try not to think about it and keep putting one foot in front of the other, but usually when people tell me to do that, it just makes me think about it doubly hard.


Oh!! Forgot to ask WHO is the film star!!! C'mon!!! Give us the DIRT!


Happy belated birthday! Enjoy your Ipod. :)
Sorry about all the pregnancy news around you. Hope you are doing well.

Lut C.

Drive-bys, shudder.

The festivities for your birthday sound great though.

I hope you don't have to wait too long for the next steps.


I don't have a skinny, fertile SIL. I have a fat, mentally challenged, fertile SIL. Could I sacrifice her instead?


I'm so sorry for the blues and the pg announcements - suckage. I'm glad the birthday celebrations went well!


Happy Belated Birthday Thaila.
I'm glad it turned out okay. Sorry about all the pregnancy announcements. That sucks.
About waiting, it's tuff. I've had to wait so long between cycles. I kind of like it actually. Just when I forget how much I hate cycling I'm back in the saddles again.
Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.
Thinking of you.


Glad you had a great birthday.

Hope you will be able to schedule the lap very soon and the wait will go by quickly and smoothly.


The drive-bys are harsh, I know. Sorry it all seems so in-your-face these days. I pray that by no later than spring-time it will be your turn.


Glad the birthday was wonderful!

Sorry about the pregnancy annoucements and the twits. Whenver I hear it's twins I automatically assume it's IVF. But then I also stare at people and try to suss out whether or not they're pregnant. And apparently age (or sex, LOL) doesn't seem to dissaude me either ;)


Your birthday sounds fantastic, michelin starred restaurant - awesome.
Good luck with Dr. Candour.
Would the the famous star be a blonde american - who used to go out with Angie's bloke?


Wouldn't it be great if the bad days were banked like a CD somewhere and at a certain point we could just start withdrawing them to pay for new good days?

Happy Birthday, Thalia, and many happier returns!


They never bloody THINK, people! I've lsot count of the numbr of times that people who know FULL WELL about my miscarriages (close friends and family even) flit over to wax lyrical about somebody's pregnancy. I finally took to just being really blunt and saying I really didn't care to hear about it. And yes, I have lost friends that way. ARGGGHHH. Sorry... I know I'm fixating on onyl a small part of your post. But boy that really gets my blood boiling.


Best of luck with the appointment.


Crap - I don't have a SIL, let alone a fertile one. I do have some fertile friends and neighbors, would that do in a pinch? Should we try to synchronize the sacrafice worldwide?
Seriously though, it does seem there is an extra heaviness surrounding blogosphere lately. I hope it lifts quickly for everyone. Good luck at today's appointment, I hope the plan can get set in motion quickly so your waiting is minimized.


That birthday sounds delightful, as birthdays so rarely are. Good luck with your appt today. And pls spill or at least give a hint about that the famous film star. I'm dying to know who it is and LOVE that you noticed that she shaved a few years off her age. Did she think no one would notice?!

Prop Your Hips Up

Happy belated birthday, it sounds like a great way to celebrate one for sure. I wouldn't deign to offer assvice, but I will wish you luck with the laparascopy. I'm volunteering two super fertile SIL up for the ritual sacrifice.

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