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Saturday, 05 November 2005


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Two, two, two to put back! We will chant along with you. Rest up now and take it easy.


Oh, good luck Thalia! I will be checking back on Monday for a status report. Meanwhile, take it easy. I was crampy for several days after each retrieval.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Here's to two!!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Here's to two!!


Joining in the chant.."Two to put back...Two to put back" Good luck on Monday - I will be thinking about you.


Chanting over here too. Take it easy for the rest of the weekend.


Oh, shit-now I feel really guilty!!!

If it makes you feel any better, sometimes even I can't get onto my site......I think that it's those freakin' Blogger mice chewing on all those threads......

I'm thinking two good embie thoughts for you on Monday.....glad to hear that everythihng's going well so far!


OOOOOOHHHH! I'm so excited and hoping with every ounce of energy I have that you get at least two embryos to put back and maybe even a couple spares just to give you peace of mind....

WOW... I have to breathe now... that was a long sentence...

Hoping, hoping, hoping!



Two, two, two. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.


Fingers crossed for the two...oh hell let us hope for more....four!


I'm chanting here too, for your two to put back. I'm also hoping for more to freeze, but at very least the two to put back into your happy waiting little uterus on Monday! Have a good weekend!


Also chanting for you. I'll be thinking of you on Monday!!!

Lisa P.

Two is a nice number. Although it looks funny when typed it rolls off the tongue nicely. Two. Two. Two. Good thoughts being sent.

Carrie P

All good wishes for Monday. (Great news about your employers' insurance, as well).

B. Mare

Lots of good thoughts for you for Monday! Two! Two! Two!


Two sets of fingers crossed here!


Thinking two thoughts, sticky thoughts, relaxed, calm & positive thoughts for you. Keep us posted, and best of luck at transfer tomorrow!


Two to put back sounds like a great chant to me!! Sounds great that you haven't had a call yet. Good luck!!


two to put back
two to put back
two to put back
two to put back and three to freeze

fingers crossed you get a great fert result and a smooth easy transfer

two to put back
two to put back
two to put back and three to freeze

fisher queen

Thinking of you!! Good luck tomorrow!


Thinking of you. Take today easy and know I'm channelling all the good vibes for a fat happy two!


T H A A A A A L I A A A A A A A A A A A!

Where are you? How is it going? Please let us know. Hope everything is well.


Chanting along with everyone else!!! Two to put back...

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