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Wednesday, 09 November 2005


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Yes, the constipation sucks. Not sure about the fiber caplets- my doc let me take Colace when I was PG, so I would think the fiber is okay.

I think its okay to tell yourself to relax, its just not okay to tell others (or others to tell you) to relax. But I agree, sometimes things come along when you aren't expecting it, or when you get to the point where you've been able to convince yourself you don't care as much.

Did freezing go okay?


You can be random - that's okay!

I never had the progesterone suppositories, but had 1cc injectable into each buttock, each night. As far as the constipation, if possible up your water intake as much as possible, or as close to 8 8 oz. glasses per day, and eat fiber. Leafy greens and prunes are good. I'm sure prune juice would be fine. I did okay with more water. I am so praying and hoping this works for you. Still keeping thumbs and everything else crossed! Keep us posted on everything, even the random stuff. ; )


Oh, yeah, isn't the constipation (aka Progestepation)grand? Just wait for the gassiness-it's like your body's playing a cruel joke on you, like "HAHAHA you can't poop, I'm just gonna tease you with a few farts!"

I'm not sure about fiber supplements, though-my RE told me to make sure that I was well hydrated and eat a lot of fiber-type foods. Since I'm not a prune fan (reminds me of my grandfather, sorry)I eat apples and dried apricots, leafy green veggies and whole grains.

Yuck on the suppositories-the ones I took from my FET were vaginal suppositories, but, as much as I hate the shots in the ass, I'm glad that it's not those frickin' suppositories. I hope it gets better for you!


Sounds like your cycle has gone really well so far. Keep us posted how you're doing, and good luck with the constipation - it was my #1 complaint my last IVF cycle.


I highly, HIGHLY recommend the prune juice. Pour a shot of it in your orange juice, it goes down easier. It works way better than actual prunes, or actually, any other fiber I've tried.

And you're going to hate me for this, but um... did your RE say anything about not taking baths after transfer?


Random is good. I can follow random. Sorry about the progesterone ... ahem... stoppage. I see some roughage in your future. Its like the hormones don't make you bloated and achey enough, then you have to deal with the Big C (not to be confused with the Big D which is a WHOLE nother thing).

I know I haven't been commenting much but I've been checkin' in to see how you were doing. I'm glad things are looking good and I'm wishing/hoping/crossing-fingers/praying/fertility-dancing/whate-ever-it-takes for you!

fisher queen

Ah, the progesterone cha-cha. How I miss it (not). Hang in there lady! And if you do have George upstairs, I won't tell anyone.


I am horrified that your suppositories are anal... as if we don't go through enough without having THAT to deal with as well. I never thought I'd be grateful for the vaginal suppositories, but now I am.

Sorry about the constipation. :(


Ah yes, I remember progesterone. The stuff that had me so constipated that I looked like I was pregnant... yet another fun side effect. I'm a huge fan of All Bran Extra Fiber (aka Colon Blow) and black beans. They seem to do the trick... esp if you eat both in one day. Give George my love.


Make that: Send George over and I'll give him my love myself.


I'm not sure the PG suppositories are the only cause of the constipation. My TOTAL C started the day after my trigger injection but I'm of the suppositories for quite a while now and it's my #1 pregnancy complaint so far. It's so bad that I got a total scare today when I found blood on my toiletpaper. Total relief when I found out wheer it was coming from.
Anal pessaries are probably the best solution. They are less leaky, you still have a chance to get oral sex, and the pg shots must be very painful! Make sure your doctor does bloodtests for your pg levels, then you can be sure when it's safe to stop using them.


Funny (not in a haha way, unfortunately but more in a isn't life weird) way. I was just cleaning out my medicine cabinet today and tossed the expired Citrucel I took for my heinous progresterone constipation. As if you need something this lame to take your mind off the wait. I will keep my fingers crossed that you feel better and that the 2WW goes more quickly.

Lisa P.

*sigh* George Clooney. Sorry, had a moment there.

This particular symptom I know a little about, despite never having used progesterone suppositories (yuck!) and have tried wheat germ and applesauce mixed together. Well that, and I actually like prunes, odd person that I am. George *really* wouldn't like me.


I've been on progesterone suppositories twice in the past, and I never guessed that they might be causing my constipation. Huh. I suppose that's because the dumb Girlfriend's Guide says it can be a result of the extra iron in prenatal vites. Perhaps the two together make it super-bad? Fiber is good, of course, but don't forget your old favorite remedy water water water, too. I'm sure you're probably on that already, though.

Well, I do hope that you're able to get some decent sleep over the next week or so. Do you think you'll POAS, before your next appt., or are you planning to wait?


"Con-sti-pa-tion... constipation ready to begin!" (Sorry, an old game -- Concentration -- from school. You hadda be there, I suppose.) It's yucky, I've been there -- with my own progesterone and with what my husband calls "torpedoes". Prune juice sounds like a good idea.

Wishing you strength and patience and a generous springling of fast-forward dust for your two-week wait. And I'm wishing above all for Good Things to Happen down below. (Not talking about prune-juice-related matters any more, in case you were wondering.)


I'm with you on the Hope issue. It's something us infertily myrtles have had crushed for so long, that when she does appear, it's hard not to welcome her with open arms. However, she's an evil mistress at times. Best to keep her in the house, but not in the room with you.

Sorry the progesterone is causing...ahem...problems. I've had to do the suppositories before with other treatments, and in my IVF cycle, my dear husband is going to be injecting me in the rear with fluid progesterone. Fun stuff. I've got my fingers crossed for you, and sending tons of positive vibes your way.


Oh, Thalia. You crack me up! Please believe I'm not laughing at you, just with you. George Clooney, taking back the "just relax" story. I needed that this morning.

I'm wishing you the best with this cycle. I hope all this misery reuslts in a shitload (pun intended) of joy for both of you. You deserve it.


Get out of the tub! (don't mean to frighten you, but ugh! Why didn't they give you the do's and don't list? I'm sure it was fine if it wasn't too hot. Don't want to raise the core temperature too much...) And Benefiber mixes into any liquid, even yogurt. Also, I LOVE prunes and prune juice, but too much of a good thing? I can't have too many prunes when I'm on baby aspirin therapy. I think they have a blood thinning effect. Anyway.. I just wanted you to know I am really excited for you...(everthing crossed)


I know progesterone is crucial to a healthy pregnancy, blah, blah, blah. Therefore, I have taken more than my fair share of progesterone supplements (vaginally). In my opinion, the side effects are evil. (For me, the sore boobs and mood swings are even worse than the constipation.) Just wanted you to know that you're not alone, and you have my sympathy!


Sounds dreadful. The only thing progesterone seems to do to me is make my breasts so sore I have to take the elevator instead of the stairs (can't stand the jiggling). Everyone has already given you excellent advice, so I will just wish you luck...my fingers are crossed.


Pulling for you, Thalia


And fruit - lots of fruit. Pineapple believe it or not works wonders for me. And of course, everything everyone else has said.

I'm with you on the hope in the closet, she can be quite a meanie that one.


Second the pineapple and it's good for implantation. Progesterone is just evil. Here's to speedy wait.


My assvice (oh the puns) - black beans, dairy, and leafy green veggies work like a charm.

My progesterone starts tomorrow a.m., and I am *not* looking forward to it.


They're making you take the suppositories anally? Mine are vaginal. Anyway, the whole deal does suck...ruined a very expensive nicely fitted pair of wool slacks by LEAKING liquified Crisco (otherwise known as progesterone) ALL over them the other day. Fortunately I was just running after-work errands, not AT work, when catastrophe hit. Still, I am just too humiliated to bring them to the dry cleaners..


OK, I am doing injectible form. 1ml into the tushie, and I have very sensitive breasts right now. Also am a bit constipated, but I mostly chalk that up to the prenatal iron content. I don't find the amount of water to help at all.

What I have found is a metamucil cookie. It is 2 cookies with 6 grams of fiber, no fat, and only 100 calories. Best taken with a hot cup of tea, preferably with dipping. They are not 'cookies' in the traditional sense, more of a hard bisquit, but after you have a couple they are pretty good. They are apple or cinnamon.

Another wonderful invention is the 'poop-cicle'(tm). This is made by the no-pudge people. It is a fudgecicle with 6 grams fiber, 0gram fat and 100 calories also. They are pretty yummy and there are other options, but those have lower fiber and higher fat/calories.

Pick either one of these to have every day and you will be happy and 'mobile'. Just don't have both!! That is a HUGE recipe for disaster.


Also, happy for you (less so for me).

For only getting 6 follicles your success numbers are fabulous. I didn't want to comment on my number of follicles, but now I will.

I had 22 follicles, yes, 22. I was in quite a bit of pain following the retrieval. Unfortunately only 12 of them were mature. I needed transfer on day 2 because my embryos don't survive in the lab.

Only 9 fertilized at all. They returned 3 since this is my third IVF and we are now trying to push it a little. Each of them was a 5-cell on day 2 which is pretty good. On day 3 the other 6 remaining:

1 had already stopped growing
1 was 2 cells
1 were 4 cells
2 were 6 cells
1 was 8 cells

Only the 6-8 are considered viable, but I don't think any of those made it to day 5 for freezing.

So in 3 IVFs I have not frozen one embryo, which means I get to continue to have the most miserable mood swings and depression while I stimulate the crap out of my body.

Fun fun fun.

Congratulations! You seem to be doing much better than some of us.


Thalia -
I finally made time to catch up and read your blog, and I'm so excited for you! Hooray for the 2 8-cells! Oh I wish you and H success this round. And what a great place for you to end up, when you were so worried during the stim phase. Please, please work.

Mary Scarlet

I know what you mean about the progesterone; I am normally a very predictable girl and that stuff eventually jammed even me up. My only recommendation is the cure that I keep deep in my back pocket and only use when absolutely positively necessary: BK whopper jr. with cheese and fries. Don't know what it is, but it solves things so quickly that I have a hard time believing it's physical because how could it affect my body so quickly, so is either brain-chemical related or emotional in which case it may only work for me. But it works astoundingly well. In case you're looking for a reason to indulge in a greasy burger.

Anyway, I'm so thrilled for your positive results so far, things are going great guns! Good luck...


Sorry you are a little...backed up! That sucks that your suppositories are anal-yuck!! I'm pulling for you that it will all be worth it in the end, but lets not let Hope out of her cupboard, I know what a tease she is!

Believe me, I am right there with you as far as the stoppage with this laparoscopy. Maybe we can take bets on who will poop first!


welcome to the no poop club, horrible isnt it? mind you i wouldn't mind george as a conso prize when you're finished with him could you send him my way for a week or two.. thanks .. hoping everything is going as it should :)

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