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Friday, 04 November 2005


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Six is good! Much better than the three you were thinking a few days ago. *Hoping* fertilization is going well, and they're happily dividing away in their little dish.


6 is great! Rest now. We'll try to keep it down out here in Blogtopia....ssshhh....


Six is good. Now divide and conquer, little ones.

Take good care of yourself today, Thalia.

Mary Scarlet

Hurray Thalia, great news. Congratulations, so pleased to hear. Have a restful day, and good work, you ovaries!


Six! Way to go! I hope they fertilize and multiply while you rest. Sending good thoughts your way.


Six is great, Thalia. I'll be eagerly waiting for your fertilization report!


Six is good! Get some rest.


Woo hoo for your 6! That's great. Fingers crossed for a great fertilization report.


That's great news!


Six is great! Get some rest and take good care of yourself today. Woo hoo on the six sweet ones.


Yea! Six is good!


Wow, six. You've come a long way since last week when you were afraid it might be over. I'm praying that the steps in this process continue to work out. Definitely, rest now. And I hope you'll be able to take some time off next week.


Also hoping the six keep busy while you rest...Congratulations!


Rest up now, girl. You done good.


I agree, let them work now while you rest. Thinking of you and hoping for great news.


Congratulations on your six! I'm feeling very hopeful for you!

I hope that you soon feel better physically. Take it easy and pamper yourself; you and your ovaries have been through a lot.


OH I'm SOO hoping this works for you!!!!


I'm so glad they got a nice half dozen! Tkae some time and be good to yourself; we'll look forward to hearing the fertilization report tomorrw. This is so exciting! I would realy love for this to work for you! Sweet dreams!


Glad the retrieval went well...6 is great. Fertilize eggies fertilize!!!!!


Wow, that's great! Not too shabby, Thalia. Now treat yourself, relax & settle in. Divide, embies, divide!


Great news - hope that they are all happily ferilizing right now. Stay in bed and rest - you've earned it!!


woo hooooo!! 6 is a wonderful, wonderful #!!
Go eggies, go!


Sending thoughts of fertilization (x6) your way!

Good Luck


Six is good- Get some rest and I hope they all fertilize. Divide & grow little ones!


Awesome news Thalia!! Hope you're feeling okay and that they're all "bumping uglies" with those sperm right now!


Excellent! Six is a lovely number.

I'll be sending good thoughts to your petri dish and waiting to hear how they do!

Relax and take care of yourself


Wonderful news Thalia, 6 is great!. Hope all fertilizes well. Take care and rest up!


Six is a beautiful number. I hope you have six beautiful embies.


Six is awesome! Especially since you thought you were looking at three earlier this week! I'm so glad you were able to go ahead with it!

Now rest up and let us know when you get that fertilization report.

And good luck with the PIO shot tonight!


Wahoo for 6 - congratulations!


Six! Now you have some days of from IVF... I hope you feel better soon...


Six is a fabulous number. Now for goshsakes, milk this retrieval for all it's worth. That means not lifting a finger for the near future. Hope you're relaxing like a queen as I type. My fingers will remain crossed for you!! Good luck!!


Six is brilliant! Well done Thalia. Absolutely everything crossed for you!


Six is great! I fine number indeed. I am thinking of you, hoping that all 6 will fertilize and divide into strong blasts! Keep us posted!


Six sounds great! Rest up and be good to your body-it's been working hard. Sending good fertilization vibes your way!!

fisher queen

Sending good thoughts to the half dozen...I hope you're resting up and feeling good today.


Yay! Six is a good number. I hope they are all happily fertilizing away in the dish or jar or tube or where ever they'll live for the next few days. When is your transfer? Take care of yourself, and update us when you can. My egg retrieval is scheduled for the week of 11/28. I can't wait to hear the details of your procedure if you share them.


Six is great! A big improvment over what you feared last week. I am hoping for a good fertilization report. My fingers are crossed for you. Take care!


Six is wonderful! Take care.

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