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Sunday, 06 November 2005


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Great job in relating the story. It was funny, moving, thought-provoking, and informative. Thankfully my husband is busy watching football (American version), so I could take the time to read it.

This so exciting. Good luck with everything tomorrow morning!


Good luck tomorrow. Your retrieval story sounds just like my two have been, apart from the painkiller suppository (?) and the number of eggs. All the UK clinics sound exactly the same. No privacy!! One thing I did not realise was that Dr Condescending is a woman!

If you cannot do anything about work on Tuesday, then there is no point worrying about it. Try to take it easy anyway.


Thank you for the detailed retelling of your retrieval story. I'm still freaked out, but it does help reading a blow-by-blow account of what to expect. In regard to your 8.55am comment about the medical student observing your retrieval, I am the person that would wonder why they wanted her to observe me. I would not only wonder, I would obsess.

Good luck tomorrow. I hope it goes flawlessly.


Good luck. I liked the post. I can relate to the get there at the crack of dawn and then wait around, all the time feeling bored, nervous, hungry, thirsty. I also keep needing to have one last wee before ER, it drives me crazy.


Wow - the details! Did you take notes to remember things so clearly??
Not having been through an ER myself, it was very interesting to read such a detailed account. Definitely not very private! I would've wanted the curtain area with the best view too-I'm pretty nosy myself.
Good luck tomorrow!!!


"No seriously. I'm very nosey so I don't mind this at all."

I'm glad I'm not the only one. H. made me feel a little guilty for all the eavesdropping on other couples I did while waiting for my transfer.

Great news that they haven't called you! Good luck with the transfer!!!


Wow, you did a fantastic job with the details! I'm impressed. I'm so glad you haven't heard anything from embryology - always a good sign (they do that in New Jersey, too). I remember being happy for IVF#1 with 11 eggs, then hearing the patient next to me got 2. I felt terrible for her. For ER#2, we got 13 eggs, but only 3 fertilized. It's amazing all the different things that can happen. Did they ever give you a fertilization report, or will they do that tomorrow? I'm really keeping everthing crossed for you tomorrow. I'd love for this to work for you and H. Have a good night sleep and keep us posted when you can. Good luck!


Your experience is so different than mine. Nerve wrecking that it all took so long, and that you had no privacy at all! Good to hear that everything went relatively well.
But if the experience learns thay keep you waiting for a long time: Don't drink to much to have a very full bladder on Monday. Three glasses is enough! Good luck Thalia!


It's all coming back to me now in startling detail! Great summary of the retrieval process. Wishing you tons of luck and a comfortably full bladder tomorrow!!


Good luck on Monday and thank you for sharing your story with us.


Thinking of you, and wishing you the best tomorrow (and beyond)!


Well done Thalia and great retrieval retell. Now the waiting game... good luck for Monday matey. Transfer agogo and don't worry too much about the Tuesday work (unless it's lots of heavy lifting). I think the essential rest is the day of the transfer.


Good luck with ET, Thalia!


I think it's wonderful you shared your story! Just want to let you know I'm thinking of you and wish you much luck with the transfer!


I love your retelling - it really brings me right back, not sure if that's good or not, but I enjoyed it (yes, I AM a sicko - didn't you know?)

Good luck tomorrow!


Wow, your story brought me back. I could cry for patient 4...how awful. For you though, I'm so excited-- 6 is a fine number! Best of luck tomorrow Thalia !


Best of luck tomorrow! :) thanks for the great story.


Good luck tomorrow! Thanks for the play by play.


Just wanted to wish you luck for the transfer!


Good luck! Fingers crossed. I loved the long story.

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