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Wednesday, 02 November 2005


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Yay! I'm so relieved. Have a happy trigger tonight, and I'll send ballooning thoughts your way for a good retrieval on Friday. So glad for you!

fisher queen

Hurray! Three cheers for the follies! Three cheers for your employer! Three cheers for Thalia!


Oh how wonderful! I'm going to be postitively giddy waiting to hear how Friday's retrieval goes.

And it sounds, my dear, like it's going to be good news.


Woohoo! I'm so glad it's going forward. Good luck with the retrieval. Hope those little eggies quit playing hard to get. Don't they know they've got the opportunity of a lifetime in front of them?


Clapclapclapclapclap--Applause all around! Have a gleeful trigger (as gleeful as you can be whilst injecting yourself with something) and tell those behind-the-endometrioma follicles to stop being coy.
I am SO excited for you.


Foolishness is just part of it. And don't fret about low numbers ... I only got 9 eggs (only 3 lived on), and apparantly, something worked! Lots of excitment for you!


Fabulous follicle check today! I am glad you have had your spirits lifted and another hurdle can be overcome.


Gosh, I'm so excited, I almost pee'd my pants! Ok, just kidding..., but still totally excited for you.

See? We told you so.


Oh what a tremendous relief! I'm ticked pink, and hope all goes well during the retrieval on Friday - I'm sure we'll all be here looking for an update. They should tell you that day how many eggs were able to be retreived.

Happy happy joy joy! Good luck with everything!


Oh! I'm so thrilled that those ovaries are being more cooperative. And what fantastic news about the insurance coverage!

Best wishes for Friday. I know all of blogland will be thinking of you.




YAY!!!! I'm so happy things worked out. Good luck with the trigger shot and don't forget it gives the follicles an extra boost and helps them mature.


Happy triggers- hope your retrieval goes well.


What a great way to go into the ER!! So happy that things are looking good (physically AND financially speaking). And of course in your situation, you are allowed to be all over the board when it concerns your fears and emotions - no one can call you foolish for that!


So happy the scan went well and you got good news from your employers. So much happy news in blogland today!

Hoping for a successful trigger and lots and lots of eggs.

chee chee

I am so happy that this cycle is going well! I think 10 follies are great! I totally hope that they retrieve just as many mature eggs on Friday.

Good luck!


Thinking about you lots, hoping everything will be smooth. Good luck!


What great news! Good luck with the trigger and Friday's retrieval. We'll be thinking of you.


This is good news indeed. Yay! I'm so glad your follicles have decided to get themselves in gear. And to find out that you have full insurance coverage on top of that? Well, that's a standout day in my mind. Woo hoo!


Lovely follies... I hope all continues to go beautifully.


Hooray for the "I think I can, I think I can" follies! Good luck tonight with the trigger and on Friday. I will rouse myself from my bed on Friday (post retreival tomorrow)to check for your results!!


Yah! I'm so excited for you!! I just got the call too-I trigger at 11:30pm (23:30) tonight and have ER Friday morning as well....

I'll try to check in and see how you'r doing-good luck!


Great news all the way around! Plenty o' follicles, and the insurance news is just about as good as winning the lottery.

Good luck at retrieval, hope they get bunches of beautifully mature eggs.


Oh yay! I get to use my favorite red neck exclamation of joy: HOT DAMN! Seriously girlfriend, that's more like it. While I'm sure Dr Condescending isn't your first choice (at least as far as her bedside manner is considered), take comfort in the fact that you will be in la la land for the retrieval. You won't even know she's there. I'll have everything crossed for you on Friday. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Good luck!!!!!!


Yes, indeed, you are "allowed a little excitement"--in fact, there's a lot to be excited about! All those beautiful big follicles and unexpectedly discovering that you have more insurance coverage than expected! Woohoo!
Best wishes for the retrieval on Friday. I hope to read more good news from you in the days ahead!


Oh what happy news for me to come home to today! See, I don't want to say I told you so but...

That insurance news is just the cherry on top.

I'm glad you're almost happy,almost content but I really hope your head doesn't hurt. ;)

(New lyrics for T's Choice--much better name, don't ya think)

Dead Bug

Wonderful! And, even if the condescending doctor is the one doing the retrieval, you hardly need to see her at all--that's one big plus to being anesthetized!

Wishing the very best of luck to you and your lovely follicles.



Such wonderful news! Good luck with the trigger and I hope you are able to rest well.


Rock n roll! Excellent news all around - ovaries, insurance, ova girl, balloons...lovely, lovely! Wishing you all the best for Friday.


What great news all around! I hope the retrieval goes smoothly despite the trickiness of it.


Oh, Thalia! What a sigh of relief I just breathed. I hope that Dr. Condescending lives up to her billing and gets all those tricksome eggs out of there. Woo-hoo!

labia lady

Hey, gooooood luck with trigger et al. May all your follicles contain mature eggs.


Great news Thalia, great follicle nos. Don't give the difficult procedure another thought - you've got the best egg retriever on the job! Hoping it all goes really smoothly.

Lisa P.

Happy for you about everything! I'll be thinking of you on Friday.


yay!! Fab news for such wonderful growth.
Counting down to Friday...


This is wonderful. Good luck on Friday - and to know it is covered by insurance ........ sweet!


Have a good night sleep... Tomorrow is your big day. Fingers crossed and I hope you have an easy retrieval and a quick recovery.


Told ya! :-) This is great news, Thalia. I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning. Good luck!


I remember hearing that 200 units of estradiol (American) represent one viable egg. So you are doing well. Good luck!


SO wonderful! Dying for an update!


Good luck with the ER, I'm so excited for you.
I love it that your insurance will cover your cycle.


Close in my thoughts, sweet Thalia.


Sounds right on track. Excellent news about your follicles.

Good luck on Friday.


Yea! May the baloons float up, up, and away.

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