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Monday, 14 November 2005


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The wait is killing me, too. I just want this to work for you. There have been far too many losses of late in Bloglandia and we're all past due for some good news. I really hope you are in receipt of great news on Friday. Hang in there!


Babbling about HR?? No, I don't believe it!

Keep on hanging in there. I remember saying the same thing about IVF on my blog that I could withstand it physically. The problem however is the mental torture and anguish. The best thing is to try and stay busy.


Wishing the days go by quickly for you.

You're in my thoughts.


Oh Thalia, I wish I could make the time go faster for you. This must be torture. I'm so so so wishing for you and H. My crossables are cramping up in a big way.

I know this won't help much, but my sister-in-law's IVF doctor -- who also answers questions online from IVFers -- has a mantra: "There are no signs." He even puts that in as a signature line on his posts. So: your lack of symptoms means nada in itself.

And now go see if you can watch a good movie with H to get your mind off things for a few hours...


Yeah, I wouldn't be able to focus on a thing, either. If only life had a fast-forward button. Or we had a magnified view into our uteruses. Uteri? Anyway, I'm definitely keeping fingers crossed. Would absolutely love for this to work out for you this time.


I'm crossing everything I can and hoping for good news.


And it didn't occur to you that it's a bit early for period cramps and that they might be implantation cramps?!


I can't imagine what torture you're going through. For you, I'm crossing all that I can, and with all the yoga I'm doing that means less than you'd think. But I'm trying for you and H.

I so hope this is the one for you.


Friday is on all of our minds.
Sweet Thalia, you are so deserving of good news. Hang in there!


I've hardly been able to put two words together in work calls and emails (let alone actual work product) for at least two months now.

And by the way - I've been having cramping and twinges on and off since the transfer.

fisher queen

The 2ww SUCKS! Hang in there honey.


I haven't commented lately because everyone seems to say what needs to be said so very well, but I wanted you to know that you're still in my thoughts, prayers, mantras, etc.

My favorite saying during these times? God, grant me some patience...RIGHT NOW!

Mary Scarlet

I second Kath. I hope your week goes quickly and ends with great news. Pulling really, really hard for you, Thalia.


I don't know from experience, but I've heard those cramps could be a good sign!
I've got everything crossed that can cross.


Oh, Thalia, hoping so hard that this is it for you!!!


I am hoping so hard for you, Thalia.

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