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Saturday, 12 November 2005


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STEP AWAY FROM THE PEESTICKS. Bad girl. Don't do it.

The soonest you can test, if you use a very early pregnancy test, is 7 days post 3dt, and even that is really, really pushing it.

Don't torture yourself. Just wait! Take a cold shower or something. :-)

fisher queen

Yes, repeat after me: NO STICK PEEING. NO NEEDLESS OBSESSING. Did I just say that? Hah haha ha...

During the 2ww after my IUIs, I would try to ease the worrying by just assuming I was pregnant. Not getting happy, mind you, but just assuming that I was. I mean, you have to act like you are anyway, right? If I did break down and test, I never really believed it until AF came anyway. The testing just made me more miserable. Give yourself a rest and step away, as wessel said.

Cold showers on top of it all? I am sorry!


Hey, you won't getting the "stay away from the HPTs" speech from me. I've done them for all of my cycles. I wouldn't do it any other way. I always wait until I know they'll be accurate, though. There's only so much torture a girl can take. I usually do them the day before beta (last cycle that was 10dp3dt). As far as the luteal phase question goes, the progesterone support will very likely extend it. Some people will still spot on P4 support, but I think the majority of people who get BFNs from IVF don't start their periods until after discontinuing P4 support. Of course, I'm hoping that's a totally moot point for you.


Since I've started taking effexor, I'm totally feeling you on the irregularity. For awhile there, when I did go, they were already petrified. My friend whos pregnant recommends v-8. She said that's her little secret trick that works all the time. I've been reduced to stool softeners. 12-72 hours my ASS.

Is this from the fertility drugs?


I'm guessing that once you get a test result (HPT or otherwise) you'll have trouble focusing on work either way. Any chance you'll be able to schedule some post-test hours off?

Oh, and "congrats" on the big clean out. Not being able to go is such a lousy feeling. (no shame left in this corner of the blogosphere, eh?)


I love to pee on things, so I say go for it. I have a normal (12-13 days) LP, but progesterone does prolong it.


I get the reasoning behind the camp that says no peeing. But I bring you greetings from the "what if I am one of those lucky bitches that gets an early +hpt???" camp.
I have never beeen able to stop myself peeing.
Perhaps you could ration them out so you are only doing one a day?


Whoa, I never said don't do an HPT; I said don't do it until AT LEAST 10 days post conception. That's all. Of course you should buy a dozen peesticks and use several a day--of course! But just not now.


My LP w/out progesterone was 10 days, with it 16-19. I don't know if it's normal for it to make it *that* much longer, but definitely by at least a few days.

In my last cycle I hpt'ed at day 12 and got the typical stark white result. I decided after that not to do it again. I enjoyed the possibility for a few more days. And I did feel better. So I'm not going to do a pre-BT HPT again.

Of course, easy to say that NOW!

Lisa P.

I like the title, although it's because all those consonants together sounds to me like you're giving a raspberry. Put it together with LP and HPT and you've really got a good one...

I'm a pee-on-a-stick-a-holic, so I won't give you any advice there.


I have found that if I just go ahead and do an HPT I spend a lot less time thinking about doing an HPT. And yeah, progesterone makes my cycle longer and gives me (fun!) pregnancy symptoms. 'Cause you know, I need to have my body help play tricks on my mind and all...

Good luck and keep us posted!


My heart broke into little shards when I did the HPT and saw nothing but space... but the very next morning I did it again, and I can't even describe the happiness.

Do whatever you need to do... it's torture either way.

I hope this is your dream come true.

ms pickled eggs

Personally I wouldn't do an HPT, but that's just because I hate the evil, always snowy white things.

ASAIK, your period will usualy show up around the normal time if you're using prog suppositories. But obviously, everyone is different. However, I'm hoping that it won't show up for at least another nine months.


I can't wait for you to get your result! A few more days... Keep the faith, you know it's possible that your dream will come true this time!


I always found stark white hpt maddeningly depressing...I decided to wait 12 dpo to test when I got my BFP. HAving seen a negative prior would have made me nuts. But prolly that's just me. Hoping you see GOO STUFF on your pee stick.


Pee stick are the devil! THE DEVIL, I tell you! They always fuck with your head, no matter what. Congrats on your exemplary b.m.s; it's not because you're not pregnant, but that much roughage and water will do that! That's what some of the books say you should do to allieviate constipation during pregnancy. Just because you get backed up doesn't mean you have to stay that way!

I like your titles - they're highly informative, to us, anyway. Now I'll be all anxious all week waiting for your results. I so hope you're pregnant. *Please, God, let this work.* Have a great week, and keep us posted! Love from a wierdo American! (that just cracked me up). ; )


Hi Thalia,
With no personal experience of progesterone or IVF I don't feel that I have anything informative to add, but did want to let you know that I am thinking of you and hopeful for you!


If my finances would allow it, I'd use those evil piss sticks every day. Progesterone always makes my short (10 days) luteal phase longer. Good luck!!

Oh and I think REs advise against baths post retrieval bc of risk of infection, not nec. bc of the temp of the water... in any case, a warm shower won't hurt you.


I'd say step away from the pee sticks, if I didn't feel so much hypocritical guilt for even typing the words.
Sorry I haven't been commenting more often, but I have been following along religiously and I am hoping, wishing, and praying for 2 lines on the pee stick.


I read your post when it first came up, but didn't have time to comment and then forgot to come back. Any new developments today? Also, my bowel movements have been rather exemplary too (due at least in part to the fibercon I've been taking) and I'm getting faint positives.

I agree with what a lot of other ladies said - absolutely no testing til 7dp3dt and wait until 9dp3dt if you can. At that point the things are a bit more reliable - though still not the final word.

I so hope you get some good news whenever and however it comes!!!

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