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Monday, 31 October 2005


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fisher queen

Oh how scary. I'll be thinking of you.


I am thinking, hoping, wishing, and dreaming for you. I cannot imagine how scared and anxious you must be right now.


Those ovaries don't want to give up! I pray they (and you) are not disappointed. Hope that phone call brings good news.


I have a friend who can look in a field of clover and always find a 4-leaf one. I've put in a special request, just for you.


Thinking of you.


Hope they decide to go forward, seems if it's possible to get an egg or two, they should. Keep us posted and good luck!


I'm keeping everything crossed over here.


Hope things work out properly...still doing all the appropriate superstitious finger crossing, etc. for you. Keep us posted, and know we are thinking of you.


I've done a fertility egg retrieving dance for you, and I hope that it all works out-those ovaries aren't going without a fighting chance!

Go eggies, go!


I'm thinking of you and, like S, doing a follicle dance.


So glad to hear that things are looking a bit more positive this morning. *Hoping* your phone call this afternoon continues that trend!!!


I can't help it. I'm hopeful for you. Even 3 eggs would be something. And 8 would be .... great! Fingers crossed? Check. Mound of Halloween chocolate sacrificed to the fertility gods? Check. Check.


crossing all that can be & hoping that 'the call' is good scheduling news. props to the nurse for being real with you.


Sending prayers your way- I hope there are enough there for a good retrieval. xoxo


Praying for your big phone call as I await my own. I'm glad I'm not alone in the "not what we had hoped" category. I agree with the idea that it might be worth going forward for the additional information they'd have if nothing else.

Post as soon as you hear any more news!


Yay for some good news on a Monday. I think your e2 level will be good as well.

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