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Thursday, 20 October 2005


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fisher queen

See! This is why I think it's hocus pocus. To make yourself sick over the fear of drinking out of a plastic bottle (and to think, I was the one who mentioned it...). No one knows how to stop endo, least of all the food police. Just be good to yourself.


I think you just have to do what you can and see what works for you.

I thought plastic bottles were ok but you just shouldn't refill them. Did I miss something?


Is it the diet or stims that's making you sick? I know I am horrific when I go off sugar and carbs for the first couple of days, but nausea? I hope you're okay (and that the workshop goes well tomorrow).


So glad the water is helping. I find it's a good idea to sleep with a bottle beside my bed and drink it before I even get up in the morning.

Hang in there. I so hope this is going to work for you.


Glad to hear that your headaches and nausea have been tamed a bit. Hang in there! Thank you so much for mentioning me here. It means a lot to know you were thinking of me.


The water definitely helped me. It is the changes in the hormone levels that make you feel ill. Loads of water sloshing about seems to help (by dilution??).

Hang in there. You can do this.


Hope the workshop when OK today. How are you feeling?


I hope you're feeling well today. Headaches are awful, and I get a lot of them now that I'm actually pg. And I'm not above taking a Tylenol (which my doctor said is just fine).

I have a suggestion for a sugar (this is what I use). I try to cut out processed sugar where I can, so I order this fruit syrup and use that when I bake (good for cakes or breads or things in pans, but not for cookies - makes the dough too liquid). There's this place called Mystic Lake Dairy, and I order a case from them (12 22 oz. jars) which I keep frozen until I'm ready to use them. You can order smaller amounts, too. If you're interested, I'll give you their web site.

For yougurt, what about soy yogurt? There are a number of brands that i've tried and liked. Same with cheese. As for bread, I eat this stuff called Ezekiel Bread, which is made with live sprouted grains. To be honest, I like it, but I've gotten used to it. When we give it to friends or family who are visiting, they don't care for it at all - so I think it takes some getting used to, but I really like it.

I hope this wasn't too much assvice for one sitting, but I've changed my diet over the years, and just wanted to lend a hand when I can. It's a huge adjustment. Hang in there, and good luck with the stims! I really hope this works for you! : )


I'm glad you're feeling a little better and I hope the workshop went well.


Glad to hear that everything's getting a little better.

I did the South Beach Diet about a year and a half ago, which is very similar (no carbs for two weeks, then add complex carbs in gradually). I actually felt like ass for the first week-constantly tired, headaches, nauseous, then, as my body got used to it, started feeling better.

Maybe the combo of the diet and the drugs is making everything feel worse-is there any way that you can maybe not do the diet? My IF problems aren't due to endo, so I'm not too familiar with what diet has to do with it.....

Chin up there, girl-you can do this!


I've been on a saturated fat free diet for about two years now. No dairy, deep fried stuff, processed biscuits cakes etc. Went off wheat for a while to see if it helped my (non IF) condition. VERY HARD but there are corn and rice pastas and various breads without wheat. Sugar was very hard to give up and I still eat it (nougat mmm).
The bonus for me was that I dropped weight very fast and it has stayed off. And the condition I had which prompted the diet hasn't returned (knock on wood) so maybe it's working.
Somewhere between the strict diet anxiety and just letting it all go, there was a compromise that I eventually found I can live with.
I hope that it helps and it's good that you are feeling a bit better.



Ugh. Sorry to hear you're feeling so crappy. I know what you're saying about the diet thing being so frustrating because you don't know for sure whether or not it works... For instance if crack whores never had babies, I might assume that a healthy diet does have a major impact. But since I'm assuming that their eating habits are much worse than mine, I just have a hard time thinking diet has that much to do with it. But like pretty much everything else with IF it's probably just unfair all around and maybe some peoples' bodies need the pure diet, while some peoples' don't.... Of course I never had the self-discipline to make any drastic changes to my diet.

It would just be too damn easy if there was a simple answer, wouldn't it?

Oh, and I do know people who have done Atkins or South Beach and feel horrendous for the first week when they go through sugar and carb withdrawal. So you can always use that excuse if you accidentally puke on someone.

Hang in there!

chee chee

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so sorry that you've been feeling so ill. Gosh, I hope that the nausea lets up soon.


Dude, wait. Drinking from plastic bottles causes endo? What?

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