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Tuesday, 25 October 2005


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I'm sure every clinic has a protocol that works well for their patients. In my clinic, once stims started, it was every other day for blood & scan, then every day once it started getting close.

Talk to the nurses to ask them about their procedures - the why and how - so you won't feel so in the dark. Or perhaps when you go in for your next b/w or scan, you can ask to see one of the nurses and just tell them that you have some concerns and voice them with the nurse. I hope they're open to that; they should be!

Hang in there - I really hope this works for you!


My clinic sounds a lot like yours. A few ultrasounds and blood per cycle. But they do scan more frequently after day 10... to be on the safe side and make sure you don't ovulate on your own.

It works for me, I just get so anxious with too much info! We don't even get an IVF schedule ahead of time, you just wait for the docs and nurses to tell you what comes next.

I am hoping and praying that this is it for you!


I honestly don't know how different things are with IVF vs. just using injectibles for IUI, but with the latter I always felt they were having me come in too often when it was every other day. It seemed to me in every cycle that that is not enough time for things to really happen. I think that 9 and 12 seems just right.


In all my clinics, there was a baseline u/s and bloodwork at the start on CD1, then no more until after 6 days of stimulation (which is CD8 for me since I always started stims on CD2). Depending upon the results at that clinic visit on CD8, I might be asked to come in the next day, but, most likely not for two more days (so, about CD10). By then, I found that the follicles were often about 14mm and at that point, I was asked to come in daily. Usually I would be given instructions to trigger on CD11 or CD12, so that means that I had, at most, 3 days in a row of daily monitoring. Hope that helps somewhat.

About the low estrogen you reported in your previous post--are you sure that your level corresponds to a 22 by US lab standards? Because something in the neighborhood of 80, while low, may not be unusual considering how very tiny your follicles were. In fact they were still so small that they were probably not that easy to see. You will be amazed at how much they grow! The grow slowly in the beginning, and after about 14mm, they begin to grow by leaps and bounds, sometimes 4mm in a single day. (It's happened to me!) Once the follicles start to grow more, you should see that estrogen shoot up there.

I can't believe your estrogen was really only 22 by US measurement--that just doesn't make sense. I mean, that would be lower than your baseline level, right? And that is impossible.


At my clinic they have IVFers come in every 1-3 days depending on how things are progressing. Since they've upped your dose, they would probably want to wait a few days to see if it works before upping it even more, anyway.

I'm right there with you with the trying to stay positive and not obsess about all the possibilities for bad outcomes (at my scan today they found a big dominant follicle that may lead to cancelling the cycle) and with the occasional newbie lapse into daydreaming about what could happen if this actually works.

Hoping that they can work you in on Thursday so you can get some reassuring news!



Girl... your mindset sounds SOOO familiar right now...

Wanna hold hands?


I'm going every 2-3 days for ultrasound and bloodwork. After 9 days, I'll go in every day. If we make it to 9 days. I'm with you in the low estrogen club.


Glad that your spirits have lifted, and I hope you get some encouraging news on Fri. I'd hate to have to wait that long, too, but maybe it's better, because the info will be more definitive?


I can't offer any pearls of advice, am just here, on the sidelines, routing wildly for you. Go, team!


One of my clinics was every other day or so but another clinic was every four days. If you're on antagon or lupron throughout your cycle the follies will develop a little more slowly so they don't need to see you every day.


In my various clinic experience I would go in on day 6 or 7, then (I stim very slowly)skip a couple of days depending on e2, go back, skip or daily - all depends on where my e2 is. I've stimmed anywhere from 11 to 14 days. I understand wanting to get in on thursday, but if the follicles are quite small, friday shouldn't be that bad a wait. Waiting lists are good!


One blood test at day 22 of previous cycle(on the provera tabs) then another 7 days after starting lucrin injections. Once I was on Puregon I had a bloodtest every 3 days or so and from the second blood test I was also having u/s. After my first blood on the puregon they dropped the dose from 250u to 200. I had a blood test and u/s on the last 2 days of the puregon.

Oh Thalia, good luck. Thinking of you and hoping this does the trick. And everyone's a newbie at least once.


It looks like Jerry and I will be joining the First-Time IVefers via ICSI soon, and our RE told us our schedule would be the same as our IUI schedule of lab/US, which was about every 3rd day.

And lo! Friday is not so very far away now is it?!


My clinic monitors very closely, which doesn't seem to be the norm here... bw every day, ultrasounds every other day, then every day as you get close. Fingers crossed for you!!!


Hmm...I had no idea so much bloodletting was involved! WHYBAML has said nothing about it. I think my scans are to be more or less every other day, sometimes just a couple a week early on since there is nothing to really monitor.

I have the added benefit of being in an area that does not have IVF facilities, so I have to have all my scans here, then commute to London for retrieval and transfer. Oh, happy days.

Good luck.


My center does a baseline on day 2 both blood and ultrasound. Then only blood on day 6. Then around day 10 blood and ultrasound again. I may only get one more ultrasound the whole cycle, and they may skip my on day 10 and wait till day 12 for a late ultrasound data point. Next blood is day 12 and then 13 if necessary. I am really pretty regular (usually though this lupron cycle is destroying that myth!) so they don't need to check every day to see my LH levels.

My friend is doing an IUI cycle and they aren't doing any ultrasounds at all. They are just hoping that there isn't 10 follicles waiting in there. They just do blood a couple of times and ask her to pee on a stick to determine LH level!! I think that is insane but then I like a lot more data in my life.

Every place is different. Unless there is a problem you should be happy that you don't need to go every day. I think many places track the women they are more concerned about more closely. For example if your estrogen is not changing 'on schedule' or you have a follicle that is much different than the average.

At least my follicles seem to ignore FSH for the first 5 days and then grow at a crazy pace, so why do I need extra ultrasounds to tell me nothing is happening??

If you are concerned, ask your dr, they can change your schedule if you are truly concerned that you need blood/scans more frequently.

The best part of my center is that they test every day of the week. No appointments necessary, just walk in and you are next. That is great, and very convenient.

My friends center does everything on their schedule and if you miss their window you are out of luck.

I guess every place is different.


My clinic did a day 2 baseline bloodtest. A downregulation bloodtest. Bloodtest on day 7 of FSH injections. Bloodtest and scan on day 9. Repeat blood and scan on day 11. Trigger that day. So I've only had two scans. But eversince my OHSS started they scan me every other day. Our protocols are roughly the same, although I think the gap between day 9 and 12 is a bit big. They'll probably want to see you more often from now on...

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