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Friday, 28 October 2005


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Is there any way you could push back your your week off or even extend it a little? It really sounds like you could use a break. Perhaps you could find a non-stressful distraction to occupy your mind while you're home? Easier said than done, I know. Sorry that you're having to deal with this. I hope things can still work out.


If you need the break, then take the break -- go ahead and take some time off. And whether or not things work out treat yourself to the accupuncture, and keeping your feet up, and doing whatever you do to relax.

And know that I'm here wishing on stars and eyelashes that this will work out for you.


I did the same thing and cleared my calander at work only to discover that because of RE schedule they delayed my start two days...

If I were you I would take the time off. I know I am at work at getting absolutely nothing accomplished and should just probably be home.

Sorry about the E2 levels - I have the reverse problem - mine are too high at 353.

Hope things start to look up!


Oh Thalia - I'm so sorry.

If I were you I'd take the time off anyway - just to do something good for yourself. G-d knows that you deserve it.


I unanamously agree. Take that time off and treat yourself to whatever. Definitely do not go anywhere the day of the transfer, except to bed with a good book or your laptop.

Here's something to keep in mind: one of my dear friends was told that they could only see 5 follicles, but once they got in there, they retrieved 11, of which 7 were mature. It was her first IVF, and her son is now 6 mos. And no, I'm not making that up to make you feel better...


Oh, sweetie, I'm saying a prayer that this turns around for you, and they get some eggies out of this....

I agree with everyone-take the time. You need it and deserve it. Pamper yourself, no matter what the outcome.


For whatever my opinion is worth _ I say take the week off & enjoy yourself. Get yourself a massage or facial. Take H out for a nice long lunch. Remain in your pj's for as long as you can. (You know pj's have special theraputic powers!)
I am rooting for amazing growth this week.


Thalia, I wish you had better news about your retrieval. I will be hoping for good news for you. My advice about your time off is to do something good for yourself. If you do take the whole week off, plan lots of things to do.


Sorry your E2 isn't cooperating. But it's not even close to being over yet. Surprise, surprise... I agree with everyone else. Definitely take that week off. If you go thru with the transfer... you'll want the time to take it easy and lounge around in your sexy sweatpants, barking orders at the help (your dh). On the off chance that you don't go thru with the transfer, you'll need to buffer yourself from the outside world for a bit. Either way, you won't want to deal with the office. Good luck. We're rooting for you!!


Oh, Thalia. I'm so sorry to hear that things are progressing so slowly. And I agree with the others - VACATION!!! Find something more fun than work to try to keep your mind off things. Also, now that I'm getting close to trigger, I'm feeling pretty damn uncomfortable, so you might really need that time off next week!

Best of luck to you,


Take the vacation. This is more important. Thinking of you and hoping for the best.

Carla Hinkle

A slightly different perspective -- I know how it is to feel like taking vacation is "goodwill." My question is whether you will still be able to take some time off after transfer -- I would think you would really need it. If not, I would vote for pushing your holiday off a bit so that you can take the time after transfer -- at least a couple of days. I think that is really important for your sanity if nothing else.

Of course, try to take ALL the time off!


Can you take some of the time and not the whole week? Would that help in the goodwill department?

I'm hoping and thinking of you - hoping and hoping that this works despite your disappointment in your response.


I'm sorry your numbers weren't better but slow and steady is still good. As for the vacation can you just move it back a bit? Take a couple of days next week and the rest the following? It does sound like you could use a break.


I would use any excuse I could to get time off. :)

I've been seeing more and more that docs aren't increasing medication doses. I wonder if there is a new study out there or something.


I am so sorry you are having all the stress...it is hard enough.

Now, I am taking a different view of your work situation. As long as it is not stress-producing work, it does help to keep busy.

It also helps the time pass.

Just a thought. Maybe take the end of the week off?

I hope you have a nice, restful, weekend.

Thinking of you,

fisher queen

Yes, can you push your days off back? If not, I'm not sure. Whatever makes you happiest. I'm sorry it's not going as well as you had hoped.


So sorry things are progressing slowly...I know how frustrating that is. Is it possible for you to go in during the beginning of the week and extend your holiday to the following week when you will be recovering from the ET. I know how you feel.


Easy question! The biggest project at the moment is doing the IVF. So now the company can show their goodwill to you. Hon, what you are doing is so much more important than work & carreer. Really. I'm very impressed you can even think about work. But ok, I don't even have 1% of your drive...


Is there anyway to adjust your vacation time to the new dates? If so I'd try to do that. If not, take the time! Maybe plan a few treats for yourself. You deserve it.

ms pickled eggs

I'd say take what time you need - see how you feel. I went back to work a few days after, and true it didn't work, but that was because I have shitty eggs not because I didn't lie in bed watching Neighbours for a week.

Good luck!

Lisa P.

I wish I knew what to tell you. But I hope that there's still good news to be had, and you take the time off but manage not to obsess. Asking a lot I know, but there has to be some good luck out there somewhere, right??


I would take the week off anyway - mate you have nothing to loose. Better to stay home and relax than getting stressed up at work!

Hope it all goes well and thanks for being kind to me - you are such an incredible person yourself mate. You hang in there dude. :)


Thalia, about the time off, I would say if you feel guilty, try to postpone your holiday for three days, so you can take the first half of the next week off too.

I'm really sorry to hear about the slow response. I know anecdotes are tricky things but a dear friend of mine had to do stims for far, far longer than planned -- and then it worked (I mean It Worked). I'm hoping for the same outcome for you.


I agree with the others, maybe postpone your time off a little so you can have some time off after transfer.
Can totally relate to the slow response also... Good luck to you!

B. Mare

Personally? I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that there was no evidence whatsoever that I needed to have time off after transfer. I did take off the day of and the day after but that was more due to logistical reasons that for any particular benefit. I definitely needed the time after retrieval because I felt so rubbish.

Either way, I would give yourself permission to do whatever feels right. I hear you about the goodwill credit, but this is important, and you need to take time for yourself. They will cope without you. They will....


So sorry Thalia. Is there something you can do during your time off? A day trip somewhere or spa session? Something just for you? I think that would be worth it - it's definitely difficult to decide. Good luck!

kate #2

I agree with the others...you deserve a break from the stress of work. IF treatments are stressful enough, let your body and spirit have a break from work madness.

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