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Sunday, 30 October 2005


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I will do more than hope, Thalia. I have sacrificed some chocolate chip cookies to the neighborhood children; prayed to The Fertility Goddess, Vesta; and created a voodoo doll in the likeness of a US wand.

Seriously, you ARE in my thoughts and prayers.


I am so sorry that this is not going as planned. You think that IVF is the big guns, it's going to be IT... and then it's just as hard as everything else has been. And it sucks. I'm hoping SO hard that your scan tomorrow will show that things have taken off and you're going to be retrieving lots of lovely eggs in a couple of days.

BTW the chocolate gingerbread cake was a smash hit! Absolutely delicious. Thanks!


I do so hope that you get some good news tomorrow.


I'm thinking of you and hoping you get very good news tomorrow. Sending all the love and hope I can beg/borrow/steal your way.

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