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Friday, 28 October 2005


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Carrie P

Sorry this isn't going as you'd hoped. I'll be hoping for a growth spurt over the next couple of days.



I'm so sorry this isn't going the way it should. I wish I had answers for you - I'll be thinking of you.


Well poo. I'm really sorry your body is giving you such a hard run of it this month. Sometimes I do wonder about the evolutionary strategy of such temperamental reproductive systems!

I'll keep my fingers crossed some more.


Thalia, I, too, am hoping for a growth spurt. Keeping all crossables crossed for you.


Hoping for a growth spurt and there is still time. It's just so horribly frustrating to have built up to this cycle only to have it go completely haywire. I was getting angry at myself for having built it up so much, but the truth is, you have to do that. You have to think about the possibility of all this resulting in a baby to be able to get up the nerve to do it at all.

Hoping the best for you, Thalia. Please do let us know about the phone call ASAP!

fisher queen

Sorry sweetie. Keeping my finger crossed.


Crapola! You were the first person on my mind when I sat at my computer this morning, and I am so sorry you feel let down. I'll keep your ovaries in my prayers and hope that the lab results are more encouraging. ((hug))


I'm sorry, Thalia. I'm still hoping things will get better for this cycle.


Oh, Thalia. I'm so sorry. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that those follicles get themselves in gear pronto. You know, a lot of times the "perfect" cycles fail while the ones that look like they're going to crap end up working. It's happened to me. I so hope things work out for you this cycle.


I'm so sorry that the news about your follicles was not what you were hoping to hear, Thalia. How confusing and disappointing. As you pointed out, though, it's not over yet, so I am going to pray that those follicles grow, grow, GROW.


Awww, shit. I'll be hoping too.


Well, fuck. I am hoping for a growth spurt for you, my dear. You must be so frustrated--I wish our bodies could pull themselves together as perform as requested.


Oh, Thalia, I'm just so sorry. I think there's still a great chance for those little ones to catch up. Thinking of you.

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