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Thursday, 06 October 2005


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The part about the manufacturer being punchy? I snorted coffee through my nose.

My god you're hilarious.


I had to laugh over the supermarket scene -- we've played that game at our house many times :)


Geesh, I don't think you're being all that horrible if you made (and sliced, and served, and packaged for tomorrow) cake! You get a gold star in my book of wifely goodness.

Glad to hear the shots are going well. I got word today that I'll start lupron next Wednesday.


Thalia, you made me laugh with your story about the flip off lid! I needed that. Good luck with it all...have fun playing connect the dots.


Oooh, chocolate gingerbread cake? That sounds divine! Any chance you'd be willing to share the recipe? I'm a sucker for new cakes!

Glad the injections are going okay!

Julia S

Ooooooooooh, WHY is it so hard to have someone just magically appear with exactly the right thing to eat at the precisely the right time? I, too, have played this game with my husband. He never wins.

Very best of luck to you on this cycle, my dear, and a belated happiest of new years.


You version of crabby sounds like me on a good day. :) If it makes you feel any better, I was positively unglued on Lupron... btwn the headaches and wacko moodswings... sheesh. That cake sounds divine!!


Your cake sounds yummy - and I often want my husband to thank me profusely if I bake - sans any mood altering drugs.

Good luck with the remaining injections.

Carrie P

Good on you for managing to be philosophical about the clinic's scan policy! Cheering you on, Carrie


Obviously the crabbiness is not your fault but rather the fault of the drugs. Is it really SO difficult for a husband to know that what you feel like is macaroni and cheese/lobster/basalmic steak/latkes/a tuna melt?

chee chee

You are totally underway! I so hope those drugs work their magic for you!

fisher queen

Hon, you're allowed to be cranky!


Hey, you wouldn't want a baby with that creep Tom Cruise, would you?! So sweet you reminded me: it's not you - it's not you - it's the hormones, maybe your own hormones, maybe the artificial ones...

Don't inject in your leg, I've heard several times your body doesn't absorb it that well.

I made it with 30x Buserelin, 10x Gonal-f , 1 Ovidril. 41x jabs, you'll get used to it. Think about those people with diabetes :-)

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