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Thursday, 13 October 2005


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Beautiful. You made me cry with this one.


another lovely post. i don't know how you're able to write these wonderful thoughts, and still find time to leave supportive messages on so many other blogs. really glad you're out there Thalia.
i miss my grandparents too. i think about them all the time.


Thalia, that was utterly magical. To share such a letter reveals more of your heart than any number of IF posts.

Nina is right. Your writing is genuine not only in your own blog, but your sincere concern is obvious in the comments for fellow bloggers.

Oh, if someday we could ever meet, I would be over the moon.


Very sweet. Thank you for sharing.


Thalia, that was so beautiful. Fitting for me too, because I've been thinking of visiting my grandfather, whom I wrote a similar letter to, a few years ago. I think I'll go see him tomorrow, while I still can. Thank you.


Hi Thalia. Grandparents are so important. I wonder, sometimes, if they know how much they mean to their progeny? What a lovely post.


That was lovely. It made me tear up, thiking about my own, missed grandmother. I hope you find some solace in the holiday.


What a beautiful post! Of course posts about grandmothers mean a lot to me right now but I'd love this one anytime. Thanks so much for sharing.


That was lovely....just lovely.


Beautiful post. I absolutely dissolved into tears. Beautiful lovely post.

fisher queen

After this post and two posts ago- well, and all the others too- I want to come live in the UK just to be your friend.


That made me miss your grandma.


That was beautiful.


That was beautiful -- brought tears to my eyes. Shana Tova

Hi Thalia, I think a post like this reminds us all of why we want to be parents.

Hi Thalia, A post like this reminds me of why I want to be a parent and one day a grand-parent.


Thank you for that, Thalia. How beautiful!


Thalia, that was wonderful, thanks for sharing it us.


What a beautiful post. I teared up thinking of my own much loved and missed grandparents. Thank you for sharing.


Just found this post, and I'm very glad that I did. I miss my grandmother, too, and I talk to her when things get difficult. It's rotten that we can't have them forever. It's good to keep them alive, though, through memories and beautiful tributes such as your letter.


wow. just... wow.

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