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Tuesday, 18 October 2005


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Whew! I'm so glad you get to start the stims. I know what it feels like to have a cycle cancelled, I can only imagine that the specter of having your IVF cancelled would be so much worse.

fisher queen

oh good!


Hey Thalia, I don't know jack about endo but I wanted to let you know I'll be thinking about you and pulling for you!


Hi there,
I am heading out the door of my office but you were linked on the engagement ring "fashion show" so I read a little of your postings and wanted to let you know that I have much-experience with endometriomas...just had two removed in August, one of which was the size of a grapefruit and the other the size of a small baseball. I had my annual exam in May and they were not detected. The grapefruit one grew over a cm in a month. Scary. So, I plan to read more of your blog when I am back in my office (no computer at home right now :( ) b/c I really want to hear your story. Maybe we can help each other out. BTW...I am 27 and was TTC for 7 months before my lap...turns out I have severe endo. I am now on Lupron for 3 months and then will have another lap. Okay...I have to get out of here to a meeting but hope we can swap stories soon.
Have a great day!


Phew!!! That's quite a relief. Good luck!!

chee chee

I am so happy that you are able to proceed with stims! I also have endo and briefly tried the recommendations from Healing Endometriosis Through Nutrition. The diet is so restrictive that I gave up on it (as you mentioned no diary, wheat, refined sugar, etc.) I am not sure whether it would have worked if I'd stuck with it. At this point I'm feeling so blah that I might try the diet again. I had a lap back in August and I may also have another endometrioma on my right ovary.

Good luck!


Glad everything's a go! You may want to e-mail Akeeyu, I think she knows everything there is about endo.


If this posts twice, sorry, typepad gave me some "rescue your comment error."

I was wondering if you had ever had an E-tegrity endometrial biopsy. I blogged about the one I had in August, and it turns out that I am missing the beta-3 integrins essential for implantation. The solution is to do three months of depot lupron. 3 IM ingections, 30 days apart. It is very common in endo patients to not have them. My original post was longer, if you have any questions, you can email me. GL!


Thank goodness! I'll be starting stims Saturday (I guess they're resigned to doing at least some of the retrievals on the weekend, though they do batch their patients into big groups so they don't have to do it all the time.

Happy stimming!


I've got a couple of friends who swear by the endo diet but I don't know how much it helped them. Of course one has a four month old and the other is in her third trimester (her first ivf cycles weren't successful but she was successful after following the diet for a while).

I can put you in touch with one of my friends if you'd like. She did a lot of research on endo.

Glad your cycle is still on.


Hi Thalia. I know not a thing about endometriomas, but I know I'm happy that you've got the green light!! I hope things go beautifully with the stims.


Glad things are still proceeding on schedule, wish I could be more helpful--I do know that an endometrioma does NOT doom an IVF, etc. Also, if the cycle works, the endometrioma should shrink. As far as keeping endometriosis at bay--I wish I knew of something--things that inhibit prostaglandins can help. I have heard that flaxseed oil (which contains prostaglandins, but a different kind, that relaxes the uterus rather than causing it to contract--PG1 vs. PG2) has helped a few people.
Good luck with your stims, I hope this cycle goes beautifully!


Thalia I am so sorry to read about the endo, that sucks mightily. Glad that the cycle goes ahead (and hey, who wants to do a retrieval on a weekend anyway). Also don't know much about the diet stuff etc but will certainly keep ear to the ground as itw ere.


Wish I knew more about endo but I'm glad to hear that your doctor is giving you the thumbs up to proceed. I've got my fingers crossed for you!


wonderful news about the stimming process!

Thinking of you,


Gee, everything was going ok and all of a sudden you get this unexpected bad news. Although your last update doesn't sound to discouraging. I wish there was anything to say or do that could help you...


So glad that your cycle is back on schedule. Don't know anything about endo, but I do know that when I can succeed in cutting out dairy, wheat and sugar, I do feel a lot better. General health improvement can't hurt when trying to conquer any condition, even if there is no direct "proof" that it works.


Ha! a-haa!! I Too, scoff at Endo! Let me join you! After my June surgery to remove tubes & ovary endo, it is BACK....4 months later. A-haa!!! Hysterical!
Good Luck Thalia!


That sounds like good news, Thalia. I'm afraid I know next to nothing about endometriosis, but it sounds reassuring that they want to proceed. Wishing you so much luck!


Try not to worry about it. They can work around the endometrioma (or so they've always told me). You may want to ask if they're going to give you a good dose of anti-biotics before retrieval, in case they poke it by accident.
I tried the endo diet too, but gave up. I still try to cut back on refined sugar & flour. Have no idea if this helps at all.
The one thing I have read about is fish oil capsules. They are supposed to help. You may want to look into it.

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