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Saturday, 15 October 2005


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Ah the injections... I've grown to hate every step of the IF treatment crazy train. But what can we do?

I love your husband's responses. Mine won't even consider adoption yet, and so I don't dare broach the subject. I figure one issue at a time...

It's hard, isn't it, to keep from obsessing? I've enjoyed all your posts -- infertility or otherwise. It's nice to see the other parts of people's lives.


Can't resist a book challenge. I believe your quote is from Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence." At least he talks about the mistral and the murderous tendencies it causes at great length. Good luck with everything!


I just told my boss that I would be off from the retrieval onwards for at least a week. Both times of course, I never had a transfer but the pain and discomfort meant that I was glad that I did not have to travel or sit at my desk. It took at least a week for my ovaries not to feel awful and bear in mind that was a very small number of eggs.

I think you should prepare your work for at least a week out. I don't know if you can swing this but if you are not out at work about the IVF, you could tell them it is an operation. If you need to, your GP would give you a med cert to cover time off. Everyone is different so you will have to play it by ear.


What a doll of a husband you have there!

I think you should play it by ear with the retrieval. For my first retrieval, I was very sore for 3 days....up and down easy and walking very slowly......my second retrieval, I could have worked the next day easily, my third retrieval (with 31 eggs) had me less sore but feeling more flu like. You just never know and it is so good to keep busy.

You are in my thoughts,


Your husband sounds like such a cool person. In terms of the scheduling, I can tell you that I felt like crap for two days after the retrieval, and was glad that I could just lay around at home and take painkillers. And I had one day back at work (and I was useless!) and then was the transfer, which kept me in bed for three days, per the dr's orders. Luckily, it was over a weekend, so I was out of work for pretty much one week.

If you can have any say over the schedule (which you really can't), having some over the weekend is good, or just take the whole week off, if you can.

Of course, some people go back to work right after their retrieval just fine. Not me, but I didn't really mind sleeping for two days straight!

fisher queen

Under the "Feel free to add your own" section: I would like to be able to call someone clueless to their face- only if they actually were, of course.
I havn't done an IVF cycle, but I did an IUI cycle with injectibles and progesterone. I have to tell you the progesterone was much worse. You might want to warn your trainer.


After my retrievals (4), I felt fine later that evening. I just took it easy for that day. After the transfers, however, I put myself on bedrest for 3 days, plus the trsnsfer day. Just to be safe. Of course, it only worked for the last one, but that's because we used donor eggs.

When I was on Lupron for supression, It only made me irrational for two of the cycles. The other times I seemed okay; like mild PMS. It's truly amazing how each person is different, and we'll be looking to hear how you respond to all this treatment! I wish you all the best - I really hope this works for you : )

Brag all you want about your husband! I wish everyone could have an ideal match. Enjoy your weekend!


I was pretty crampy for about 2 days after retrieval, and then you have transfer day where you are supposed to relax, so, plan on taking about 5 or 6 days off.

As for the list of new law suggestions -- how about that you can rob a bank and keep the money?


Funny to see how protocols and ideas are different all over the world. Some girls have three days bedrest after transfer. Others are told to go home and do what they'd normally do (except horseriding :-()

I think it's hard to say what days to take of. Personally I responded very emotional on the trigger shot. And you'd possibly want to stay home the day after retrieval because you can be a bit sore and a bit dizzy depending on what drugs they gave you.
If you can get away with murder during IVF I think you can get away with truancy....


Yes, do brag. H. sounds like he's worth it. On taking time off: I've used "fake real excuses": sick sister (has a major chronic condition that flares up in bad ways all the time, but has my mother); need to have major plumbing or electrical work done on the house (might get around to calling a contractor while out sick); spouse having a small medical procedure (does sperm washing qualify?), etc. This way I won't slip up later and expose my lies, but I don't have to come out to everyone and his brother about why I'm taking time...

Good luck!


Hi, Thalia!

I can't believe it's taken me THIS LONG to finally visit your site and get around to leaving a comment. I've seen you round the blogosphere so much that I feel like we've sort of already been introduced, you know? Friend of a friend... that sort of thing.

Anyway, I ADORED hearing about your incredibly supportive dude! Mine is also pretty damn awesome... and I sometimes feel like I'm gloating in my posts... but I just don't want to ever take him for granted... so I write about him as a reminder to myself how lucky I am.

And of COURSE... the petition should allow for the following:

1) one non-sensical screaming hissy fit per day

2) one extravagance per administered shot (shoes, spa days, designer duds and the like... and we should be allowed to collect them at a later date, up to five years later, when we feel less heinous)

3) partners must screen all telephone calls and be able to just KNOW who we feel like talking to... or not...

Um.... that's what I'd want to add to the list...

chee chee

Your husband sounds wonderful. I, like you, am not ready to seriously entertain adoption yet but it's nice to know that our partners are optimistic about it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've just been totally down and haven't felt much like blogging. I will have to update my blog soon.

Good luck on Tuesday!


You are definitely lucky to have such a sweet DH. I count myself blessed in that area also.

In regards to days off I felt fine the day of the retrieval and went to work the following day. I was off for 3 days after the transfer and I plan on doing the same this cycle.


Hi Thalia,
I think retrieval recovery can be totally individual - I was back at work the day after everytime (3).
For the transfer I take the actual day and day after off. I have always been told carry on as normal - except no horseriding and water skiing!


H is wonderful. I'm glad you're getting such good support -- it must be so difficult to go through that alone.

As for the petition, I second Manuela's suggestion about the partner screening calls and knowing who can be let through and who can't. Heck, and that's not just after 10 days of stims. Mind-reading is the absolute least they can do, no?


Sounds like you've got a great husband! I loved hearing about his thoughts on adoption.

I think Manuela had the best add-ons to your list so I'm just going to say ditto to all of hers.


H sounds wonderful! And don't worry - be boastful! he's quite the catch. I just love what he said about adoption. It's such a lovely way to look at it.

Also loved your little list. I haven't done injectibles, but when I did Clomid I was in the bowels of depression & despair & I wanted an endless sea of dark chocolate & STarbucks coffee ice cream. mmmmmmmmmmmm.


I just wanted to chime in. My H has been good about some things and closed to others. It is so frustrating, but no matter how wonderful he is trying to be, you still feel alone especially when the bad drugs really start kicking in. He refuses to discuss other options at this point because that feels like giving up, or something crazy.

By the way I am on your cycle. I will be doing retrieval around the first week of Nov. Probably around 2-4th, and I talked to my boss and since she has twins from her IVF, she is very understanding. Unfortunately I think you need to discuss with your boss, at least in relatively vague terms, why you need the time and what it means to your work and responsibilities.

If they are aware that is health related then they have no right to complain. If you just start calling in sick and have no 'reason' then they can start relying on others and phase out your position. At least if it is a 'real' medical issue then they need to deal with it and come to terms that occasionally people need time to deal with the crap life throws at them.

robbie frank

I am trying to get preg and think my cycle is around 33 days. I did clomid 1 month on days 3 to 5 and then thought ovul. was on the 14th, but felt God aweful pain on the 19th. Now after mz last period, I saw on a chat site to start clomid on the 1st day and I am wondering if My cycle will be closer to the 14th or near the 20th again. And, I need to get to my obgyn for ultasounds and am wondering if the 8th, 11th and 14th day are the ones I should go.


Thalia, you are one wise woman. I especially like the free public transport option. How about a auto-clicker for traffic lights as well--so you could get an immediate "walk" when you're waiting to cross the street on your water-retaining ankles?!

fisher queen

Robbie Frank! This is Thalia's site and not a message board. But I'll tell you what I've learned because it sounds like it might help:
1) Your doctor should be telling you when to come in for ultrasounds, and when to take the clomid. They should be monitoring you until you ovulate, and then they will schedule your procedure or, if you're trying naturally, when to get to it.

2)Monitoring can involve an ultrasound as well as blood work, which is the best way as far as I know to determine whether or not you are ready.

3)At the least, you can buy an ovulation test/predictor at the drugstore.

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