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Thursday, 22 September 2005


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It seems as if the order of things in this post got a little messed up somehow?

Regardless, I'm in shock at doctors telling us all we need to do is relax. You would think that they, of all people, would know that there ARE medical reasons for infertility, and it's not just in our heads.

I had a conversation with a good friend of mine last night, a pediatric cardiologist, who said to me while I was trying to tell her about how M had come around to the possibility of adoption - before I managed to get to that part - she was telling me about how stress hormones can definitely interfere with getting pregnant. As another IF blogger said, How, then, is it that women get pregnant after being raped???? I cannot possibly imagine anything more stressful than that. ARGH!

And your superwomen bios? I think I'm going to go and shoot myself now. Yup.

chee chee

There is no getting away from the uber-fertiles of the world. It just sucks!

I love the fact this so called fertility "specialist" was offering such useless assvice.

Is there no safe harbor for we infertiles? Doesn't anyone GET it?


It just never ends does it. Hang in there!


Oh...NOW I understand. I will just go book myself that vacation pronto!

Those updates were impossible!


Dr RW is not actually such an asshat as that advice made him sound. His books are pretty good on IVF.

Those women make me want to kill them, frankly.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even know where to start! First of all, YES, feeling so helpless & out of control is one of the hardest things about IF. I am used to do working hard & getting what I want, that is how most of us look at life, I would guess. IF takes the wind right out of those "can-do" sails. And your classmates, um, I feel like a major loser. I'm so glad I didn't go to your school - the pressure! The uberfertility dr recommends RELAXING?!? Seriously? WOW! If only I had known that years ago, I wouldn't be in this high-strung mess! Finally, your dinner companion needs a kick in the rear. I'd be happy to do it, too, if you want.


Oh here it is - I thought you deserved an award for this little slice of fertile hell you were experiencing.

psst - they tell you the secret to ivf after you've had four or five failures and it IS relaxing - who knew? They just need the money - porsches and vacation homes don't pay for themselves y'know.


Urgh... I want to puke. I hope all that silly dinner companion loses her voice for a week in punishment.


Yikes - where to start!
First of all, the part about being accustomed to some degree of success in our endeavors is so true (at least for me). You work hard, and things will go your way. You reap what you sow. And so on and so forth. One of the hardest parts is learning how to cope with some emotions that I've just never had to deal with. Blech!
As for your fellow classmates - aren't I feeling like an underacheiver! Infertility aside, I think I'd dodge any class renunion with those folks.
And I could go on and on about the doctor's advice but I'll spare you all...


I'm speechless. I'm sitting here staring at my keyboard and I have no clue where to begin. I feel like I should have something witty to say, but I'm flabbergasted.


Oh my god. You've made these women up, haven't you? I hope you'll use that newsletter to build a nice bonfire. Dr.Winston can go fcuk himself. I wonder if 'relaxing' will magically disolve my endometriomas or make my second ovary reappear? Maybe I'm not relaxing hard enough.
I'm so sorry you have to put up with these inane comments. You handled yourself with a great deal more restraint than I would have.


Ah yes, but of course. Isn't that the way it always is? Just relax works equally as well as fat just melting from my body. Sorry, won't work. Still needed to have a few holes punctured in my stomach to remove those fibroids because they weren't going to melt on their own.


Two horrendous events in quick succession...

Sometimes I get furious with the way our bodies seem to let us down so badly.

And the Just Relax thing? Them's fighting words!


Urg... Stupid comments, stupid pregnant people... After a major breakdown on my part on learning a new co-worker is preggers, I was told by a well intentioned friend well maybe you'll be pregnant before she has her baby. Maybe... and we all know being pregnant actually results in a baby. So umm... thats helpful.

Hope you find some luck ignoring the "just relax" recommendations.

fisher queen

Oh the horror. I would have crawled into bed with a small vat of ice cream.
One thing I've noticed about many superwomen: something is usually missing. All of their striving is often a symptom of the fact that they're looking for something they lack: personally, emotionally, or spiritually. And I'm saying that in the nicest possible way...
Doctors can bite. Plain and simple. They don't know everything, 'else we'd all be preggers, wouldn't we?


YIKES is all I've got to say...


Overachievers give me the creeps. They probably all send out 5 page Christmas letters outlining their wonderful lives, so you should really make sure to get on their mailing lists. Just give 5-10 years when their little darlings are all a bunch of coke addicts and anorexics because their parents have been so busy being perfect and trying to make their children perfect that they're just a bunch of messed up teenagers.

Relax????? Hmmmmm...... Brilliant. And who would have thought of going on a vacation to relax...... Groundbreaking. Can't wait for the book!


Stupid fucknuts. Relax my ass! At this point I think I'm more likely to conceive Elvis' love child than I am to relax. Not bloody likely. Please tell me you were making those superwomen up!


Damn. That is all I can muster. DAMN.


Hey Thalia, are those bios for real? If so, your high school sounds worse than mine! I won't be going near my 10 yr reunion.

RE the failed saline sonogram. The doc has no friggin idea what to do about my ute refusing to expand. She just hopes a repeat of the procedure will be successful. She mentioned exploratory surgery as an option, but she noted that she would likely encounter the same problem. So this could be Game Over.

For the immature eggs, the nurse who gave me the news said the Doc would recommend a drug protocol. She hasn't yet mentioned bypassing IUI and going straight to IVF. If she did, it would probably be Game Over, though maybe I would do it if she thought my other problems could be overcome.

For the thin endo, she's hoping estrogen will fix that. If it doesn't she would have to try to build it up, I think through surgery. Again, could be a deal-breaker.

Anyway, I don't know as much as I should. The thyroid problem is the most fixable of the lot!

Thanks for your interest!



Oh for goodness sakes...the fertile cows are everywhere aren't they? I can't stand bios like that. They're so braggy and make me want to puke.


I say lets track down these poeple and kill them.

Regardless of what I've had to deal with, I just hate them anyway.

kate #2

Damn...so I have wasted all this time, energy, and money of my IF treatments when it is SO simple. Oh if only we could shoot people sometimes!

Aren't you SO glad you didn't attend your reunion, now!


OMG, I laughed my ass off while reading your reunion story.

You're a pretty accomplished gal yourself, though. Just because you haven't had a baby YET, it doesn't mean you aren't phenomenal, too, you know?

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