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Tuesday, 27 September 2005


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chee chee

I am really glad you are getting started! I agree, I am so sick of prenatal vitamins. I actually took a couple of months off this summer. Frankly, what was the point? Fortunately, mine just come in the foil sheet, no preggo.

Good luck!


I'm concocting my own version of prenatals right now. It’s a little less intimidating that the “official” bottle.

And of course you’d know the date… I have a spreadsheet with the months we might start trying, expected due dates, blah blah blah… its unavoidable. July 26th sounds like a great day.


Yes, I am VERY sick of prenatals and supplements and all the stuff I try (but often fail) to take. Sigh.

By the way, what is "faffing?"


There's no shame in that calculation.


Prenatals suck... I gag whenever I take the pack out of my bedside table drawer. BTW, what's faffing?! It sounds naughty.

fisher queen

"Faffing, walking, mince"- you're sounding very British today! I just got through writing a whole post on fried catfish...vive la difference! (Just to throw in another nationality) Not awake today, can you tell? Anyway, one thing unites us all: the hilarity of prenatal vitamins. I've been taking them for three years. Thank God there's no pregnant woman on the label though. I'd have to punch her. Oh well.
I'm ordering my meds next week! Terror, terror. Can't wait to compare notes.


I've been taking those damn prenatal vitamins since 2001. Fortunately, I've found a generic version at Target with no pictures on the bottle at all.

And now I'm taking the "irony cocktail" of birth control pill, prenatal vitamin, and low-dose asprin. Nice, huh?


It's a bit scary getting started, but you'll be fine. Re: the drugs- the expensive part is the FSH. Depending on your dose, you'll be injecting hundreds of dollars/pounds worth of the stuff every day.
I'm so sick of taking vitamins! I have an entire kitchen drawer devoted to them. Have even started taking Royal Jelly. Although I have no idea what it is or why I'm taking it.


Best of luck to you with getting things all lined up for your upcoming cycle. I haven't done IVF, but the FSH is by far the most expensive drug that I took during my recent injectables cycle.

I, too, am sick of taking prenatal vitamins. Mine are prescription vitamins that come in a generic little white bottle with black lettering. They are so strong that they make me slightly queasy. If I had to look at a picture of a pregnant woman every time I took one, that would definitely push me over the edge into throwing up!


"...because we all know that we sit around in yoga pants with unwashed hair and unshaven legs and eat cake and drink the nearest bottle of wine..."

Thalia, are you watching me?

(and Lindy--I am taking the "Irony Cocktail" as well.)


Too funny! I'm actually sitting here in yoga pants (not that I actually do yoga, mind you) and my leg hair is quite possibly braidable. Not only that, I'm wondering when J is going to leave for his drum practice so I can dash out and get a bottle of wine and a chocolate bar without him raising his eyebrows at me!
My prenatals mock me every morning, I hate the little buggers.
Congrats on getting the prescriptions ordered - I hope the bill isn't too steep. Just think, you're one step closer...


Um, what's faffing? Sounds like fun.

I'm not the best about prenatals. I must admit I stopped taking them. I do, however, take folic acid. That's as far as I can go these days.

July 26th sounds most auspicious. I'll own up to only using fertility friend these days to track my short cycles and possible due dates.


I just take the multis I always took and top up the foic acid...

July 26...is that a Leo?


I'm sick of all the crap I have to swallow. And everything is on its on schedule because some things need to be on an empty stomach, some with food, but some things need to be taken so many hours apart. It's like Twister for vitamins on how I need to juggle it all.


oh July 26... nice!


I've never taken 'prenatal' vitamins. I just added a 400mg folic acid supplement to the regular multivitamin I was already taking. I compared that to the 'prenatal' ones and saw no difference, except that the prenatals were about twice as expensive. So Phbt to the marketing people.

My family has always faffed. I didn't realize that was a British word. But it's a fantastic one to describe muddling around with no real purpose, isn't it?

kate #2

Also sick of prenatal vitamins. Especially since, I just received my annual "Congrats on your pregnancy" packet and calendar from my insurance company. Why? Because I renewed my prenatal vitamin prescription again (oh, and I guess the 8 u/s I had last week didn't help). I feel like calling them and ripping them a new A**hole. No, I am not pregnant you freakin' morons! That is the 4th year in a row.

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