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Friday, 09 September 2005


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Plans are where it's at. Not to make you feel any worse about it, but it does sound so far away. I hope the time flies for you.


The waiting is so hard. I don't know how many times I've yearned for a fast forward button. You'll make it, though.


Wow, I can't believe it takes that long for an IVF cycle. I didn't really have a clue. All this waiting definitely sucks.

My injections are routinely 1mL, with no problems, so I think even though the .5 is more than you're used to you won't even notice the difference.

Susan / holdingpattern

I'm going to ask my doc today about a 2-day versus 3-day transfer. In the US they typically do 3 days because that gives them a bit more time to decide which embryos are the most attractive. But on the other hand, the embryos are expected to grow and live better if you transfer them earlier, such as day 2.

I'm going to ask for a day 2 because I will probably only have 1 egg anyway, so I'm not sure what the benefit of waiting until day 3 is then. Maybe it's because if you were conceiving naturally, that the embryo wouldn't arrive in the uterus until day 4 or 5...

Rambling here. I'll let you know what my doctor tells me.


I know how far away it seems. In late April/early May June sounded far and we didn't end up doing ER until July. Hang in there, we'll try to keep you entertained until then.


It does sound far away. What was their reasoning on suppositories vs. PIO? Something I must ask next visit.


Yeah it's amazing once a plan starts up how the optomism lifts. It's just getting started on the damn thing. I think it's brilliant that you are so informed and able to drill the sisters and actually I think they probably appreciate it. The sisters at my clinic are supportive of all questions and happy to discuss etc, they also recommend chatting with the scientists who they insist are very happy to discuss process.

In terms of time... I know. It's hard. But I know for me that I've been trying for over four years now and once it starts it all seems to go amazingly fast.


I just came across your blog and I know how you feel. It seems we are both in the same place. I will be starting my 2nd IVF in a couple of weeks and the protocol is 3 weeks of BCP, then a week later start stims. It seems like a long time away!!! Once you get started your optimism does increase. It's great that you go in there with a lot of info. I always have my list of questions...gotta make their job a little difficult. Wishing you the best. I'll keep checking in to see how your cycle goes.


Good for you, going in there & taking charge! That empowerment I am sure contributes to the optimism too - you have a good idea of what to expect & how to tailor it to your needs as much as you can. I hope this next cycle is the one for you!


Well Thalia -- Enjoy the season and take great care of yourself... I hope the days pass quickly!


Take great care of yourself, do all kinds of things you know you'd never do if you were pregnant (like sky diving, bungee jumping, riding bareback on an arabian stallion -- that sort of thing), and enjoy the season.

Thank you so much for your questions that you posted on my blog. It gave me a lot of food for thought when I met with the RE. I truly appreciate it.


It is amazing how far off an IVF is from when you start the whole planning process!!!!

It is overwhelming, but enjoy the downtime.

You'll do fine with all of the injections. It is a bit worse having so many more to do than with an IUI, but not much. Needles are needles.

Good luck! (and still keeping my fingers crossed that you won't even have to start!)


The waiting is the worst - I really feel for you. We had so many delays with the last cycle - it is torture.

Honestly the injections are fine - I was on 150 of puregon all the way through, it never hurt and is a very easy (especially if you use the pen).

I hope it all goes smoothly.

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