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Sunday, 18 September 2005


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chee chee

Your trainer's story about the infertile couple is really sad. It is so unfortunate that the pressures of infertility can be so devastating on a marriage. We should definitely consider ourselves lucky to have spouses that view infertility as "our" problem rather than "yours" or "mine."

I'm sorry about your friend's comment but it is difficult for many to understand the complexity of emotions associated with infertility and IVF. One day you may be hopeful and optimistic, the next pessimistic and forlorn. It's a major life crisis that is difficult (impossible!) to face with a cheery disposition each and every day.

I wish you much success this cycle.


I'm sorry about your bf's comment, but proud of you for calling her on it. I definitely haven't had that courage yet.

I hope this cycle is *the* one.


Wow - your trainer's story about the other couple is a doozy. It does make me so thankful for my relationship with my husband. Baby or no baby, we've got a great thing going. And we're pretty mindful of not losing sight of that.
As for your BF - mine's always doing that to me. And I call her on it everytime. Like the time she offered to be my surrogate...


Wow, that psycho bitch sure does help put things in perspective. IF is so hard, teamwork is really mandatory. Thank goodness you have such an exemplary teammate.


And hoping hard the next cycle has THALIA written all over it!

chee chee

Thalia -- Thanks for your comments on my blog. I posted this response on my blog too but I wanted to make sure you got my response.

I think you're right about our IVF cycles. I expect that we will be cycling at the same time. I'm expecting my bcp/lupron cycle to begin around the end of this month.

As for your question -- my RE has a tendancy to talk as he writes. So he began by saying, "I don't know if adoption is an option for you" and then wrote the word "adoption" on his paper.

Neither David nor I responded. David and I have talked about adoption but we haven't come to a decision. I feel like my RE's question was more rhetorical than anything else. He moved on to our IVF discussion without skipping a beat.


Wow. And I thought Lupron turned me into a raving bitch. After reading about your traier's other client, I feel much better!


Hi Thalia,
The things you write are easy to relate to as what you are going through and me show a lot of resemblance. For me just starting IVF eased me down a lot, regardless the faith weather it will work or not, just knowing that I'm doing all I can makes me surrender to it a bit more. Hope it will work for you the same.

What a sad story you write about that couple. I hope she'll be able to be a bit nicer to her husband, he might change his mind about wanting babies with her!


Hi, thanks for checking out my site and cheers for the comment. I can relate to your best friend story. I think it must be the hardest job in the world for our fertile best friends to support us. How can they possibly know what we are really feeling and yet they want to understand and oh how we wish that they really could. I don't think anyone understands what IF is like unless they have been there themselves. My best friend has a three week old baby. We are in such different places right now...different planets actually!


That was an extremely sad story. Touch wood apart from my freakout around the time of AF I think I'm sorta kinda coping with the drugs ok. It's so helpful to have a supportive partner. I feel very grateful for mine too.


Happy 100th post! It sucks that it didn't turn out to be what you were hoping for... one more expectation / plan down the drain.

I'm totally with you on already feeling like IVF won't work. Nothing else has to this point, right? But then I remind myself how many people that have been exactly where we are IVF *has* worked for - there's no reason to believe that we can't be one of those. So that's what I'm hanging on to.


I am sorry you were upset by your friend's comment. You know I am going through the same stuff you are, and I might agree with her just a little. If you didn't have faith, you would be off doing something else, holiday, adoption, whatever is important to you.

I don't think she meant it to belittle your endeavour, just to keep some perspective on why you are continuing down the path you have chosen.

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