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Monday, 12 September 2005


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Hi, Thalia. I'm sorry that you're feeling depressed right now. It's good that you have something to take your mind off it (i.e., your meeting and flying first class; I have never flown first class, but it sounds marvelous). Anyway, I'm not giving up hope for you on this cycle just yet, so please keep us posted.

P.S. I applaud you for not testing. In theory, I think testing early is a bad idea, but in practice I often don't have the will power to stay away from those peesticks.


I'm very impressed by your willpower. Good for you.

Flying first class is so worth it! M and I did it using his ff miles on our trip to South Africa - what a difference. Definitely nice to pamper yourself a bit.


Work can a fabulous distraction at times like these. (Who knew??) Enjoy first class, dahling!


'symptoms' mean nothing anyway, honestly - I've been pregnant 6 (f**king hell) times and never had anything before 6 weeks.

Distraction is perfect.


There is much to be said for not testing. On the other hand, if it's late enough that you can be fairly sure it's right, it does spare you a couple of days of "is this a pregnancy symptom?" neurosis. I think you just have to take it day by day, feel out what is going to work for you.

And I completely agree re symptoms. Early pregnancy symptoms are a figment of imagination and interpretation.

So when are you coming to NYC? E-mail me. It would be so amazing to meet in person.


You are worth it Thalia, good for you! I've never flown first so let us know how it was compared with coach.

Good job on not testing yet...9 dpo is very early and why stress over the possibility of a neg even if it's not true? I've made a pact with myself to not test unless I'm late. And I don't even have any tests in the house so I would have to go out and buy one. Keeps me honest!

Hope your trip goes well and you don't think about all this too much. :)


I'm glad you didn't test, since I was too late to your last post to give my assive, which would have been, "dont test!"

You are definately worth the upgrade to first class. I've gotten so spoiled about riding in 1st that I almost won't ride in coach anymore, not even for short flights. (Since M works for Major Airline, we ride in 1st for free if theres any empty seat)

I hope you have a great trip and Thursday brings you a nice bright second pink line instead of that crimson bitch.

kate #2

That's great that you have to go out of town for business. What a nice way to get your mind off of the end of the 2ww.

I'm also proud that you are using first class. You certainly deserve it right now! I am still hopeful!


Ah, the "am I pregnant?" game. So much fun. Worst thing is, I now have my husband playing it too. HE said the other morning, gee was that a lot of pee just now? We are ready to be committed...to the insane asylum. Good luck to you though.


Symptoms tell you nothing. Both times for me, I had no symptoms early on - NADA - for weeks, so take it in stride! Keeping my fingers & toes crossed for you!


Pulling for you, thalia!


hell yeah you're worth first class!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Looking for symptoms is always a fun game, isn't it? The only one you'll feel for sure is exhaustion and the only reason that that is guaranteed is because IF is exhausting. I think more exhausting than pregnancy.

Enjoy your trip!


I didnt really have any symptoms at all till about 5 weeks, when the nausea, dizziness and exhaustion started. My assvice is wait until Friday. If nothing has turned up by then, you are guaranteed to have high enough hcg to show up quickly on your pee stick.


Too early to test anyway. Plus at this point, you probably wouldn't have any symptoms whatsoever. Just hang in there woman and you MUST keep us posted from the road!


Yes, you do deserve it. Hang in there... lots of people don't have symptoms for a long time. I'm hoping and hoping for you.


You certainly do deserve it! Enjoy that and give us all the juicy details (for those of us who have never had the pleasure. I'm assuming you get a backrub and a bubblebath)

And well done you for the willpower!

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