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Thursday, 29 September 2005


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kate #2

I love Dr Candour! To think he even called you from out of town!

Wish I could help with the # of days to figure. My first two injection cycles, I stimmed for 7 or 8 days. This last time, it took closer to 14 days. Although, I am also not feeling as bloated and constipated afterwards as the previous cycles, so maybe I didn't get OHSS this time! Good luck!


Wow - what a great doctor! I hope you're feeling better about getting the meds started. It must be nervewracking wanted to make sure everything goes just right.
Good luck!!


That's great that you're getting the info you need from you doc. I've always stimmed 10-12 days. It really is an unpredicatable thing, though, even from cycle to cycle. As far as a quick stim goes, most RE's like to see at least 8 days minimum. I think the majority of people stim somewhere in the 8-14 day range, but just from my observations, not too many people end up at the long end of that.


I just counted today, I was nine days. Good luck!!


Wow. Dr. CandoUr (Tertia would be so proud) sounds great. Wish you were here & seeing a Dr. Candor so I could get a referral. Very Best of British luck with this cycle!


Wow - your doctor sounds amazing. I've never had email offered as an option and have always wished they would. Although they would live to regret it, because I think then I would be emailing every 5 seconds that I thought of something.

I stimmed for around 10 or 11 days. I was at 4 vials a day (2 of Bravelle, 2 of Repronex - if you're using either of these drugs, I still have a few vials left. let me know if you could use them!) and the last few days my ovaries were exploding, so they reduced my dose a few times. My doctor did a good job of predicting my retrieval date - I think it was one day later than originally planned. (I had done IUI injectables, so they had something to base their projection against.)

Good luck!!!!!!!!!


i stimmed for 10 days... and it was a huge success. :D good luck :D
I love an honest and open doctor!


Love that Dr. Candour! He sounds dreamy.

I'm not telling how long I stimmed for last time because it was too long and you're going to have a much better cycle than me.

B. Mare

Wait, Dr Candour answered an email? NOBODY ANSWERS MY EMAILS. You are so lucky.

I stimmed for 12 days but that included the trigger shot night, where they told me to stim a little earlier than normal (like noon instead of 7pm) and then trigger. I agree with what Amanda says, in that I think less than 14 days (i.e. a shorter stim) is more common than a long one, and my guess from what you said in your other posts is that you'd fall into that category.


Dr C sounds like a dream ... imagine a doctor that treats you like an intelligent human being ... the shock!

I stimmed for 9 days, still convinced I should have done an extra day (half my follicles were <15-16mm).


Congrats on having such a wonderful, communicative doctor, and best wishes for your cycle.


Sounds like a great doctor...you're very lucky.

I stimmed for 13 days and had mild OHSS. Good luck!

fisher queen

Dr Candour is awesome. He lives up to his name very nicely! Good luck!


So glad you found a doctor you're happy about! If I were going to tempt the fates and try to plan, I'd estimate a 9 or 10 days of stims. But I bet Dr. Candour would answer you if you asked him!


They gave me enough drugs to stim for 9 days (2 gonal-f pens, 900 and 450 IU, I use 150 IU per day) But they might give me some more later on based on tests and scans... I'm on stim day three now and I definitely feel something happening in my belly.

I don't have any contact with my docter so far. It's all pretty much DIY and some communication with the nurses (on the answer phone).


I stimmed for 10 days. Still waiting to see...
Good luck Thalia, he sounds great.

chee chee

Great doc! This is my first IVF, so they are estiminating 10 days based on my response to meds during my IUI cycle. We will soon see.

Good luck!


That's an amazing response from the doctor. I wish all REs were that helpful. I'll find out my estimated stim schedule tomorrow.

Good luck.

Hi Thalia - I'm a lurker here, surfacing to thank you for keeping the blog going. I hope you and other infertility bloggers find writing as helpful as I find reading.

I have sent an email to your 'thaliablogs' address.

Wishing you all possible luck.

Carrie P

Sorry - I didn't mean to be anonymous on the last post!

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