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Sunday, 04 September 2005


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Hi. I'm continuing to build my circle. Pleased to meet you. :) I'm very sorry that you're in this IF world, but it always feels better to find another soul that knows that deepest of sorrows and chose to write about it.

XO, Isabel


I wish you all the luck in the world... here's hoping that your upcoming cycle is a successful one. Hang in there! And enjoy your weekend!


If there is anyone out there who isn't being read - they can let me know. I always find obscure one or two reader blogs and follow them as they become popular.

It's funny, so many had just gotten pregnant when I was awaiting beta; I couldn't decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

As some people with betas near mine got positives, I thought it was a trend. When Suz first got the neg. test, I thought I would be next. I was, but thankfully, Suz got better news. Then Amanda did, and my heart is breaking for her now. I was hoping that if I couldn't be, that at least they would have healthy pregnancies.

I figure that for every negative, there's got to be a positive. Especially among those I read and know. Every fresh cycle, I'd learn about someone who was newly pregnant. So, I thought, maybe by not getting pregnant, someone else did. I know it's illogical, but it's the way my mind works.

I hope that all of us eventually make it on the upswing... somehow.


I wrote a while back that the IF world feels to me like the old-time wheel of fortune (I am talking about the middle ages version -- Boethius -- not the game show). Some are up when others are down, but when you are up you always know that you will go down, and when you are down you will go up. I know it's not really logical, but I agree that our minds try to make sense of what happens by looking for patterns.

I am so hoping for good fortune for the upcoming September/October cycles, yours included.


God, it really does feel as if we're about to jump off a cliff, doesn't it??! I'm so thrilled to be FINALLY back in the saddle (make that the stirrups) but I'm also terrified that what I've been waiting for will turn out to be one giant disappointment. Because that's what this whole journey through IF-land has been so far... disappointment after disappointment. But you're right. All we can do is try to move forward. Try to hope. Try to follow our protocols exactly (without sabotaging everything by exercising/drinking/freebasing too much). And when all else fails... just jump. Good luck to you and anyone else who is about to start a cycle!


I always wonder about the IF blog web being woven as well...

Good luck with this cycle. I hope all goes well for you!


Well, I'm jumping on Tuesday, at least into the birth control pills. Still think that's the craziest way to try to get knocked up.

Good luck to all of us.


Good one Thalia and so true...I've mused about the cycle thing too.

Good luck everyone, wherever you are on the Big Wheel, up or down.

I love that we are a community of all different types, various political and personal beliefs but united by our dreams for a baby or two (or three!.) And that we share and support each other in times of crisis and celebrate in times of joy. I have wept with sadness and happiness for you gals and I wouldn't know you from a bar of soap.

xxxx (for everyone)


I loved this post. The sort-of 7 Degrees of Separation of the IF blogworld. There is solace in numbers. Good luck this next cycle!


I'm hoping we hit a good turn. Of course I always hope that and it never seems to matter for any of us what we want.

Susan / holdingpattern

Thanks for the kind wishes, Thalia. I really appreciate it. And I wish the rest of my fellow Sept/Oct cyclers the best possible results as well. I know that we won't all get pregnant and have live births, but how I wish we could.


I've long since learned that with infertility, you'll never walk alone... not if you have access to a computer and a couple of blog addresses.


I'm with Susie on the Vanna-less wheel of fortune. Balance, yin-yang, etc. Why do the downswings have to suck SO badly though?

Wishing everyone luck with the upcoming cycles!


Love the picture!

I've thought a lot about the interconnectedness of the IF blogs. I did my PhD work on networks... if I were more motivated I'd write a webcrawler and do a network diagram of all the IF blogs ('A little pregnant' would be a big hub!). But of course I'm not.

chee chee

Thanks for the reference to me and my blog! I really appreciate it. I am hoping for the best for all of us. I really hope that Sept and Oct hold much promise for our community.


Damn, why didn't I read this post sooner . . . I would have joined the infertility blogosphere on an upswing . . . but then that's just selfish wishful magical thinking on my part!

If only there were some ryhme or reason.

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