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Sunday, 11 September 2005


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Hmm...If there ever was a good answer to this question it would be worth much more than $5.

Amazingly, I generally have the self-restraint to not test too early, which 9dpo would be for me. I would say to go ahead and test so you are not too preoccupied while you and H are away on your respective trips. Yes, it may be negative, but I would prefer to have an answer, any answer, rather than the inability to focus on anything else.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


After my terrible bout with testing where I kept getting negative tests, only to receive a positive beta, I would say to avoid it if there is any way possible to do so! Even there is a positive, it's not quite believable because it STILL has to be confirmed by the beta.

Resistance may be futile, but I would give it a shot.


I'd wait until 13dpo. That's when I always start testing with my IVF cycles. Then I know for sure that I'm getting a reliable result. Plus, then you'll hopefully avoid the miserable factor during your trip.


I'm a pee stickaholic, so I doubt I would be able to hold off, but I think you should. 10dpo is likely to be negative no matter what and you'll just torture yourself.


Clearly I am in the minority. This is why I never weigh in on these things...


Hi Thalia,
I promised myself: no more negative tests. I keep one in the bathroom in case I am absolutely sure. I have been tempted though... But I promised myself this will be the ONE!

Good luck with your IVF (that is if you still need it:). The wait seems long, but you'll be surprised how quickly it willl be christmas.

PS Thanks for listing me.


What would I *do* or what will I tell you to do. I will tell you NOT to test. I'm not saying you couldn't be pg, but 10dpo is a little early anyway. Wait!

I'm not going to say what *I* would end up doing.


My assvice is wait. It's too early, and you need your wits about you for your meeting. A confirmed negative is worse for me than a possible positive. And that's just my two cents (five dollars seems too much for assvice like that).

kate #2

I'd say "Don't do it!" I have heard of so many false negatives when you do it too soon and may cause unnecessary sadness. Just hang in there....you are so close!


Oh the dreaded question...to test or not to test. I know it's hard but wait...it is still too early.


This is what I like to do: test way too early, recieve a negative, weep up a storm and then refuse to believe it. Repeat twice daily until either a positive or your period shows up. If your period shows, bake and consume an entire tray of brownies. If you get a positive, make sure that everyone, everywhere knows within 24 hours (don't forget to call Singapore.)


The problem is, if you keep worrying about it and don't test, you'll be worried anyway. (does that make sense). I think I would agree to test. Then you'll have an answer and you can concentrate on the journey etc. But then....I'd probably test again in a few days time, to be sure. So that's having your pee stick and eating it too really. And that's no help to anyone.


If it were me, I'd test. But I'd also advise you to do as I say, not as I do.


Personally, I'm a tester. So if I were in your situation I would do it. But since you've laid out the consequences you would deal with and a negative would be difficult for you, I say don't test. But if you do, please keep repeating to yourself "it's still very early."

Good luck with whatever you decide.


God, my brain's shut down. I read your post adn was instantly taken back to that shall I/shan't I thing which more often than not ended up with my peeing on several white sticks because I invariably tested too early. And now I've come over all verklempt.

Whatever you decide, good luck! Personally, Flicka's advice sounds sensible!

chee chee

I was never a tester. But if you do decide to test, I think waiting until Wednesday is a good idea.


I wouldn't test. I tested 9-11 dpo last cycle (all bfn) & went absolutely apeshit over it. This time I waited til 12 dpo & felt much more sane. Also, progest cream wont keep AF at bay - not enough progesterone in it, so don't worry about that. And again, not so much progesterone to really influence temps or symptoms that much. Oh god, I hope this works for you!

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