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Sunday, 25 September 2005


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I always go to fertility friend to see what my potential due date would be. Every cycle. I haven't really contemplated if I thought the date would be a "good" one or not. It seems there's a drawback to just about every month or season. Being a December baby myself (and people seeming to think that's just the WORST) and it never bothering me, I figure it'll be no big deal whenever it is.
Just think if there is a July birthdate, wouldn't it be great to be on a vacation every year for your birthday?? How cool is that?


A July baby would have a ruby for a birth stone... I think we all do what you do, but I always check out the birthstone and don't think so much about the birthday parties.

Rubies are soooo pretty. Best of luck!


I love what H said. That is just so touching!


I do the date thing as well in my diary. Not only that, but I obsessively count and check it over the two week wait. It's so fucked but I can't stop it.


Wow- I thought I was the only one that had memorized every due date possible. After an IUI I can tell you all about the possible astrological qualities of potential child...important events that happened on potential child's potential birth day. For me it is a form of information & with information there is power...right??
great post!


Love your hubby!


Thanks for tagging me - I've never been tagged before! And I agree with the others, H's comment was perfect and what else can we do during the 2ww but figure out when the 9 month wait will end?


More than calculating when my not-yet-conceived baby will be born, I calculate when is the soonest I will be able to tell people that I'm pregnant. I was really hoping to be able to announce it on Thanksgiving, then the first Christmas without my mother. Now I guess I'll just have to hope that people will be happy to hear something uplifting during the doldrums of January.

But your husband is absolutely right. Any day will be the best day.


Any day IS best. That's a great attitude. I used to work out dates and starsigns too but that got pretty much beaten out of me. I have no idea when it might happen this time. I'm also too scared to think that far ahead...

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