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Tuesday, 02 August 2005


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Congrats on surviving your first shooting up experience. It does get easier. In fact, it becomes second nature which I'm not sure is a good thing. Good luck with your u/s tomorrow!


Amanda's right - I'm not a "do things by the book person" either, but I did it with the shots and it did become second nature...although I never did them in my leg, it just always looked like it would hurt more!


Gotta second the others - the injections definitely get easier after you've mentally gotten over the hurdle the first couple of times.

Thinking good egg thoughts for you!


You're brave to inject yourself in the leg. I've always done the stomach, if only because I have a lot more fat there. If you're really squeamish about doing the injections, get yourself a monoject-- this little device where you load the syringe, then tap the thing on your skin, et voila! No stabbing needed. It changed my life.


A comment for you.
Who isn't a comment whore? We all are!
Well done with the injecting. Big step & very brave of you. It must feel good to be "taking action"
Thinking of you for the scans.....post asap.

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