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Friday, 05 August 2005


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Good for you for saying something to Dr. ICU. And it sounds like he responded well.

This is all so frustrating though! Why can't it be a science instead of an art? (By that I mean if you give X amount of drug, you get Y response, none of this uncertainty!)

Keeping all my bits crossed that it works out!


I'm sorry it wasn't all good news, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


I think it's absolutely absurd (and completely frustrating) for doctors to refuse to share information. I think they just don't like having their expertise challenged. What they consistently fail to acknowledge is the amount of research some patients have done on their own, that renders said patients capable of having discussions about the clinical data.

Enough with the ranting. Here's hoping your follicles slip neatly past the clinic guidelines so you can go ahead with the cycle. Will they be triggering ovulation? I ask because from what I've read, that can sometimes help smaller follicles to catch up, so if you trigger with just three biggies, but have another close behind, it still might come through in the end. (Maybe this will split the difference between what they're willing to do and what you'd prefer!)


Aah, UK clinics! Between HFEA and NHS protocols, we are stuffed. Good luck tomorrow. Hopefully no drugs tonight will hold some back.


I'm glad you haven't ovulated yet. Will they give you a trigger shot to cause the ovulation?

I definitely think there's a good chance you'll be okay tomorrow - the RE I went to for a second opinion a while ago, whom I *really* liked, had told me that follicles grow at an average of 2mm per day. So tomorrow your 20 and 15 should be good to go, and the 14s borderline. So hopefully only one of those two will grow and they'll let you go ahead. And if they tell you that they're both at 17 and they're cancelling, make them measure again!!! (Well, ask them really nicely...)

Dr. ICU is a prick.


What an asshole. Like you need that shit.

Damn, it would be nice if they just did the IUI regardless. I know there are strict guidelines regarding multiples over there.

I just hope you have the exact number you need to get the go ahead.

Thinking of you.


Good luck with your next scan! I hope your follicles cooperate.


fingers crossed for you, Thalia!


Hope you have 3 beautiful follies and all goes according to plan.

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