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Sunday, 07 August 2005


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Good for you. Good for H. I am hopeful that this will work. And also that the new counselor will be able to help.

I am thinking of you, Thalia.


If you have the Ovitrelle, then take it now. It means all the follicles will be forced to ovulate, rather than just one. If you take it today, time your intercourse or insemination for 24-36 hours hence(from time of injection). I did not realise that you had the HCG. My NHS clinic withholds it until you are given the go-ahead to trigger.

You still have a chance to salvage something but don't waste any more time.


I am the poster child for sexual dysfunction in marriage. My husband has a masturbation addiction and is in recovery. This makes it so difficult for him to perform with a partner unless Viagra is involved.

I worry that your husband is being avoidant of his problem. I hope he will see a counselor well versed in sexual counseling. It took my husband quite some time to acknowledge the seriousness of his problem. And the treatment is lengthy as well.

If you ever want to chat on this not-well-understood topic, I'm here. I find it is a difficult one to broach with my friends. (big surprise!)


YIPPEE for syringes!!!!

I am so glad that you are not letting this cycle go to waste. Trust the other girls about the Ovitrelle, I have no idea about that one.

I think this is good. You know you haven't ovulated so it is not too late. Keep doing the insemination and know that you gave it your best shot in spite of your doctors. What a story that will be if you get pregnant! Congratulations on going ahead with it.

Forgive me again, but you and your husband are going through too much right now.......you both have plenty of time to get a great sex life working, the last thing you both need is more stress or pressure. Love him, encourage him, give him the cup and however he wants to do it, fine........you just need the sperm right now. Put the impotency on the shelf if you can. I am so proud that he gave you your special delivery and we need him to give you these presents for the next few days - it's wonderful - presents.

Thinking of you.


I'm so glad you took some action. It's great that you took matters into your own hands (so to speak). It would really be criminal to let those beautiful follies go to waste.

I also hope the new counselor helps. Not to give assvice but if I were you, I'd take Liana up on her offer to chat. Not only does she know an incredible amount, she's also very easy (and fun) to chat with. I keep her on speed dial. She doesn't even bill me.

kate #2

What a great wife you are -- at least your hubby is open to seeing a counselor. That would have to be very hard on a man. Although, isn't IF hard on a woman?

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