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Monday, 29 August 2005


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Well said, she is definitely missed.


Oh, me too me too me too. In Spring, I really miss you! I've been thinking about doing a blog entry asking where my Spring has gone too. Maybe I will. Maybe if we all put loads of pressure on you you will forget about whatever personal needs you might have and come back to us because WE need you, and it's ALL ABOUT US, OK?


Thank you for writing this, Thalia.

In Spring, we do miss you. I hope things are feeling better now, that you're seeing a plan and a way through the problems you talked about in your final post.

Thank you for all the support you shared with us.


Yeah, what she said. I miss you too.

chee chee

Thanks for this post, Thalia.

I also sent InSpring an email a couple of weeks ago, when I could not access her blog. I also received no response.

InSpring, if you are reading this, please know that we all really appreciate the love and support you gave us. Bloggerville has lost one of its leading citizens. Most importantly, as Thalia so aptly put it, I really hope that whatever took you away from us is on the mend.


I remember her last post and it talked about her getting a divorce. I e-mailed her shortly after that last post and, like all of you, didn't hear anything back.

I so miss her. I hope she checks in and at least comments here so we know she's out there.

Thanks for the post Thalia.


I have to attach my ditto to this. I've been trying to access her blog too. Internal Spring, if you read this please know that Blogland will take you back open-armed in whatever incarnation you've found yourself in.


Thank you so much for posting this, Thalia!

I returned from my vacation to find In Spring gone, and I've been meaning to do a similar post to find out what has happened. (I also meant to email, but I'm not sure if that totally goes against blogger etiquette....)

We Miss You!!!!!! If you're out there and read this, you've been in my thoughts, and I keep checking back for you and will continue to do so. Take care of yourself, and hopefully you'll find yourself in a better place soon where you feel like you can join us again. In the meantime, I hope you know that even if you're not posting, you still have the support of all of your blogland friends.


Thank you for writing this. I so hope that she is still lingering and knows how very much she is missed.

I also emailed her, but to no avail.


I didn't know her, but your post was a lovely testament to her.

On your other post, I can relate to so much of what you said. For a long time I felt like "this is my month!" And feeling broken. And wanting multiple kids for "insurance". And dodging babies (which is impossible in my nabe). So sorry you have to go through IVF. But I will be here, routing for you.

(And thanks for posting on my blog!)


Hear Hear. I miss Internal Spring as well. Thanks for the post.


I also miss InSpring... and worry too, she seemed so sad in her last post. I hope she is ok and just want to say 'take care and remember there are a lot of online friends who think of you and wish you the best'.





thanks for putting this up. I've been thinking about her lately and just wanted to say that she is definitely missed.


I hope InSpring will get in touch with someone soon, just to let us know she's okay or where to send the wine. I had only been blogging a few weeks when she went away, but she had already been a great support.

Spring, I hope you're hanging in there.


Thanks for posting the info on Inspring on my blog. I must have missed her last post.

I do miss her. Hope she is doing well.


Couldn't agree more (thought I commented on this previously). In Spring you are missed!

Avonlea  (f/k/a InSpring)

Oh my gosh. This is the first time I've seen this. I'm very touched.

I'm sorry that I left abruptly. I always meant to write a post-script or something, but after my final failure, it was just too hard.

I regretted closing down my yahoo email account but it couldn't be undone once done. I was just so damn HORMONAL!

Well, I am back and I have reincarnated but it's a bit of a difficult time at the present moment.

But that will change. I have faith.

Please accept my belated thanks for all of the warm thoughts.

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