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Monday, 08 August 2005


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Wow- so glad your consultant was responsive and open to hearing your POV. Fingers crossed for you!!


Thalia, I'm glad you're relaxing and having fun with the sex and yoga. My ovaries have been hurting too - I think it's the hcg shot, I triggered a day before you I think and they were killing me yesterday, they're better today. I think it's brilliant that you're going away during your 2ww I bet that will make the time pass more quickly.

Thinking about you and thinking this could be your time.


Wishing you luck with the swimmers! I'm doing acupuncture on Friday for the first time. It should also be right after or around ovulating. I'm excited to give it a try! Everyone always says they feel so relaxed afterwards.


It sounds as if you've done a really good job ignoring the doctor's advice to 'refrain from having a shag' after they cancelled your IUI. Good for you! I'm so so so glad you and H have managed a deposit or two or three!

M and I have had a few romps ourselves. Much more this time than the previous IUIs because his job has actually let up on the travel for a while, so he was home from Friday night on. So maybe...

And I plan to follow in your footsteps of writing a letter to detail my concerns. I think that's a much better way to go than trying to catch one of the docs while they're in the midst of their routine. And that he got back to you so quickly is fantastic. It makes such a difference to be taken seriously! We are not stupid, I feel like they either don't know that or don't appreciate it so much of the time.


My fingers are crossed.


Thalia - I'm so sorry I didn't get to check on you over the weekend, but all the other girls have advised you well. I'm so annoyed at your clinic for cancelling you, but also so proud of you & H for doing all that you can this cycle. Sounds like you timed everything perfectly and have a great shot. Thanks for posting those articles too - they sure are adding to my hopefulness for my cycle.


So glad things are going so well. Kudos for Dr. Candour for taking you seriously, trying to get you in sooner, and most of all getting back to you so quickly.

Sounds like you're doing a great job of relaxing and nurturing. Thinking good thoughts for you.


I'm glad your dr got back to you so promptly, and that you're managing to have some fun through all of this.


I'm familiar with yoga and acupuncture, but what's this sex thing you keep referring to? Good luck!

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