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Thursday, 04 August 2005


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Just caught up on the last few posts. Man that dr is a cock and a half. Really glad you seem happier and more confident...there are a lot of clever blogger girls out there. Take care and hope it goes well.


Let's see. How about some peanut butter chocolate chip? Crap, now I'm making myself hungry. Good luck when you go back in! I hope you have the exact right number of follicles cooking in there.


Good luck!!! I'm partial to oatmeal raisin, but will eat almost anything containing sugar and butter.

chee chee

Chocolate chip, yummy, yummy.

I agree with your instinct to push for the IUI. I really hope things go well for you.


Chocolate chip with bittersweet chocolate and pecans, please!

Yay to yoga and yoga breathing.

(You got the same comments I almost always get--except for the jokes. I like to draw brain teasers on the whiteboard and have folks try to figure them out. It seems to loosen everyone up just enough).


Trying to get caught up on your posts - good luck with this cycle. I would LOVE for this to work for you. I'll be happy to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm not sure why doctors always seem so surprised when we question their orders or want to learn more about our treatment. Are we supposed to be lemmings? Maybe they think that because we're not physicians, we couldn't possibly wrap our brains around the terms and conceps. Ack.

Ooooh, and I would love some ginger snaps please! The ones that are home made, cruchy on the outside and chewy on the inside! Thank you for asking!

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